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First non-ear piercing - my navel.

For the last few weeks, possibly months, I'd been considering getting a navel piercing, mainly because I didn't have any non-ear piercings and I was itching for something new, preferably something that wouldn't be seen. I still have a few months of school to go and I'm sick of compromising healing time on my ear piercings because I'm trying to hide them. The general stereotypical navel piercing these days seems to belong to midriff-baring, promiscuous teenage girls, which is partly why I chose this particular piercing. I seem to have difficulty with dealing with others' perception of me a lot ... read more

Troublesome belly button

I've been interested in piercings from a very young age, and as I'm lucky to have quite an understanding mum, I've had several ear piercing, but last year I decided I wanted something a bit more interesting. After browsing websites for a few months, I presented a list of piercing I would like to my mum. She dismissed most piercings, like tongue piercings, nose piercings, and slightly more ambitious ones like anti-eyebrow piercings and septum piercings because she was worried about the reaction from other people. We eventually agreed on getting my belly button pierced for my 14th birthday, as ... read more

The navel I have wanted... the third time around

For a long while now I have wanted to get my navel re-pierced for the third time. the first time I got it.it just rejected and the second well.I looked after it spectacularly and it still,yes,rejected. Those two times I got it done at a place in Scarborough, its not there anymore but I think it is not as good comparing to primal. I can remember when I got it done in about year 8. My friend Sara got it for her birthday and I was like wow that's so cool,its shiny.I want one! so she came with me to ... read more

my stubborn quest for a navel piercing

I had always been interested in piercing ever since I can remember but I didn't have too many besides my lobes. I had wanted my belly button pierced ever since I could remember even though my shy ways have always stopped me. When I was 15 and I felt that my stomach was nice and flat I made up my mind to get that navel piercing. I read stories on them. I knew what to expect, how to clean it, the symptoms of an infection everything you should know. With my mother's approval we went to all types of shops ... read more

My Navel, 3rd time around

Hi, For a long while now I have wanted to get my navel re-pierced for the third time. The first time I got it. It just rejected and the second well...I looked after it spectacularly and it still...yes...rejected. Those two times I got it done at a place in Scarborough, its not there anymore but I think its pretty dodgy comparing to primal. I can remember when I got it done in about year 8. My friend Sara got it for her birthday and I was like oh that's so cool. It's shiny. I want one! So she came with ... read more

My Navel Piercing Experience

This is for anyone who wants to get their navel pierced, Go For It!! It's not unbearably painful, and even if you're young or old or male or female it looks beautiful! My parents made me wait a year just to prove to them that it wasn't something that I just wanted to get to "be cool." They were absolutely sure that if I got it done, I would take it out in a couple months after being bored with it, or sick of the pain and upkeep. They were even more sure that I would chicken out before I ... read more

Finally Getting What I Want And Loving It!

I always have had a love for piercing. After getting my tongue and navel pierced there was only one more piercing I really wanted to get done, this was my tragus. I tried to hold off getting this done because I knew people who had theirs done and all said it hurt. I eventually plucked up the courage and got it pierced. I then promised myself that I wouldn't get pierced anymore. Well that was until my friend came to meet me and had two navel piercings! I was completely blown away, I had never come across anyone who had ... read more

Diabetic Navel Piercing

I got this piercing about 6 months ago, after researching for about a year on BME. During that time, I found very few experiences that included a diabetic piercee. I've been a diabetic for 10 years, and I try to be super-careful with the boundaries of the disease – that should explain the year researching. I spoke to my doctor about the piercing, and at first she was confused as to why I would do such a thing (This didn't fit her schema of a premed student. In fact her words were, "That's for more artsy people"). But as she ... read more

A one year battle (pictures)

My navel is just coming up to a year old and I thought it was finally time to reflect on it's life so far. A year ago I wasn't the type of teenager obsessed with piercings. It wasn't until I had talked to a few of my friends who had their navels pierced and spying cool tattooed girls with them that I thought 'Hm, I think I'd like my navel pierced'. So that was all well and good but there are very few tattoo/piercing studios in the Moray area. There were two in Elgin but it turned out that the ... read more

Another tale of being jabbed...a piercing I never really wanted in the first place.

London, England... July 16, 2007: My cousin and I were shopping in Camden, London and we stumbled upon these absolutely hideous--er--adorable backless, sequined bellyshirts. After trying them on in the dressing room and taking many, many photos of ourselves, we shelled out the £7.50 each for one. With our bags bulging with these strappy, sequined concoctions, made to resemble the flag of Great Britain, the Union Jack, we continued down the road. Once we had established our reason for making the pointless and bizarre purchase, my brain began working. We decided that upon landing at SeaTac (Seattle-Tacoma airport) on the ... read more

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