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my great lip experience

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/05-lips/990415/greatlip.html"> My whole interest in piercings (besides ears) started back when i was like 12 and pierced my belly button myself with a saftey pin. i thought it was the coolest thing (and i took it out like the next week, heh). in the upcoming years i had admired piercings but never did anything about it.. so now im the big 17 and decide my time had arrived. my first pierce was kinda accidental.. I went with one of my friends to get her tongue pierced. it was her thrid piercing and i really wanted to know how ... read more


Well it all started with a chipped tooth! I was eating some pizza one day and then as I was chewing I felt something hard. Awwwwww, it was part of my tooth. So I called the dentist and made an appointment. I went in and they checked out my teeth. Now you have to understand I had not been to the dentist in over a year so the results were not good. The estimate for the work was $3,000. So I started making more appointments. Then I started thinking about how I wanted to get some sort of facial piercing. ... read more


ALLY A MONROE STORY It was my sixteenth birthday, January 9th, and I had an appointment at Lucky Linda's Body Art in Shakopee, Minnesota. My appointment was at three-thirty, so I left my house at about one. It was quite a ways away. My mom and sister-in-law and me all got in the car and drove for what seemed like ever, getting lost on the way, and eventually getting to Body Art. When I walked in I was really surprised, it was a very clean, comfortable place, nothing like the place I got my tongue done at. There was a ... read more

Abatha's Labret Piercing: January 23rd, 1999

>Abatha's Labret Piercing: January 23rd, 1999 Why? I've wanted my labret done for almost 2 and a half years now, it's been something that's been in my mind for a long time, and something I've been doing serious research on within that time. The thought first crossed my mind when I was 16, but with some pressures from high school and my mothers response, I put it on hold. It was a good idea. It was done 2 and a half weeks ago, now. But why? Well, there were a few reasons I did it. One of them being aesthetic. ... read more

labret piercing

>labret piercing So I wake up up and so far it's your average sunday morning, then i remember i'm getting my labret pierced today. i was surprisingly not nervous, i guess mostly because i had my tongue and eyebrow pierced as well and figured i could handle anything. since i'm only 15 my mother came with me. we got downtown and got some chinese food before going to Tattoo Zoo, i ate a lot since i knew i wouldn't be able to as easily after. we get there at 2:10pm...my appointment was at 2 but the shop was totally empty ... read more

"My Body Modification Addiction"

>"My Body Modification Addiction" My legit piercing experiences consist of only 3 pierces. My ears, my Madonna, and my lower right lip. Most of us have been through the ear piercing, so I won't get into that much. I got them done at one of those trendy jewelry stores with a gun. Other than the first time I got them done, I had a lot of problems (swelling and infection) and had to take them out. I kept them out for about 2 years, and got them redone at the same place. This was extremely painful for a young girl ... read more

Lip piercing story

wanted to contribute a story about my piercing salon in Boston, called Tribal Ways. It's one of the BEST studios I've found in the Tri State area and they are run by people with *Medical Certification *. People with *20* years ofnursing experience (Stephen even taught French at my alma matta). The only thing they do is Body Piercing which should be a relief to first time piercees that worry about being horribly mutilated and permanently disfigured. They even have an emergency line going to the piercers homes in cases of dire need. The thing that makes me choose them ... read more

Double ouchie on my lip! (lower right lip)

his will be my fourth submission to BME, and not my last. I have submitted quite a few experiences, so my friends who have the net can read my experiences and stop asking me all those questions. =) I had my lip done in August of 1998. I had been considering it for a little while....It was one of those piercings that sort of just popped into my head one day... And I liked the look of it... I had made the appointment, and as usual, with Primal Art in Winnipeg, I had to wait a week just to get ... read more

The Princess gets pierced (labret ring)

esterday was Friday the 13th, and so I decided to get my second piercing. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan where not too many people I know are into piercing, but one good friend introduced me to the spiritual side of it. This friend also introduced me to ARIC at Crystal Rainbow, who is the only person I would let pierce me in GR. I called Aric from work on Friday and told him I wanted to come in for a labret ring. And I told him I wanted it small. He said no problem and after an anxious day ... read more

Double "fang" experience

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