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I Wanted A Vertical Labret!

If you want to read about the piercing only then go straight to paragraph 4, the first 3 chapters are a little about me. It had been nearly 2 months after I got my conch pierced and I was having a really bad itch for another piercing. All the piercings I had were hidden. My conch, tragus and stretched lobes behind my hair and my tongue and handskindiver aren't noticeable unless I point them out to you. I wanted something more eye catching so I decided on a facial piercing. Normal lip piercings are very common around where I live ... read more

If you were considering getting your cheeks pierced...

So, I've had plenty of experiences with piercings, and getting my cheeks pierced definitely wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I got them pierced on a Friday night, August 28th of this year. I have five other facial piercings, not including my ears. All of which were DIY and turned out really well. Actually, they're about as perfect as they're going to get. My cheek piercings are the only piercings I've ever had done professionally, and they were the only piercings that bled. It wasn't bad, though. Maybe it's because when I pierce myself I tend to go relatively ... read more

Home Monroe.

Even though I'm only fourteen years of age, fifteen in a week, i've been debating on getting either my lip or monroe pierced for just about a year now. I asked all my friends if I would look good with one of them. Of course they all said "don't do that to your pretty face," except one friend of mine, who's opinion meant most to me. He personally likes a Monroe piercing better, and since I liked either one I decided on a Monroe piercing. Now even though I knew neither one of my parents would bring me to get ... read more

What's better than a labret piercing? A vertical labret.

I believe the way I am is karma for my parents. My mom was the lead cheerleader in her high school, and my dad was the quarterback in his. I'm not like that at all. I've started dressing in all black in grade four, so you know in a few years I'd be asking for a piercing or two. When I was fifteen, I finally asked my mom for a piercing. I've never seen her so shocked in her life. "People are going to think you're dirty, and it's going to look dirty," was my mom's reply. "Never ask me ... read more

DIY I have it and now....i want more

Okay so how can I explain this without sounding like a little kid with a shiny needle? (XD) Well I had been wanting a lip piercing for about two years now. I didn't want it for anybody else I wanted it for me. my older sister started to bride me. Good grades + Good attitude= lip piercing? correct? WRONG! I had the good grades and everything and I was still miserably lied to. I'm babbling aren't I? don't worry I'm getting to the good stuff. It's a few months long experience so just sit in and listen to the beginning ... read more

Welcome to College

For the first time in my life I've been able to make all the decisions about my body modifications, thank you Canada. I'm originally from the US, so you have to be 18 to get piercings without parental consent, and 16 with consent. Let's just say that my parents aren't too keen on facial piercings. They allowed me to get my nose pierced, but that alone took days of begging to get. So, when I left for college in Canada, of course getting a piercing was near the top of my list of things to do. Now, my first week ... read more

My Long Awaited Lip Piercing

So i've been asking my parents for about 4 or 5 years to get my lip pierced, and as most people will be able to guess, their answer was no. I now know that they originally said no because they thought it was a phase i'd grow out of. Rewind my life about 2 years, i'm 14 and still asking for this to be done, they say no again, and here's me thinking i'll never get it done. I kept pestering them occasionally over the next 2 years and eventually my dad said I could get it done when I ... read more

Like A Virgin

Before anything else: thanks to bme.com and to the people who share their stories here. I spent a lot of time digging through this site as part of my research, and it really helped. Now I'm on here every day! So I thought I should add a story of my own. I'd been /obsessed/ with getting my Madonna for most of this year. But I kept putting it off, because I couldn't manage a two week gap between externships. I satisfied myself with trawling the internet for information, personal accounts, pictures and videos. And quizzing everyone I ran into out ... read more

My Medusa

I'm one of those people, who once they see a piercing and fall in love, that have to get it right away. I had been on here and saw a medusa piercing before and they never really interested me at all, but for some reason when I looked one day later on I decided I HAD to have one. So I told my mom the next day, which was a Monday, she was fine with it and so was my dad who has the "its your body you can do whatever you want to it" philosophy. Being I was only ... read more

My Bottom Right Labret Piercing!

Thursday 1st October 2009! I have done my lip myself 4 times in the past, which has never gone really well and had to be taken out a few hours after being done, but I couldn't get it done professionally as my mum would notice. My original plan was to get my wrist pierced or get a new tattoo, but in Tattooze they are quite strict with age and wouldn't agree to do it for me. I decided on a bottom lip piercing (Labret) to the right side of my lip, left to you. I told the piercer what I ... read more

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