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My Standard Navel Piercing

For a very long while, I had wanted my navel pierced. I had lost a lot of weight and was ready to go get it done. I suppose the only reason I didn't get it done was out of, well, laziness. I researched piercings and their aftercare for a long while and was always interested in piercings. I figured I'd start off with my navel; something pretty, yet quite simple. While the healing time can be quite long, I knew I wanted it. My parents were fine with it so having someone sign wasn't a problem. The week after my ... read more

My Beautiful Second Time Navel

Hi! A few days ago, I got a standard navel piercing at Sinfulltration Tattoo on West Colfax, in Denver. However, my story requires a bit of follow up info: About eight months ago, I was going through a rough spot; a family member had been diagnosed with a terminal disease, and I was away from my mom for awhile. I was angry and hurt, and I felt the need to rebel in some way that I could control. I had always wanted a navel piercing, so one day I went down to the dingier part of town, bought a 14 ... read more

It didn't hurt at alll!

I have been wanting a piercing ever since my older sister, (who is now twenty one) got one. I was eight years old at the time when my sister Natalie got a naval piercing. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Of course I asked my mother for one, and like any mom would tell there 8 year old daughter, she said wait until you are older. Every year I have asked her since then. When I was 12, she said I could get it pierced when I was fourteen. I am now fourteen! Today was my ... read more

bye bye my shiny sweeties

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to get my navel pierced. Since a lot of people have one, I decided to get two: next to each other on the top of the navel. I decided to try out a nice shop in the town where I live. I couldn't find a lot of information on the web, so i decided to check it out. It looked nice and clean with a lot of jewellery. I asked the guy some questions and felt confident enough to have it done the very same day. I had to wait a ... read more

"A belly button piercing" at 12 years old

My name is Dina, and I'm 13, but I'm pretty wise about my actions. I guess at times, I'm a bit, scratch that, 'really' pushy. I was over at my cousins house, and we talked about getting her belly button pierced. I was 12 at the time, still being a virgin to piercings. I only had my first hole pierced and that was about it. Skip 5 hours, and there we were standing in Claire's looking at the insanely 'small' variety of body jewelry. I moved the display case around a bit until something caught my eye, a little barbell ... read more

I finally got my belly done....a year later and i still LOVE it!

Well, I'd been planning for a while to write up my experience on my belly button piercing, which i got a year ago, last summer, but...I'm just finally getting to it, which isn't necessarily so bad because I can describe my healing process as well. Okay, well, since I was about 14 years old, I'd wanted to get my navel pierced (I know, I started a little young, whoopsies). I talked to my dad for a while (him being the less conservative of the two parents), did a LOT of research, and finally got permission to go get it done ... read more

First body piercing ever!

When I was younger, the idea of body piercing made me feel ill. I didn't believe I'd be able to handle anything other than just having my ears pierced, but now, 6 body piercings later, it's fairly safe to say I'm hooked. But anyway, my navel piercing. The first body piercing I've ever had at the age of 15...and you know how they say you never forget your first... I still don't know what came over me just before my 15th birthday, whether it was a conversation with my friends, a person I saw in the street, or just one ... read more

Finally Pierced For Real

Preface: I've been semi-obsessed with piercings and tattoos since I was 14. I got my belly button pierced at the beach when I was 16, but my mother made me take it out and let it heal. The good news is: now I'm 18 and can do whatever I want...except get a tattoo, she threatened to kick me out of the house for that. In any case, last weekend I did it again: I went in Saturday morning to a local coffee shop to get a smoothie and saw two of the artists from the parlor down the street. I ... read more

Eeek! I'm so happy!

I've been a frequent visitor to BMEzine for quite a while now (okay well just since November '06). I have wanted my navel pierced for a while now. Back in November, I was going to go to a friends daughter who works in a piercing shop in NYC. It ended up that she wouldn't be able to do it, so I held off. Then in December around my birthday/Christmas, my cousin said she'd pay for it for me as a birthday/Christmas present (My birthday is December 19th). I said sure, then I chickened out and said I wanted a industrial ... read more

Double navel

I first got my belly button pierced for my 13th birthday, I begged my mam an she finally agreed...since den I've got a few more(9) my first piercing really hurt as I am presuming the lady that pierced me was in a rush to get out of the shop as she rushed me to pick my jewelery, quickly cleaned and marked me,jammed on the clamp...at this stage I know it was way 2 tight(brought tears to my eyes)...an rammed the needle through my belly. i cried...it sucked an she dropped my jewelery as she tried 2 put it in...needless to ... read more

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