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My second Labret experience ......

well I already had my Labret pierced once right when I just barely turned 14 , and well I've had many other piercing experiences since then ...but lately (about 4 months or so) I'd been wanting my Labret pierced agian , kinda right below my first one , but since I recieved my tongue piercing my mom didn't want me getting any piercing's for 6 months! and that almost killed me ! but finally the day came when I could go get my piercing agian. I wanted to get an Industrail and my Labret in the same session. So I ... read more

A Christmas labret

r two years, I have been beggin my mom to get my labret done, but every time she answers with a firm "no." You can imagine my surprise when she finally said yes! A christmas present is what she calls it, but I find it to be metal bliss. I like the way the labret piercing is kind of the center of a persons being. I guess it is kind of like a bindi to Indians. I like the feeling of being centered and in control of my person. For the last few months I visited BME and did research ... read more

My labret experience

rst piercing was my tongue. I convinced my mom and dad to let me get it done. So while my mom and dad got there tattoos I was taken into the back to get my tongue pierced. I loved my piercing it looked awesome and i was the only one in my town to have it done. Then almost everyone I know got their tongue done and it pissed me off. Well one day while I was at work a girl from Arizona came in and she had a labret. I thought it look totally cool and asked her a ... read more

my labret

h birthday was approaching, and my parents and friends had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. Again and again, I replied "a piercing party." Quite a few people I knew were planning on getting piercings, and a host (the proffessional piercers came to my house), I would receive free or discounted piercings. Rad. They didn't think I was serious, but I planned and scheduled the party, collected down payments from those who wanted piercings, etc. It was set. The party was 2 days before my birthday, November 27th. I had to wake up early because I ... read more


W X2: My first piercing (non ear) was my left eyebrow. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was new to the scene and I didn't know what to expect. In terms of pain and care I had read and looked at numerous webpages (including this one) to make sure I knew everything I could. But I still felt like a child on the first day of school. As I sat in the chair that I have now been pierced in four times I began to have doubts, but I went through with it because I wanted ... read more

LordMonkey Gets His Scrumper

ed to Framingham about three months ago and soon after found a piercing studio just down the road. After talking to the piercers there i became really friendly and comfortable with all of them. By two weeks ago i had already had work done by all of them except for Jen, the very sweet girl who was in there on Mondays and Tuesdays. I felt really bad because she had helped me out with several troublesome piercings, but had yet to stick me herself. So two weeks ago i walked in on Monday and said simply, "i want to get ... read more

The day for Labret

ince I was around fourteen I had wanted to get a labret piercing. I made an appointment at this crappy place in Santa fe and drug my mom along with me. When I got there this chump of a guy told me the piercer had taken the day off or something. I had gone home, somewhat dis-spirited, and not a little pist off. Soon I forgot about my wanted labret piercing. Almost four years later, now in college, and with a little cash on hand and the new fact of being 18, I again started thinking about doing a labret ... read more

Safety-Pinned Lip in my Dad's Bathroom.

long as I can remember, before I piled the shit in my ears and tongue, I've wanted my lip pierced. I knew it since sixth grade, and this summer, I was determined to have it. Why the inclination to do it unsanitarily in my dad's dingy bathroom? More or less I knew my mom would flip out, so I figured why pay for it when I'd have to take it out sooner or later anyway. I figure my dad didn't want to make yet ANOTHER trip to the CowPok for another piercing anyway, so I massacred my lip in the ... read more

I'd like my labret at a 45 degree angle please.

ned 18 in August and I was hell bent on getting a tattoo to commemorate the occasion, of course, I decided to get a tattoo about a week before my birthday which means I didn't have much time to decide what I wanted. So, when my birthday arrived and I still had no idea what I wanted permanently etched on my body, I decided to hold off on the tattoo. Instead, I decided to get something pierced, because if you get a bad piercing, you can just take the jewelry out, and you lose a couple bucks, you're not stuck ... read more

I can't eat any of the food at my own barbeque.

ne day i woke up and decided to get my reversed madison pierced. I went down to the place where I have been getting pierced since the tender age of thirteen. Way back then, when piercing was alot more rare, I went there pretty confused and expecting to get a toungue piercing. The piercer at the time, Dave, told me flat out "no", he thought I was too young and not responsible enough for the extensive aftercare. Which i now believe is true, considering all the 13 year olds I see nowadays-as a worker at Hot topic-with infected gross, oozing, ... read more

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