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There's More to Piercings Than Just Metal Through Flesh!

name is Carrie and I'm 19 years old. I'm not at all what you would expect...a hardcore Christian who is also into piercings. About two months ago, I got my right nipple pierced. As with my other piercings (labret, tragus and eyebrow) I researched the piercing and thought about it for 3 or 4 months before I actually did it, and BME was a huge help to me. Reading other people's experiences gave me an idea of what the actual piercing would be like, but it was research beyond just others experiences that convinced me to get my nipple pierced. ... read more


rst time i had ever really noticed this piercing was during the short time that Dave Navarro was with the Red Hot Chile Peppers, and I feel in love with it immediatly. I though it looked cool as hell, and it was all I could think about for about two months, but I was never sure if it was something i would want to do, plus i wasn't sure where i should go to get it done. Lucky for me, at the time my friend Josh was an apprentice at a local tat shop that i had gotten my first ... read more

The sad tale of my scrumper

been considering a new piercing for quite some time, and when I woke up on this particular morning I knew instinctively that I had to be pierced. Usually I will formulate an idea for a new piercing, research it for months and then go ahead with it. I took a close friend and began the hour long drive into the city, heading for The Piercing Urge. Even at this point, my mind was not entirely made up. I wanted either a scrumper piercing or a pair of 8ga conch piercings. Sydney that morning was packed to the gills. I had ... read more

My first real piercing!!!

o here s my attempt to tell you the experience of getting my labret pierced.But first here s a bit about me.I am 17,I live in Dublin Ireland.And I am looking for people to talk to.So feel free to E-mail me.Well here s the story,After a week of being sick on Monday morning I went to school to do my french oral exam(good luck everyone).After the exam was finished,I was sitting out side the school having a cigarette deciding how I would spend the rest of my day.AS I was sitting down having my ciggarette the bell for the P.L.C ... read more

Monroe, my first PROFESSIONAL piercing

y! My first ''professional'' piercing. Over 50 piercings and 2 years of doing all of them myself I finally got my first professionally done body piercing. My dad decided that he was so proud of me being on the honor roll again that I could get a piercing. It dind't start out with him saying ''here lets get you a piercing'' it was more like ''Dad, I'm so sick of doing my own piercings can i get one professionally done?" and ended with him saying sure :) I was sooo excited. I think he was proud because i hadn't been ... read more

My Piercings

y Modification Experiences My legit piercing experiences consist of only 3 pierces. My ears, my Monroe, and my lower right lip. Most of us have been through the ear piercings, so I won't get into that much. Other than the first time I got them done, I had a lot of problems and had to take them out. I kept them out for about 2 years, and got them redone. This was extremely painful for a young girl and I decided that if the same problem occurred, I would never get my ears redone. Needless to say, the ear piercings ... read more

My Fear of Needles...

ed EVERYWHERE, asking prices, procedures, and age limits (being that Im only 17). I wondered if Id actually be able to go through with it. I had lost consciousness a few times before, due to a simple shot. I developed my fear of needles at a fairly early age, around twelve, I think. After I made a few phone calls, I found Straight Line Tattoos -although their prices were not much different than any other place I called- , and decided to go with that place. After that, I forgot about it for a week or so, being content with ... read more

ah, the trials and tribulations of the wonderous labret...

looooooong time i've been wanting to get my lip pierced, but i'd never gotten around to it. so, one day i had some money in my pocket, and when my boyfriend came over that day, as soon as he walked in the door, i exclaimed, "I WANT TO GET SOMETHING PIERCED!" he was a leeeeeeeetle bit surprised, but once he got over that, he was all for it. we had two choices, fredericksburg is not all that happenin a town, and they only happen to have two piercing places that we knew of, corky's and alluring body creations. somehow we ... read more

My Monroe Piercing

t all started when I first went into the studio to get my lip done. This place had a good reputation, and did a good job on my lip. I was looking at magazines that they had layed out on the table while awaiting to get my lip pierced, and then I saw a picture with a girl and she had a Monroe piercing. Well, went back three weeks later and got it done, but it wasn't that easy. I have 16 piercings and I would have to say that this was my third most painful piercing. I would have ... read more

Captive ring through the lip

wanted to get my lip pierced for about two years now. When I first saw it I was 17 and I knew my mother wouldnt take me and I wasnt old enough to go get it myself (since in Sacramento we have a pretty strict policy on minors getting pierced). I have tatoos, which is weird caise my mom had to take me to get those and she didnt mind that. Anywyas when I turned eighteen i started getting my ears stretched at Sub Q and have since gone to a "0" gauge. The stretching has gotton a little old ... read more

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