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my labret story

een interested in body mods for quite some time now. I like being different than all my friends. Not for attention or anything like that though. I just like to be me, and I feel I wouldn't truly be me if I wasn't pierced. I started with ear piercings at around 15. I ended up with 5 in each ear (gunned *cringe*). I eventually took them out after they caused me nothing but trouble. After much research on BME and other places, I decided to get my first real piercing- my tongue. Soon after I got an industrial piercing in ... read more

My Lip-rings: A Momma's Girl Gets Fangs

r of fang-like lip-rings are two weeks old now, and so far it has been a much more interesting experience than I anticipated. I am twenty-three years old now, and I feel that I am just beginning to know who I am, and to honor it by being it. I have lived too much of my life in fear—fear of other peoples' reactions and feelings, fear of feeling guilty, fear of being judged, wanting to please everyone. I was always really attracted to 'freaks' and my friends were always wild, with tattoos, colored hair and mohawks, fucked-up clothes, etc. But ... read more

Conquering The Fear: My lip ring

st entered high school at 14 and was already quite different than the preppy people that dominated my school. Like most people I was looking to for a change. I was looking for someway to identify myself, some way to find myself and some way to distinguish myself from my peers. I was never one to conform to what was "in" at the time and to be like everyone else. through out my early teens I strived to be an individual, which in most cases worked against me rather than for me. Yet still, I was searching for the perfect ... read more

The sad tale of my labret piercing

ad tale of my labret piercing~ Body piercings have always appealed to me. I think they are a brilliant display of self expression as well as being incredibly sexy. I particularly like facial piercings as long as they complement a feature and don't overpower it. I had decided to get my labret pierced and after 6 months of waiting, making sure that it was what I really wanted, I took the plunge. The day of the piercing, I was so excited. This was something I had wanted to do for a long time and it really meant a lot to ... read more

Healing my labret piercing

r had much extra cash for things like piercings in Canada. I had my ears done, my nose five years ago, tongue a year ago, belly button as a teenager, etc... I'm now and English teacher in Korea, and I have the money for this kind of thing now, but unfortunately, it's hard to find a reputable place. Piercing is just not part of the culture here. (Funny enough, though, I work at a conservative school and my boss never says anything about my nose, tongue and labret being pierced or my 8mm lobes, because he wants to respect that ... read more

My Lip Protecter

Hello everybody! I am here today to write about my *wonderful* experience getting my lip pierced. Yes, it all started in eighth grade when I set my eyes on a tongue piercing. Now kiddies, this was a while ago when tongue rings weren't very popular. I thought getting a tongue piercing was awesome and I loved the way it looked. It could be a very private thing. No one has to know. So anyways...I got my tongue pierced when I was a junior in high school. I usually just wear a disguiser in it and I love it! I'm sure ... read more

my horrific story =(

It had been about 6 months since I've wanted to get my lip pierced and here is the story... Ok well here is my story about my horrible lip piercing. The day started out by my mom asking me if I wanted to go to the city with her and her boyfriend so I'm like sure. We go to the village and I'm thinking to myself; I had my tongue pierced around here why not bug mom to get my lip pierced. We went into the village because it was the area where my mom needed to do her work, ... read more

the Labrets of all Labrets

Ok hello everybody first if you are woundering where exactly the labret is, it is between your lower lip and the begining of your chin. Well i had been talking to my friend for a while about getting my labret pierced i was sick and tired of being scared and worried about it. I had told other people that i wanted to do it but know one really believed me, i had also asked my mum because she is my parental figure and it is always good to be inline with them, she said no. so it was the night ... read more

My self done labret and a chicken pot pie

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess named Biffy wanted to pierce her lip so I went back in time and interviewed her... "Well, I have never had a professional piering done (except my ears when I was 5) on the grounds that I don't want anyone else to cause me pain besides myself, and they're being a "professional" doesn't matter to me becasue you can learn how to pierce in a weekend seminar. Ok so anyway, the first thing I pierced was my ears and tragus (that is a whole other story). But I desperately wanted to pierce my ... read more

Day of the Labret

ll this is my 5th submission to BME, and Im going to tell you the story of my labret. I've always been very into piercing, and have my lip, tongue, and 2 eyebrow..I never even really liked labrets, until one day the idea popped into my head, so I thought, why not? its another piercing! So now all I needed to do was talk my mom into letting me do it, I have asked her several times before (7 months and she STILL doesn't know about my tongue) and she said no, but now it was 2 days before my ... read more

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