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The Fifth & Last... The Navel.

The Story... I am now 15, and had been begging my mom for 2 years (since grade seven!) to get my bellybutton pierced. Being a nurse, I heard the good old 'are you kidding?! that will get infected, and then affect your internal organs... you can die!' talk. Yes maam, I put up with that talk many a time until first semester exams rolled around and I discovered the PERFECT chance to make a deal. One Friday (and a week before my birthday) I took it upon myself to mention to my mom that I was off dance that upcoming ... read more

Two failures and a success.

For as long as I could remember I wanted to have my navel pierced. Having grown up in a VERY small, isolated town, this was not something I could even think about getting done until I left home for university. The first time I had my belly button pierced, I was in my first year of university, and I went to a local tattoo and piercing place with a whole group of girls from my dorm. We actually chose the place because there were coupons for it in the guidebook given to all students in residence - so we figured ... read more

Random piercing

Last thing I remembered was a huge pinch in my stomach and a shiny metal bar being stuck through. My new 7th piercing. Let's see how this moment in my life started. Freshman year, what a pain. Since I was about 13 or 14, I wanted to get my navel done and Alyssa and I were like "we are so getting it done this summer." That day in the summer never happened. We wouldn't have known what we got ourselves into anyways if we were getting it done. June..regents..July...August...Sophomore year! At this time, I pretty much forgot about getting a ... read more

No pain, much gain

This is the short story of how I ended up with a standard navel piercing. I'm not normally a one for making hasty impulse decisions, but this was one that I am incredibly pleased with. It was a cold Saturday morning at the end of January and I had just finished work and received my pay packet. That afternoon I was due to catch a train to London to see two great friends of mine for the weekend - and I needed something spontaneous and awesome to show them. I had an hour to burn and a pocket full of ... read more

My bittersweet navel piercing.

Upon reaching the age of sixteen, I had a new craving for piercings. I had already had my lobes pierced twice, my tragus, and my lip pierced, so my mother had no objection to anymore piercings. She knew not to take a chance with me, since I had pierced my own lip. Since I was so determined to get my navel pierced, she finally took me. We went to Skin Deep Tattoo/Piercing Parlor in Levittown recommended by my friend Heather, who got her navel pierced there a few years ago. My mother had to present identification as my guardian since ... read more

Getting the bottom of my bellybutton pierced!

I've been wanting a new body piercing for quite some time. I already have a standard navel piercing and started thinking about another. I started thinking about getting my nose done or getting an industrial but I wasn't sure. Then I started thinking that I didn't want a facial piercing or another ear piercing so another navel one was the way to go. I went on BME and looked at some pictures and read other peoples experiences. I had seen that getting an inverse navel piercing was a bit more painful than the standard but I was ready for it. ... read more

A Navel Piercing on the Bathroom Floor

Before you come to the assumption that I'm just another stupid teenage girl who wants to be cool and have a navel piercing, here's some background for you. My moms just a bit over protective. She refused to allow me to get my ears pierced, yes, the simplest of all piercings. Just one in each ear was too much for her. So after years and years of begging, I got sick and tired of trying to change her mind. I already wanted a multitude of piercings, but all I asked for was this. One night on a whim, I decided ... read more

The Silent Rebellion at 18...the navel piercing

This is the description of my first-ever piercing experience. For a couple of months I had been planning to do something special for my 18th birthday and the one thing that I could come up with that would be private, cool and not completely permanent would be a piercing. I chose the navel piercing because it is obviously covered most of the time and I had to be careful because my parents don't approve of boys with piercings. For me, this was not only a way to celebrate my entry into the technical world of adulthood, but I knew it ... read more

DIY Inverse Navel

I've come to refer to myself as a human pincushion. I have this ridiculous addiction to body modification. My body is currently home to 25 piercings & 5 tattoos - with no signs of stopping, might I add. Out of those 25 piercings, 8 have been DIY. I don't recommend DIY piercing because it's very easy to screw it up & harm yourself, but I also understand what happens when the piercing bug bites. If you choose to DIY, please make sure you have the correct needles / jewelry / etc & you have done your research. Moving on! As ... read more

Went in for a nape ...came out with an inverse navel!

THE PIERCING CRAVINGS GET STRONGER... In the last year or so I've craved so many holes (anything from septum to conch to nipples, tongue web, nostril, various lip do dahs), but backed out because of money, giving blood, school, and hell, and worst of all 'would these things actually suit me in the first place'? Since my last piercing was 11 months ago, a rook, I thought sod it, it's high tide I got SOMETHING done. I decided provisionally on a nape, thinking it was out of the way and shouldn't get caught too badly if nothing else. So I ... read more

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