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Labret and Madonna experience

ght that i would share my experence with you all out there seem to be loads of labret stories and not too many stories about madonnas. I had my labret done about 7 weeks ago now, and i don't think that i could live without now! I had my madonna done about two hours ago and so far everything is fine! It took my forever to work up the guts to go and get my labret done...I was petrified, my hands were shaking, i was so so scared! After i made the appointment i had to wait a couple of ... read more

My second Labret experience ......

well I already had my Labret pierced once right when I just barely turned 14 , and well I've had many other piercing experiences since then ...but lately (about 4 months or so) I'd been wanting my Labret pierced agian , kinda right below my first one , but since I recieved my tongue piercing my mom didn't want me getting any piercing's for 6 months! and that almost killed me ! but finally the day came when I could go get my piercing agian. I wanted to get an Industrail and my Labret in the same session. So I ... read more

A Christmas labret

r two years, I have been beggin my mom to get my labret done, but every time she answers with a firm "no." You can imagine my surprise when she finally said yes! A christmas present is what she calls it, but I find it to be metal bliss. I like the way the labret piercing is kind of the center of a persons being. I guess it is kind of like a bindi to Indians. I like the feeling of being centered and in control of my person. For the last few months I visited BME and did research ... read more

My labret experience

rst piercing was my tongue. I convinced my mom and dad to let me get it done. So while my mom and dad got there tattoos I was taken into the back to get my tongue pierced. I loved my piercing it looked awesome and i was the only one in my town to have it done. Then almost everyone I know got their tongue done and it pissed me off. Well one day while I was at work a girl from Arizona came in and she had a labret. I thought it look totally cool and asked her a ... read more


W X2: My first piercing (non ear) was my left eyebrow. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was new to the scene and I didn't know what to expect. In terms of pain and care I had read and looked at numerous webpages (including this one) to make sure I knew everything I could. But I still felt like a child on the first day of school. As I sat in the chair that I have now been pierced in four times I began to have doubts, but I went through with it because I wanted ... read more

The scrumper and frowney of Davus

.5756 Well, today I got my scrumper re-pierced and my frowney (lower scrumper). As my last story said, I thought that my scrumper was migrating (to people who haven't read my scrumper story, then I've already had it pierced), and I was right and it did migrate. I wasn't having it so I went in today again to have it re-done (I told my mum) and I was getting it for free as it is part of the aftercare. I also wanted to get my frowney done but I wasn't sure if they would let me (because it gets in ... read more

A Yummy Lip Ring Makes Spider A Happy Girl

I was 15, I was dying to get a tattoo. I was already considered "weird" by my friends in my small, narrow-minded town because my hair was usually blue or red or some equally "non-normal" shade. So getting a tattoo and dealing with their stupid comments was not a big deal for me. So after hearing me whine and moan about how pretty a butterfly would look on my tummy for about a year, my mother let me get a tattoo. I totally loved the feeling and the way my little blue and yellow butterfly looked on my tummy. But ... read more

LordMonkey Gets His Scrumper

ed to Framingham about three months ago and soon after found a piercing studio just down the road. After talking to the piercers there i became really friendly and comfortable with all of them. By two weeks ago i had already had work done by all of them except for Jen, the very sweet girl who was in there on Mondays and Tuesdays. I felt really bad because she had helped me out with several troublesome piercings, but had yet to stick me herself. So two weeks ago i walked in on Monday and said simply, "i want to get ... read more

The day for Labret

ince I was around fourteen I had wanted to get a labret piercing. I made an appointment at this crappy place in Santa fe and drug my mom along with me. When I got there this chump of a guy told me the piercer had taken the day off or something. I had gone home, somewhat dis-spirited, and not a little pist off. Soon I forgot about my wanted labret piercing. Almost four years later, now in college, and with a little cash on hand and the new fact of being 18, I again started thinking about doing a labret ... read more

Safety-Pinned Lip in my Dad's Bathroom.

long as I can remember, before I piled the shit in my ears and tongue, I've wanted my lip pierced. I knew it since sixth grade, and this summer, I was determined to have it. Why the inclination to do it unsanitarily in my dad's dingy bathroom? More or less I knew my mom would flip out, so I figured why pay for it when I'd have to take it out sooner or later anyway. I figure my dad didn't want to make yet ANOTHER trip to the CowPok for another piercing anyway, so I massacred my lip in the ... read more

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