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One Girl's Labret Piercing

day I change my mind about what I want to get pierced so usually I am just spontaneous just to get it over and done with so I have no time to think about another type that I might prefer. I decided I wanted to get something done so I looked around a bit for a day or two and decided on a labret piercing. I also liked the basic lip ring but I have the worst luck with putting on captive bead hoops. Every time I get my ear pierced either the ball falls off or I try to ... read more

Friends Don't Let Friends Pierce Them....

started when my boyfriend left me at our friends house while my boyfriend went to work. At first, all was well, me and Monster were hanging out and having fun. Then he let me in on a little secret. He had been studying body piercing from books, online, and talking to piercers. He showed me his needles and clamps, his autoclave (the sterilization device), etc. I was not surprised, Monster has almost as many piercings as I do. (I have 2 eyebrow, 1 monroe, 2 tongue, 2 bottom lip, both nips, both outer labia, and navel) He asked me if ... read more

I'm Hard Core (a Monroe story)

in Italy several weeks ago to visit my sister. While in Florence, I saw a girl who had a Monroe piercing fitted with a tiny rhinestone. I'd never seen an actual person with this piercing before, and I just thought it was so sexy. I had gotten my tongue pierced about 4 years earlier, and I eventually took it out because they got so common, and I was just biding time before I decided what form of body modification would be next. A few weeks later, I had some time to kill in Harvard Square. My boyfriend and I had ... read more

my one week lip ring

the first time I saw a lip ring at the side, I knew I had to get it. I begged and begged my grandparents to let me get it done, but they said no. To get around this I said I would get it anyways, and they knew I wasn't joking around, so they said I could get it. I was so happy and the next weekend me and three of my friends went downtown to get it done. I had an appointment at this one place at 1:30, but we got there at 12:30. They said that was fine ... read more

And now I'm beautiful

ded a long while ago that I wanted a Monroe piercing (also called a Madonna) but I had a job that had rules against visible piercings. I left that job 2 months ago and made up my mind that when I enrolled in school (something I had been putting off for a while) I would reward myself with a new piercing. I decided on Body Graphics because I knew the piercer, thought not well, and I knew, from friend's description, that he was a really sterile and talented piercer. I called ahead of time to make sure he could fit ... read more

cheap lip piercing

my lip piercing done on the left side of my lower lip when I was 16. It was the coolest place i could think of coz no one had their lips pierced there. Most had their's done smack in the middle while i wanted mine to the left so that's some credit to me i s'pose! Okay i was on holiday in Hongkong and my folks dumped some cash on me to spend while they went for some business function. I walked around a shopping centre and there were several shops selling jewellery, and only one did actual piercings. It ... read more

Another Marilyn

roe piercing is my favourite piercing ever. It's so unusal and pretty and my face just wouldn't be right without it. I can't imagine NOT having it... Anyway, I made the decision to get it done during one of my bored, need-to-get-stuff-pierced moments (referenced in other parts of BME...heh heh). I'd been thinking about it for absolutely ages - trying to decide between it and a labret - and after looking at lots of pictures on BME I decided to go for it. Especially as it was named after Marilyn Monroe, one of my favourite yummy-how-gorgeous people. Also, one of ... read more

My lip.

n toying with the idea of getting my lip pierced for about 2 years. my mother would have made my life a living hell if i had done it when i lived at home so when i moved away to college it gave me the perfect opportunity. i guess this was my mark of indepedance. i also got it done on my 18th birthday so that made for a good excuse. First i made and appointment at the most reputable place in halifax called skintastics. i made my friend jake skip class to come with me (twist his rubber arm!) ... read more

...not again!

ate on a sunday night. i'm chatting with a few friends while skimming thru bme once again. i've recently started my new job at a museum where my piercings aren't a problem. i've had my tongue done for over a year now and it's doing just fine. so, while looking at the lip piercing images for the millionth time, i decide it's time for something new. i want something more visible, and it was down to the industrial or lip. lip won. i made my decision then and there. i had wednesday off, so it was perfect. i dragged along ... read more

long awaited lip ring

ince I was about 12 I've been fascinated with body modifications, especially piercings and tattoos. I had always found the idea of replacing skin with metal to be high desirable. I grew up in a suburb of Tacoma, Washington and my mother and stepfather were against me getting any piercings or tattoos until I moved out or graduated High School. When I was 16 I moved in with my birth father, who prides himself on being a "hip and down with it" type of guy. I had expressed my interest in body mods to him for about 3 years and ... read more

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