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labret story (Blackhole Body Piercing, Portland, OR)

had been interested in getting my labret pierced for quite some time, but there was always that damn money factor that stopped me. So on October 30th, I decided it was that time, and I wouldn't feel guilty about spending the money because I would just consider it a birthday gift to myself. (I turn 19 on November 6th)So I got in the car with my girlfriend and we made the short trip to Blackhole to see Tracey, the owner of the shop. Upon arrival, i guess I can admit that I was a bit nervous. My last piercing didn't ... read more

My very own Frowny

ell I have a thing with doing self-peirces, I have peirced a Hafada twice and a Tounge-Web twice. They have all had to have been taken out though =o( My Hafada got ripped when I woke up in the morning and I scratched my nuts, and OWWWWWWW it really hurt! The skin around the left entrance hole was ripped and bleeding *bye bye Hafada* My Tounge Web had to be taken out 'cos I had a CBR and it kept on getting hooked on one of my bottom teeth when I talked and ate and it hurt like hell when ... read more

Getting My Labret Pierced.

oth me and my friend were into body piercing, but I wanted something different. Not to many people have they're labrets pierced where I live, so I thought I would get it done. Also, I loved how it looked. November 15, 1997. I met my friend downtown where she worked, and we headed over to the local body piercing and Tattoo place (D & M, Fort McMurray, Alberta.) I was a nervous wreck because I thought it was gonna hurt really bad. We went down the stairs, and let the piercer know that we came in for the 4:30 appointment ... read more

I paid to be starving!

font size=+2>Sunday 7:30am I can't sleep anymore because I'm too excited so I get up and shower and get ready to drive the 90 minutes to the piercing place. 1:00 pm When I get to Expo the piercer is on lunch break so I have to wait till he gets back. To pass the time I fill out the paperwork and pick out my labret. The don't have any as small as I would like, so I settle for a medium sized ball on a 14 gage that is a little long. I hand the cashier my 56 dollars. 1:30pm ... read more

My triple labret piercing experience.

little over a year ago, I decided to go in and get my very first labret piercing. It turned out great and I'm very happy with it. Later on last year I wanted more. So I came to the conclusion that I would get 3 more labret studs lined up to the right of my original one. I set off on a Sunday night, with hopes of going to the same place I had gone the first time. I even called ahead and made an appointment. As soon as I arrived they told me they didn't remember the phone call ... read more

Scrumper @ Body Ritual

had always felt that the descriptions of scrumper experiences had always been a little brief. After getting mine done today, I now know why. First of all, the pain was nil. There was none, not even a little sting. I had expected a sharp, quick pinch, but not even that happened. Secondly, the piercing itself was relatively quick. It took two people, one to hold up my lip and the other to actually pierce the web. The procedure went something like this. They had me lie back on the archaic medical examination table. I am guessing that this would allow ... read more

Labret @ Atomic Garden

Anxious. That would be the feeling. As my mom dropped my brother, Ethan, and I (Damon Kalar, a 19-year-old from Minnesota) off on University Way, or "The Ave," I could feeling my limbs shaking in anxiousness. After two and a half hours of looking for a piercing place, we decided to look in the phone book. Atomic Garden on University Way. That'll do. As we found it, and went upstairs, second-thoughts and nerves started to set in. "Hey Eeeth, let's go get some coffee." After coffee, and a smoke I decided to go in. My piercer, Gregory LaRouxe, was very ... read more

Labret Done at Taurian Body Piercing in Houston Texas

ret Done at Taurian Body Piercing in Houston Texas Labret Done at Taurian Body Piercing in Houston Texas I found over the course of the last three years that body piercing has become an expression of my personality and my unique outlook towards life. Piercing is a normal behavior in the Montrose area that I reside in, so usually when I get the idea of a new piercing, I cannot stop until the piercing is complete. I have a tongue, nose, naval, and ears (six times) piercings. Recently I had the idea of getting a new piercing and I could ... read more

Scrumper at Stainless Studios

umper at Stainless Studios Scrumper at Stainless Studios My girlfriend and I went to Toronto for Valentine's Day, and while we were there, I was hoping to get pierced. I made a two o'clock appointment to get my tongue web and scrumper done, and to get measured for my nape. But alas, we didn't arrive until after 3 and my girlfriend talked me out of getting all three done on the same day, so I wouldn't be too sore all weekend. So we stopped by the studio while wanderign up and down Queen street. We were greeted by a very ... read more

Theo Experience (aka Scrumper)

o Experience (aka Scrumper) hi my name is toby, after getting my theo pierced i felt it was time to tell the world i existed (for if i was you i would want to know about me) by telling the story of my experience. it is thursday now and the piercing was done last friday. i had only heard of this piercing for about 4 weeks when i decided to get it. i usually go to taurian body piercing in houston but when i got there, there was a note on the door explaining to me that due to illness ... read more

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