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A Yummy Lip Ring Makes Spider A Happy Girl

I was 15, I was dying to get a tattoo. I was already considered "weird" by my friends in my small, narrow-minded town because my hair was usually blue or red or some equally "non-normal" shade. So getting a tattoo and dealing with their stupid comments was not a big deal for me. So after hearing me whine and moan about how pretty a butterfly would look on my tummy for about a year, my mother let me get a tattoo. I totally loved the feeling and the way my little blue and yellow butterfly looked on my tummy. But ... read more

LordMonkey Gets His Scrumper

ed to Framingham about three months ago and soon after found a piercing studio just down the road. After talking to the piercers there i became really friendly and comfortable with all of them. By two weeks ago i had already had work done by all of them except for Jen, the very sweet girl who was in there on Mondays and Tuesdays. I felt really bad because she had helped me out with several troublesome piercings, but had yet to stick me herself. So two weeks ago i walked in on Monday and said simply, "i want to get ... read more


my labret piercing done on Nov. 21st 99 at Weesies Wonders by THE WIZARD. He is the most awesome piercer their is on this planet. I have five other piercings but I think my labret is the most Kool of all. My experience began with a trip to WW's to get my tounge done. I arrived for my appointment only to be let down by my tounge. My webbing on the underside of my tounge comes all the way to the end. No can do for you he said(DAMN). So I decided to have my navel done instead as I ... read more

No regrets at all!

rets at all!! A little background, my name is no matter to this, i´m 24 years old female. When i was 17 i had my lobes pierced several times by myself using sewing needles and studs. Back then my parents were at the breack of getting divorced and i just had to escape all that shit, so i started to get into alternative lifestyles, with piercings, crazy clothes, strange colors in hair, etc. I started to hang out with a group of 5 people , 3 girls and 2 guys, which later that year all of us start to live ... read more

my shiny silver appendage

was my sixteenth birthday. I was anxiously waiting for this day and finally it had arrived. So what did I do to celebrate? I paid someone to give me a puncture wound! Actually, that makes it sound like a bad thing. Well, let's see, I was a bit nervous this morning when I realized that today was the big day. But then I was like "why am I freaking out? in a couple hours I'll have a shiny new metal appendage in my face!" (a lip ring in the centre that is). Then I left for school and had to ... read more

Medusa's in Sweden!!!

it was Summer and me and my entire creative writing class were on some sort of "getting-to-know-each-other-trip" in the small town Landskrona, in the extreme South of Sweden. Thing with Landskrona is, to me at least, that they´ve got quite a legendary tattooist over there, well legendary might be the wrong word, but the guy has a really good reputation. So, on the first day of this stupid excursion, me and my friend Kim finds our way to the studio (not too hard, if you're not as much an idiot as me). We get our tat´s, I got myself a ... read more

The Long-Sought Labret Piercing

ince I first saw a labret piercing, I had wanted one. I got my nose pierced when I was 12, and hadn't really thought of any other kind of piercing untill... I saw the labret. The guy I spied it on had a spike on the end of it, and it just RULED my little world. I would say it took me two years of putting it off and getting talked out of it before I finally did it. I had enough money together, but I did something very very bad and I want to share my experience so that ... read more

Make Sure Your Piercer Knows His Role! (A Monroe Story)

start off by saying that this piercing is little to no pain! On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 2. It is a very quick and solid piercing. I had wanted a Monroe piercing for about two years. I saw it in a tattoo magazine while I was sitting in Tower Records waiting for my friend to check out. I had never seen one like it before. Labrets and tongue rings were big at the time. But I just thought the Monroe was so unusual, and I loved it immediately! It was refreshing to see something different. I ... read more

why i like piercings

like piercings? I really don´t know why!!!. Each people have diferent reasons to get piercings or tatoos. It´s true piercings are coming from the dark ages to the modern world, and more and more people are getting some part pierced, and some of those people aren´t freack or punks, many are important people, movie stars, rock stars and so on. I don´t live in UK or the States here piercings are really popular and most of the teens have something pierced. I live in Portugal where piercings are very unpopular(but plastic cosmetic cirgury is very in), there is only one ... read more


o this I decided on after my eyebrow (see "Eyebrow@Cliffs"). I didnt really know that I wanted this one right away, it was kind of a spur of the moment type of thing. 2 weeks after my eyebrow I decided I was hooked and needed another one. I decided on labret but I knew it would take a little persuading of my mother or father, but it was easier than I though it would be.I asked her one day and the next she said yes. Tues-Today was the research day, I went on the web (BME) and did some research ... read more

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