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I lost my needle virginity

I've always found myself attracted to modification, my dad has tattoos and I'd always liked the look of having jewellery somewhere you don't find it normally. I got my ear lobes pierced for the first time when I was seven at Claire's Accessories with a gun but ended up taking them out due to infection. I got them done again when I was eleven (again with a gun) and all was okay this time. In fact I've still got them. I first saw a navel piercing on my older step-sister and fell in love, straight away. My mum refused and ... read more

Standard Navel...Round 2

I decided to try and have my navel pierced again just because I wanted it to work out so badly. See, the first time around it rejected after I had been so patient and taken perfect care of it. I followed everything to the tee and it still rejected before I could even change the ring. First of all I had been told that it was too badly scarred to be repierced, so I waited a while and went to another place to ask. I was told that it was possible for them to pierce it and that it might ... read more

Rather a lot of gore and trouble, but I got there in the end!

I began thinking about a piercing about 6 months before my 16th birthday. I'm not going to pretend it has been a life long dream of mine, but I remember seeing a couple of really beautiful navel piercings and realising that I could have one too. I found out that another of my friends wanted her navel pierced, we decided that we would go along together, together with a friend that wanted her helix done. We started to look around for studios and decided on Millennium, after hearing positive accounts from friends and family, and the large sign outside declaring ... read more

Ouch, that hurt!

I've had a thing with piercings for quite some time now. I fall in love with glittering gems on different parts of the body. I became so obsessed that I would read story, after story, after story, on this website. I'd have to say that was no mistake because I was more prepared than I ever could have been without it. After several sessions of begging, I had finally got my mom convinced. If it was okay with her, it was fine with my dad and that was the end of that. I have a close friend that had just ... read more

My Lower Navel Piercing

It has been over a year now since my last piercing, and recently I decided I wanted another. So far I have my navel pierced, nose, and 13 in my ears (tragus x 2, Helix x 2, Anti Helix, and Lobe x 8). Most of these I had done within the space of 2 years, I went piercing crazy. I don't regret it though; I still love each and every one of them! My parents aren't keen at all, but most of them are hidden behind my hair, so they can't complain. I am no longer piercing crazy but felt ... read more

Lower navel piercing adventure

About a month ago I started to get that urge that you get when you feel the need for a new piercing and after giving it some thought I decided I would get a lower navel piercing. It was something I had already been considering for quite a while and after having a standard navel piercing about four years ago, I thought it would be reassuring to get something in an area I had already had some experience of. However I probably should have done a bit more research as it was only when I walked in and requested it ... read more

La historia de mi ombligo

Todo empezó hace unos 8 años. Yo tenía entonces 12 y me encapriché con el piercing en el ombligo. Sorprendentemente mis padres no pusieron muchas trabas, así que para los 13 fui a una clínica y un ATS me realizó la perforación y me puso una banana que yo previamente había comprado en una tienda. Seguí los cuidados que me indicó aquel ATS, que a día de hoy he descubierto que no eran los idóneos (jabón neutro OK, pero también me recomendó echarle betadine) De todas formas el piercing curó genial y en 3 meses lo tenía perfecto, me cambiaba ... read more

I'm afraid of needles and it wasn't that bad.

Alright let me say that I have wanted my belly button done since I was 13 or 14. Where I live you HAVE to be 16 even with a parent, so I got my mom to agree to let me do it on my 16th birthday. I didn't get to because I ended up going to Texas for a week during my birthday. I waited a few months until like September 2007 before I brought it up and again and I was dead set on getting it done. Well I began working at a restaurant and I am pretty short ... read more

Standard Navel--At Last!!!!

I finally got my standard navel piercing done on Nov. 3rd of 2007. I know, this is now considered a piercing that most young women get, but I had endoscopic surgery in 1975, and was convinced that I would never be able to have it because of the amount of scar tissue that was present. I had my inverse navel done in 1978 (it is still with me), but that is another story. On Nov.3, which was a Saturday, I told my husband I was going to go to HTC Body Piercing to see if I could possibly have my ... read more

My Belly Ring Experience...

This is my story of getting me belly button pierced: When I was 15 I wanted to get my belly button pierced, and of course my parents wouldn't let me...so I went by myself to a place that didn't check IDs because all they wanted was the money. Anyhow, I got it done, and even though it was crooked I didn't care, I was still proud that it was done. After a few months, it was all healed and everything, but my mom caught me with it and made me take it out. A few months later, I was 16, ... read more

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