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center lip piercing = collagen-injection look-alike =Þ

ruary i got my navel pierced - typical, cute kinda thing. i thought i was all done with my self-mutilation, but then i started thinking about getting my lip done. everybody gets their tongue, nose or eyebrow done, but the lip is still kinda rare. another encouraging thought was that it seemed like such a gorgeous piercing to me... i've never seen an ugly lip piercing - although i have seen plenty of people who shouldn't have done the nose or the eyebrow. so, that's when i started asking people about it, and checked out the info at a couple ... read more

My Beautiful Lip Ring

ere I am, a couple hours after the piercing, feeling great, lookin' fine, etc..... Let me start by introducing myself a little bit. I'm a youngin', bout 14 years old, and I fell in love with piercing when I was in 4th grade and got my ears done. Now, I must say, I wasn't into heavy piercing, but I still got into it. My name is max, and I'm not exactly the most socially accepted person in the world. So I figured that maybe I might as well push it a lil further. Let me start with the beginning of ... read more

You're sticking that where?!?

ll took place about 2 yrs ago. I was 16 at the time and had wanted a tattoo for a while. So my friend and I decided to play hooky from school and go get our stuff done. (She wanted nipple pierced.) So off we go to South Street Tattoo (in Philadelphia) because she got her tongue done there and they didn't card her. We go in, and let me say before I go further, never go to this place. It's sterile but just barely. The people don't tell you anything, just take your money and pierce you. Oh, and ... read more

Isis's labret spike

weeks ago I get my tax refund back, I was broke till then and desperately need of new shoes and groceries so of course the logical thing to do would be go get an expensive hole in my face, right? I had wanted a lip ring in the center of my lip for 6 years, maybe more, but economics, location, or just plain fright of a needle going through my lip always held me back. I was sitting on IRC bitching about how there are no refutable piercers in my area of Ohio and how most tattoo parlors I'd visited ... read more

I trusted her

my labret pierced on my 18 birthday. The year before at 17 my Mom had taken me to get my tongue pierced. But this time she wouldn't cooperate at all . I went to this piercer named Dana at Ritual Body in Dallas, TX. I'd seen her do two of my friends before this time. She did their tongues and eyebrows. At this time I pretty much trusted her and I liked her technique. She was very courteous and she was willing to give deals. She always had really cool music playing too, I think her boyfriend was in this ... read more

Piercing through scar tissue is very painful.

were to ask anyone who has ever been pierced if it is addictive, it is, and I was running out of places on my person I would want to get pierced. So my friend suggested that I get my labret done. At first I thought to myself "No, its going to look dumb on me" but then I told my girlfriend of the idea and she said she thinks I would look cute with it. So the whipped little boy that I am decided that I was going to get it done. So one day my friend said he wanted ... read more

My Medusa..

ptember I had finally decided to get my tongue pierced, when I did that,I knew there was no turning back. But,I decided to wait for a few months, to make sure I still had "the urge". Flash forward too December: I got my left eyebrow and bridge both pierced by X-mas. I was already planning my next one, but my piercer and freind Eddie recommend I wait at least another two weeks for my next piercings, because of some problems I had with my left eyebrow. Knowing her was a professional, I know as he wished, I waited *Exactly* two ... read more

Labrets, gum recession, and piercing retainers

e Piercing *** I got my labret almost two years ago, and it was my first professional piercing. I was pretty nervous because I'd never been pierced before. The anxiety was made even worse when I mentioned the piercing to a friend of mine and she wanted to go along. I had no idea how bad the pain would be, and I desperately wanted to avoid looking like a wimp when I got pierced. I agreed that she could go along, and we went to Forever Yours Tattoo in Anoka, Minnesota, about 30 minutes north of Minneapolis. We had both ... read more

Ode to my Labret

everyone! This is an ode to my labret. For those of you who may not know, your labret is the area from your lip to where your lip and gums meet. My labret was my first piercing...quite possibly of many. I must admit that I was fairly nervous going into the procedure because i've never poked a hole in my body before....but I must say I love it! I have had a tattoo for a while now but this was much different. I did quite a bit of reasearch and studying up on the subject before getting it done. I ... read more

Self Labrum Piercing

ing the old "if you want something done right, do it yourself" adage (after a lame attempt by a piercer who shall remain nameless; he fucked-up my custom fishtail jewelry, pierced me off-center, and I had to abandon), I just VERY successfully pierced my labrum! I went to lunch with my girlfriend yesterday, and saw a girl with a labret stud, and I said, "Shit, I wish mine would have worked-out." Before I was ever pierced, and even after, labret jewelry has always been my favorite, aesthetically -- still is! I wondered about doing it myself all the rest of ... read more

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