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So young and so proud

I first wanted to get my navel pierced at the age of 12. It was funny, when I first told my mom what I wanted she was ready to take me and get it pierced. So I ran into my room, put on my belly t-shirt, and ran out to the living room ready to go. My mom of course told me. To this day she still says "I can't believe I was going to let you do that to yourself". It took my 2 almost 3 years to finally convince my father to allow me to get the piercing. ... read more

Getting My Bellybutton Pierced

The summer after I turned 17, my family and I decided to take a long and relaxing vacation. I thought it would be very cute to get my belly button pierced and show it off at the beach. My parents weren't sure about letting me get anything pierced; My dad is especially conservative, and wasn't keen on giving his little girl another reason to show some skin. My first step was to convince them that a belly button piercing was safe and attractive, not sleazy. I used the internet to research how the piercing procedure is done and I educated ... read more

Navel piercing...Andy Jays

I've just had my navel pierced after plucking up the courage to have it done...here is my experience. I've wanted to have my belly button pierced ever since my mum had it done about 5 years ago (also at Andy Jays which is one of the reasons I went there, as she had no problems with it). She always said that I could have it done when I was older, but I kind of forgot about it for 4 years. It was the day before we broke up from school last summer and my friend and I were sitting in ... read more

A Beautiful Part of Me

I had been thinking about getting my navel pierced for quite some time. I had spent a ton of time researching the piercing, speaking to people who had the piercing, and just generally trying to figure out if I could get up the courage to get it done. While I don't consider myself a baby when it comes to pain, I was worried about how my sensitive skin would react to the act of being pierced, and the jewelry itself. I talked to my aunt, who has very similar skin as myself and who also wanted her navel re-pierced. We ... read more

First Navel Piercing!

After not much persuasion, my mother agreed to let me have my navel pierced. She isn't a big fan of body mods at all, after having a bad experience having her ears pierced at eighteen, but she said the navel was a discreet enough place to get pierced. So, today, I went into the place I wanted to get it pierced in, a business run by my friends family's best friends, so I trusted it, to check on the prices, it turned out it would only cost me £20 (£10 for piercing, £10 for bar). The bars went from £10 ... read more

Yay! Roadtrip to Navelville.

Preparing for a graduating trip this summer I figured, why not. I'm 18, passing all my classes and going to be on the beach all summer. It didn't take much persuading when one of my closest friends offered to take the trip with me into the city and make it official. This girl is killer, and on top of everything, she even set up my appointment for me! And my momma? I have respect for her. I wouldn't go out and pierce up my face while I was in her household. I don't think dressing up my dreary little belly ... read more

Grandma's Bathroom

Once upon a time, I was thirteen, and like all budding adolescents I was an idiot. I had the unique experience of growing up with a tattoo shop in my living room. My mom had started tattooing and piercing when I was five and I had seen (and helped out) in her "shop" for years. I had seen nipple piercings and Prince Alberts and countless other naughty displays of body modification and all I could think was "I can't wait to be old enough for this!" No really, I couldn't wait. And that's how I ended up spending one painful ... read more

The Mod

I got into piercings at a very early age. I have always loved them since i was a young boy. I have done tons of piercings to people. I am very well for the most part. I am always satisfied with my work. I just love the feeling of a job well done. I would hope to pursue a professional career in doing tattoo's and piercings. I will be attending an Apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop called Ink Wizard hopefully this upcoming year. I am now 15, I will be 16 in a few months. I live in Georgia. ... read more

Rejection Number 2

Around an hour ago I took out my navel piercing. Ten months ago I also took out a helix piercing in my left ear, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. For probably two years now, I've wanted to get my belly pierced. I asked my mom when I was 13 if I could get it done, and she said flat out no. Looking back now I can see why, having a piercing reject can be a traumatic experience and I was pretty immature at 13. Months passed and I still wanted it done, but I didn't nag ... read more

My Navel Piercing

Ever since I was thirteen I wanted my navel pierced. My obbession started the summer before I went into eigth grade. I begged my mom, who said it would be allright if I went and got it done. After that I studied everything I could and everything I would ever need to know about getting my navel pierced. My friend also had wanted hers done, so we both were looking for a studio. Soon my friends mom found a studio but we found out that we had to be fourteen to be pierced. While both of us were thirteen. We ... read more

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