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My lovely little Medusa

ally got my medusa pierced. I had been wanting to have another needle stabbed through my face for quite some time now, and I was really indecisive about what exactly I wanted to get pierced. I already have my labret, tongue and hood done, and I really wasn't quite sure what exactly I wanted to do. I knew it had to be something on my face, because now I finally found a job where they accept piercings. So, after many times of coming on BME and looking aimlessly through the piercing index, I finally found one that I could settle ... read more

Labret+paranoia=My Story

ne- October 9th, 1999. The Place- Adam's house in Dixfield. My girlfriend and I went to get pierced that day, a fateful day representing my triumph over high school, over my parents, and in a lesser manner, over myself. Here is that story. My girlfriend and I began as a pair of friends talking about getting pierced... Nothing more, nothing less. Slowly, our love blossomed and bloomed, and we decided the piercing would end up being something symbolic, something meaningful. I discussed a septum ring with my mother, who was totally against the idea, and since I live in her ... read more

finally, a medusa story!

inally a story about the medusa. and on a male, no less! you see, i decided that i wanted this piercing some time ago, but put that off until after my branding had healed sufficiently (yes, there will be a full story and photo documentation by blair and i as soon as i have finished the initial healing). but yesterday i decided that i had healed enough to care for another project at the same time, and went to stainless to see tom about getting it done (for the second or third time). we decided to conduct an experiment of ... read more

I love my Madonna piercing

3 days ago, me and 4 other friends decided we all wanted to get pierced. Over Christmas vacation, 5 other girls we knew went to a guy named Luis and got their tongues or belly buttons pierced. They said he was painless and cheap And his work was really good. So, after work, we all went to the bank, got money out and ate dinner so that we didn't get dizzy afterwards. I was psyched all day long, I kept telling everyone I was getting my face pierced, I was so excited the whole time. After we ate, we were ... read more

My Perfect Labret

been hooked on piercing since I got my ears pierced when I was five years old. Over the years, I have gained 10 holes in my ears and an eyebrow piercing. I love putting jewelry in new places, and I had been looking to get a labret for a long time now, since my eyebrow was done last summer. Although I work in an office in a semi-professional enviornment, I don't let it stop my individuality. My piercings do not affect my work, and although my boss doesn't like them )I think), he has not said anything about them. After ... read more

self lip piercing story

m 15 years old and have been doing all my piercings myself for over a year now. I had been wanting a lip ring for a long time. I had already done my earlobes, cartilage, nose and eyebrow so i figured that doing my lip would be a piece of cake. I decided to wait a while until the urge to pierce hit me. That's the only times when i can pierce myself. And thats when i've got the urge other than that i just.. can't. So one night i stayed up really late. And at about 3:00 in the ... read more

Do you have a napkin....I seem to be leaking

t me first introduce myself. For some reason I feel the need to leave my name out, but I'm 20 (about) and have always been a little off the track (or so my parents seem to think), so when I decided to get my labret pierced it wasn't anything new to me, or utterly shocking to my parents. Let me add, if you like attention, pierce a bunch of things on your face. All of those too meek to do anything of the sort will flock to you. But on to the story now. I have been pierced at HTC ... read more

monroe, madonna, whatever!

tart off by telling you all that I was bit by the piercing bug when I was thirteen years old when I got my nostril pierced. My nostril was my first real piercing besides my ear lobes and I thought I was so cool being the only person in the seventh grade with a piercing. And that's where it started, I haven't been the same ever since. >From then to now I've had quite a few piercings including my lip, labret, 3 in my eyebrow, tongue, and various ear piercings. About a month ago for some insane reason I decided ... read more

Stainless Steel Beautymark

this is my experience with a Marlyin. I had been interested in piercing for a few years, but I never acted on it. I have two tatts on my torso, stratigically placed so that they are hidden when I have clothes on. I plan to be doctor and for some reason most smart people frown upon piercings and tatts, so keeping them hidden is the best idea. I wanted something feminine, unusual and relatively painless. So, I naturally choose a Marlyin. After debating for a couple of months I gathered up the courage to get my piercing. I went to ... read more

Labret and Madonna experience

ght that i would share my experence with you all out there seem to be loads of labret stories and not too many stories about madonnas. I had my labret done about 7 weeks ago now, and i don't think that i could live without now! I had my madonna done about two hours ago and so far everything is fine! It took my forever to work up the guts to go and get my labret done...I was petrified, my hands were shaking, i was so so scared! After i made the appointment i had to wait a couple of ... read more

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