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my first non-ear piercing...bellybutton!

Although it happened a few years ago, I still clearly remember the day I FINALLY convinced my dad to let me get it pierced. I had been begging him for years and he would always say "maybe next year" or, "I'll think about it." My dad is pretty laid back, and pretty much lets me do whatever I want, so in the rare case he says "no" to me, I respect that. But... I still brought it up. I was about sixteen at the time, and it was Memorial Weekend. My boyfriend at the time loved belly rings and was ... read more

Navel Piercing

In August I decided out of nowhere to get my navel pierced. My boyfriend told me that he didn't want me to, because he thought it was just some impulse decision and I would regret it, and admittedly it WAS an impulse decision at the time. I decided that I didn't care if he didn't want me to; I was going to do it anyway. I talked to my cousin, who has done a lot of piercings and is very good at it despite not being a professional piercer, and he said that he would gladly do it; I just ... read more

Navel Piercing as a Sign of Achievement

My story starts at the beginning of February 2001, I was in year 11 at the time and all the girls at school had their navels pierced. I had just started at a new school and wanting to fit in at the time, also got my navel pierced as well. It wasn't really the piercing I wanted at the time and being quite overweight at the time it didn't really look attractive to me. After a few months it just refused to heal and I decided to take it out and have my tongue pierced instead. Fast forward nearly seven ... read more

My second choice

I had just turned 17 and I really wanted to get my nipples pierced. I had been contemplating getting it done ever since my mom, when I was a kid, told me I can't get any more piercings (I had just gotten the top of my belly button pierced; two holes in each ear). Joking around I said, "What if I wanted to get my nipples pierced?" and she replied, "I'd take you to get them done and then when you have babies, I want to see you try and handle a new baby and your boobs squirting everywhere.", but ... read more

Navel Piercing Gone Bad

Ok I'm writing my experience on this site in hopes that impatient people like myself who are under the legal piercing age in their area don't get caught in the same trap I did. I've been in love with body mods ever since I can remember. When I was younger and I'd go shopping with my mom and I'd see someone with a tattoo I'd always mentally snap a picture of it and look back on its beauty to pass the time. My piercing itch started when I was about 10 years old. At that time everyone had a second ... read more

Navel experience

On my 18th birthday, I knew exactly what I wanted as a gift for myself, a navel piercing. After sitting in Dunkin Donuts for two hours contemplating if I should go do or not, I finally decided, this is it, you only live once and I'm going to get it eventually so I may as well just do it now. Completely amped up, my two best friends and I drove to Thayer Street in Providence and walked into the Rockstar piercing shop. I had never been in there before but a few of my friends got pierced there and ended ... read more

Naval piercings...no problem.

Since the time I was twelve I had wanted my belly button pierced. A girl in my seventh grade class had hers done and I admired that her mom took her at such a young age. I also had seen other girls with theirs done. The more I saw them the more attractive I thought they were, and the more I wanted one. I liked how they looked, and figured the piercing was relatively easy. I found myself constantly pinching my belly button area, to test the level of pain I would be feeling. I couldn't get it off my ... read more

My Navel Piercing.

I made the decision to get my navel pierced a fair while before it actually happened. I had always thought of it as an appealing and attractive piercing. When I went on holiday to wales, and I had parental approval, I decided to take the plunge and get it done. I was somewhat nervous. The total cost came to around £35. This was for the piercing itself, and the jewelery, which was a blue titanium banana bar, with a pink gem. I went in and stated my business, and the lady asked me and my mother to fill in a ... read more

My Navel Piercing

May 5th 2007, I was in Peterborough with my sister, Aymee (who at this time had over 10 piercings!) and her friends. I didn't often go to Peterborough, because it was over an hour away from were I lived but however Aymee did and she had told me countless tales of where she'd got piercings from [without my parents knowing!] and basically how good the place was were she got them pierced at. So that day, I had £60 with me at the time and decided that I'd go along with Aymee and co. to get a standard navel piercing. ... read more


Okay; so a little introduction first. My names Erin, or more commonly known as Sugar and i'm 13. [: I already have one story on here about how I self-pierced my mid-cartilige and stretched my ear lobe but I have unfortanutely taken both of those loved ones out now. I live in the shithole called Burton and I have completely against piercing parents. Somehow I convinced them to let me get a tri-navel done, so heres what happened...: I had already got a standard navel piercing done about a year ago, which healed up very nicely with no complications. So ... read more

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