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[email protected]

o this I decided on after my eyebrow (see "[email protected]"). I didnt really know that I wanted this one right away, it was kind of a spur of the moment type of thing. 2 weeks after my eyebrow I decided I was hooked and needed another one. I decided on labret but I knew it would take a little persuading of my mother or father, but it was easier than I though it would be.I asked her one day and the next she said yes. Tues-Today was the research day, I went on the web (BME) and did some research ... read more

Below my lower lip...

wanted my labret pierced for about 2 years before I actually got it done. It all started when I saw this woman with a really cool labret piercing and I thought it was gorgeous, but the thought of actually having it done never entered my mind until just before the summer of '99 started. Being 16 at the time, I had no idea that there was a place in St. John's that would do that for me at this age. Then when I met my now boyfriend Ben, who himself has 6 piercings, I learned that the semi-new shop that ... read more

~*~my sexy labret and MuCh more~*~

and ave, my name is Megan also known as... Dark Charm.~* I live in the horrid state of Texas and I will hopefully become a pro. piercer soon...The following is a experience of my labret and my future as a body piercer.... I've totally been into body modification for about three years now. I have had two tongue, three brows, monroe, button, nose...too many to name ...My favorite was my labret. I had always done my own belly button and eye brow piercing but I really wanted to try a facial...more or less, lip. I get excited and turned on ... read more

I got a vertical labret piercing today!

I got this idea this morning that I wanted to get my labret pierced, alas, vertically. I get these impulses, and then I have to go do whatever it happens to be. I don't know, I guess that's a weakness or something. This happened a year and a half ago when I got the "impulse" to pierce my tongue. I like it so much and the pain was so minimal that I was bent on getting another, and it had to be something creative. I've never seen anyone with a vertical labret piercing, which kind of turned me on to ... read more

Hole through my face!

being of only one piercing (tounge) for two years, I figured that it was time to get another hole pushed through my skin. I didn't even have my ears pierced, they had just never healed properly and I had given up on them years and years ago. After much dleiberation I decided on a labret for no particular reason other than I thought they looked pretty damn spiffy. I went to King of Fools because they had been so good to me in the past, (I had previously aquired an splendid tatto from Corey). This is an amazing place. The ... read more

My Spontaneous Decision

een wanting to pierce my tongue for the longest time. However, being the big procrastintor that I am, I keep putting it off. One day, I was just like "Fuck it, I'm going to get it done Friday!". I tell a few friends and they decide to come with me because they all want something done too. I'm wicked psyched about it but I don't think about it all day. Finally, after our school homecoming rally, my friends, Katie, Tiffany, Nikki, Taisha and I drive down to Taunton to "The Laboratory". Katie was planning on getting her eyebrow pierced, Nikki ... read more

The Scrumper Chose Me...

RUMPER CHOSE ME... I first saw pictures of the lip frenum piercing (also known as smiley or scrumper) on BMEzine. My first impression was that it was an unusual piercing. I didn't really think much of it but the idea had lodged itself in my subconscious. Only a few months later I felt an overwhelming urge, uncontrollable need to have the piercing done, it dominated my thoughts. I had always found people with an over-developed lip frenum (where a flap of skin hangs or catches over the teeth and below the upper lip) extremely erotic. Something to do with an ... read more

my crunchy munchy lip piercing

ed over a year to get my lip pierced. When i was doing work experience back in year 10 i went to a shop that had a piercing boutique in it, the piercer had like five or six piercings in her lip. I wanted mine done but i still had a year of school left. I waited and waited until after my exams, when i finished school, but STILL couldn't have it done because i worked in a bakery. I got really fed up with my job, i mean the pay was shit and i had to wear the shittiest ... read more

Lip piercing experience

s been almost a year ago since I have pierced my lip and have always ment to submit my experience to help others but unfortunatly never got around to it. I have submited my experience about getting my tongue periced close to a year ago (some of you might notice that I have a difference email account now, it was [email protected]) Oct 28th 1998 at 8pm was my appointment to get my lip peirced. I was asked to babysit that night and when I turned it down my parents knew something was up so I told them that I thought ... read more

2nd piercing

name is myke and this is my story (sort of my real world/road rules type of introduction) ok im not gonna bore you here it is. Well about two months ago i went to a piercing shop with my brother to get his tongue pierced and i ended up getting my eyebrow pierced. I was kinda freaked out about it at first but i got over it. Thats a different story though if you want to read it go to the eyebrow section of BMEzine.com and go to the story section under the title "my first hole in my head" ... read more

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