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Painful Lip Piercing at Body Manipulations

d been a few months since I'd been stuck, so I decided to go get my lip pierced. The only problem was that I was travelling in Europe. Stupidly, I decided to get pierced anway. So, I went to Amsterdam's finest Internet lounge/smart shop, the Dream Lounge (www.consciousdreams.nl) and did some research. I decided that Body Manipulations was my best bet. I called them up and asked if they took appointments, and they said I could just come on over, but not today, they were about to close. This was good, because it gave me a little time to decide ... read more

My piercing obsession

k that ever since I was a little kid I had an obsession with body modification. I would constantly look through the national geographics that my parents recieved in the mail, only looking at the pictures of people as far away as Africa. I observed their cultures through a foreigners eyes, always wondering about the lip plates and ear stretching among other things. I always found an odd beauty in the lip plates and piercings, tribal tattoos, scarification.I also was drawn deep into the world of self-piercing by my friend Scott, who has always inspired me to push myself beyond ... read more

Of coarse it hurt, but so what?

eople really crack me up when they say that NONE of their piercings ever hurt and your a real big pussy if ya think it did. I have had my eyebrow, nose, and lip pierced now, and the only one that didn't hurt getting pierced was the eyebrow(and boy was it a pain in the ass for the next week though). You just have to get over it and do it if you really want to. About my lip though, it was probably the most painful. I've grown to get excited over the piercing experiences and get this great surge ... read more

Nervous for nothing

anted the center of my lip pierced for quite awhile now. I even wanted so bad that I ended up piercing it myself a few years ago with a sewing needle but that was a stupid idea. My mother made me take it out and it hurt pretty bad. I passed out and got nauseous. From then on I've bugged my mother for the longest time to let me get it done professionally. Of course her answer was "no, not under my roof!" So I turned 18 in April and I was free to make my own choices but still ... read more

Second Hand Piercing

ock. After smoking cigarette after cigarette, I entered the studio harboring doubts over the wisdom of my decision to get my lower lip re-pierced. As I wait for my piercer to come out of the back, I study the tattos on the wall. (I plan to get a set of red and black angel's wings between my shoulder blades as soon as I work up the balls to sit flat on my stomache for hours.) As I try to imagine the pain of that tattoo, I remember how much torture it was when I got my lip done the first ... read more

My High Risk Tongue--The Reason that I got my Lip Pierced.

anted to pierce my tongue for years, and finally went in to get it done at Portland Tattoo a couple months ago. I brought two of my friends with me, and was really excited. I filled out the paperwork, gave the lady my ID and was all set. She instructed me to come around to where they did all of the piercing, just so she could make sure I was able to have my tongue pierced. "No problem," I thought. I flipped up my tongue for her, and watched in horror as she started to shake her head "no." My ... read more

I think I'm in love...

off, I'm from a small town, so there is no such thing as tattoo and piercing shops in town. Obviously when my parents told my husband and I that we were invited to go to Edmonton with them the first thought into my head was "Oh!! I can get another piercing". After that I kinda decided I wanted a tattoo, I've wanted one for a long time so I started my research here on BME. First of all going to the tattoo directory link here and finding a parlour in Edmonton. SUCCESS!!! Found a real nice looking place called Bear's ... read more

My New Lip Rings

ecided to get pierced about a year or so ago after my best freind did it, but I found many reaons why I couldnt do it, that was until Monday, May 15... I asked around and found that one of the best places in Salt Lake City was Big V8 Deluxe and the first thing that came to mind was "Why do I want a Health Drink?" But I went in and said "I want my lip pierced!" the guy whos name I forgot said that his piercer wasnt in yet, and so they called him and Pat said that ... read more

Finally, after 11 years...

was 14, I saw my first lip piercing. That was what I wanted. I knew right then and there that that was the piercing for me. I loved the look of the ring snug against the lip. However, I was only 14, there was no way I was going to be able to get it done then. Over the years, I started seeing more and more lip rings and other piercings. Many were done poorly and had the wrong jewelry in them. My punk friends would pierce their lips with a safety pin and then stick a hoop from the ... read more

Labret Piercing

me last year (99) I decided to get my labret pierced with a couple of friends (make it a group thing). My other two friends got their tongue and nose pierced. I already had my eyebrow and tongue pierced and a nipple previously, but at that time it had already been removed, as I didn't really enjoy it. My only concern about my piercing was about being able to remove it if for some reason afterwards I needed to and have it heal cleanly. I have learned since then that I am a quick healer, so there was really no ... read more

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