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Hoping the 3rd time's a charm?!?!

Ok, so ever since I was in the seventh grade I have wanted my belly button done. Well, because of a mother who saw no reason to have it done I could not get it until I was eighteen. This time between seventh grade and when I would turn eighteen seemed to last like an eternity. But then finally my eighteenth birthday finally rolled around. I was totally stoked on the eve of I could hardly freakin sleep. So on my eighteenth birthday me and a friend went to a local shop with a good reputation to get it done. ... read more

first piercing- navel

Ever since I was younger, I was intrigued by body modifications. I used to watch the shows about it on the discovery channel and just knew that some day I was going to start moving in that direction. My family, on the other hand, is very traditional, and my mother especially is very against anything 'unnatural' to the body. Thus, when I turned eighteen, I knew that I was going to start getting the ball rolling, but I also knew that I wanted to take everything slow and just let them accumulate over time, instead of being in a mad ... read more

Finally got it done!

Ever since I was really young I've wanted my belly button pierced. My mom was always okay with it and pain wasn't an issue, I just was always afraid it would get infected or get pulled out. Actually it really annoys me when I see little kids running around with pierced things, so I decided to wait until I was older. (No offense to anyone, it just really bugs me). I've been reading stories on here for years and I decided to stop reading and finally get it done. I walked into the studio and there was about a 45 ... read more

Rad Navel

I had it all planned out, I was going to get my long awaited navel done on my trip to Edmonton. I had been thinking about it for what seemed like forever. So I finally got the courage to do it. One the days leading up to my trip I thought about what it would look like, how much it would hurt, so on and so forth. Everyone told me it barely hurt, and that the clamps were the worst part. I was ready, I was so gonna do it! Theday we left I had a knot in my stomach ... read more

Navel - the Wweets.

So it all started the Thursday before Easter holiday. I was at the store where my boyfriend works, goofing around, when he comes up with this tiny silver box and hands it to me; I gave him a puzzled look, like "what's the occasion?" with a playful smile on my face and opened up my very random gift. Inside, was The cutest, most precious navel ring. It had a rainbow, very hippie like... exactly what I wanted. "But er.. one thing babe... my bellybutton isn't pierced" he smiles and gives me those mischievous eyes that say "well, maybe you should." ... read more


I don't know why I felt so attracted to getting my navel pierced because I'm not a scally or a chav or anything like that but it just felt really attracted to getting it pierced. I already had my tongue pierced, nose, and multiple ear piercings including tragus, cartilage and various lobes. So I wasn't new to piercing. I'd never had an infection or anything rejected and I was pretty confident about this one and thought it would be an easy one, which it was. I decided to get it done quite soon because I don't like waiting for months ... read more

Something old and something new

I can't believe it was actually a year ago that I got this piercing. My old roommate and I love piercings and had always talked about getting something new together. It was just talk until I got fed up one day and just said "Let's GO!" I had been trying to figure out what my "something new" was going to be, deciding between a conch, a lower navel, or something a little more extreme, I finally chose my lower navel. Having had my standard navel for at least 5 years, it was time. My ex roommate chose to make her ... read more

My huge hassle!

I got my first navel piercing when I was 18. It didn't hurt at all. I was really surprized that I had felt nothing during the entire healing process. This story is about the risks associated with a navel piercing, and my efforts to make my body stop rejecting the piercing. As previously stated, my first navel piercing was done when I was 18. I should have known by the piercer's superior attitude toward me that this piercer was a bad one! She prepared the utensils, and I laid down as she marked me. She used a cork to catch ... read more

A lot of pain for a tiny piece of metal

I'd always been fascinated with navel piercings, but had never really considered getting one as I can be very sensitive to pain. However, I found that I could tolerate a fairly large amount of pressure on the needle so I had had a 'poke around' many times, playing with needles in the upper area of my navel, but had never actually piercing all the way through or putting jewellery in. I think I just liked the feeling of breaking the skin. I'm not sure what exactly changed my mind, but one day I decided to go and get my navel ... read more

Third time lucky

Since I was about 10 all I have wanted is a navel piercing, but restrictive parents have kept this from happening. It wasn't until last year that I realized it didn't matter anymore, I was 16, the legal age to get a piercing without consent, I didn't know however that most studios still wouldn't do a piercing at 16 with no parental consent. I am a very impatient person and can never wait for anything. I decided I would get it done no matter what. Unfortunately my naivety led me to a young girl making a folio of piercing and ... read more

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