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First body piercing ever!

When I was younger, the idea of body piercing made me feel ill. I didn't believe I'd be able to handle anything other than just having my ears pierced, but now, 6 body piercings later, it's fairly safe to say I'm hooked. But anyway, my navel piercing. The first body piercing I've ever had at the age of 15...and you know how they say you never forget your first... I still don't know what came over me just before my 15th birthday, whether it was a conversation with my friends, a person I saw in the street, or just one ... read more

Finally Pierced For Real

Preface: I've been semi-obsessed with piercings and tattoos since I was 14. I got my belly button pierced at the beach when I was 16, but my mother made me take it out and let it heal. The good news is: now I'm 18 and can do whatever I want...except get a tattoo, she threatened to kick me out of the house for that. In any case, last weekend I did it again: I went in Saturday morning to a local coffee shop to get a smoothie and saw two of the artists from the parlor down the street. I ... read more

Eeek! I'm so happy!

I've been a frequent visitor to BMEzine for quite a while now (okay well just since November '06). I have wanted my navel pierced for a while now. Back in November, I was going to go to a friends daughter who works in a piercing shop in NYC. It ended up that she wouldn't be able to do it, so I held off. Then in December around my birthday/Christmas, my cousin said she'd pay for it for me as a birthday/Christmas present (My birthday is December 19th). I said sure, then I chickened out and said I wanted a industrial ... read more

Double navel

I first got my belly button pierced for my 13th birthday, I begged my mam an she finally agreed...since den I've got a few more(9) my first piercing really hurt as I am presuming the lady that pierced me was in a rush to get out of the shop as she rushed me to pick my jewelery, quickly cleaned and marked me,jammed on the clamp...at this stage I know it was way 2 tight(brought tears to my eyes)...an rammed the needle through my belly. i cried...it sucked an she dropped my jewelery as she tried 2 put it in...needless to ... read more

Will I stop now?

I Have had my belly button pierced for about 3 years, I had always wanted more but was not sure of what I wanted. I finally became bored and wanted to try something new. I am not a very brave person so I figured I would not get to extreme. I decided to have 4 more bar bells added. I talked to my boyfriend ( who has never had a piercing or tattoo because he so afraid of needles) about it and he was behind me on it. I was not really sure if this would be possible though at ... read more

Birthday Piercing

I just turned eighteen and not wanting to go support the tobacco industry or partake in pornographic ventures, I thought what better way to celebrate my coming of age than a piercing. I had been wanting to get an industrial for over a year and had been receiving the parental "no" every time the issue arose. When actually presented with the change to get whatever I wanted pierced I found my intense want for an industrial gone - mostly because I am studying vocal arts next year in college to pursue opera (not the most liberal or accepting of art ... read more

Nummy Navel

After mercilessly begging my mom to let my get my navel pierced, I finally gave up (since begging only got her mad) and I decided to go to my dad and his girlfriend, hoping for a more positive response. He said he would think about it, and I knew more than likely it would be a yes. So, when I got to go see him, I asked once more (since my dad was very forgetful). And he said he would talk about it with JoAnne (his girlfriend). Finally after asking my dad if he'd thought about it lots more, I ... read more

A rush

My descision to get my navel pierced started a long time before I got it pierced, but I suppose I didn't realise it. I had always wanted to get something pierced besides my ear lobes and rook but my Mother had never let me, I had spent so long begging her that I'd get better grades. Seeing as I never did she of course said no to any new piercing proposal.At nearly fifteen I guess I want to show that I can be grown up on my own, you know - if I have to have a job and pay ... read more

Navel piercing then Warped Tour? Bad Idea.

This is definitely not some normal story. Asking for a lip ring, getting your belly button pierced, then going to warped tour? Yeah, that's normal. Since I was 11, I've always been into piercings. So, since about last May, I realized I really wanted a lip ring. So I kept asking non-stop for it, but I always got a "no" from my dad, of course. So then we made a deal that in December if I got good grades and was responsible, I could get it done. So then last weekend I missed a whole night of sleep because I ... read more


At the impressionable age of eighteen, I decided to have my navel pierced. It was just a whim, without any real prompting. I had had my nose pierced a few weeks prior to this decision, and had found the experience to be exhilarating! I loved the aesthetics, and the resulting current of adrenaline-fuelled energy. I was very interested in the prospect of another piercing, and the navel was suggested to me. It seemed like a relatively safe and obvious choice. After all, how bad could it be when fourteen-year-old girls all over the continent were getting it done in shopping ... read more

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