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that if I managed to give up smoking for a year I would allow myself another piercing. After looking at BME I finally decided that I wanted my Labret done. That year came this September so on my first available day off I boarded the train to Brighton. I had read, and was worried about, the effect that this piercing would have on my teeth, its not cheap looking after ones teeth and I didn't not want to have to pay out hundreds of pounds on dentist work after one wrong bite or with a stud knocking on my teeth ... read more

My Poor Lip :0(

ght've read my experiances in tongue piercing and my first tattoo....and how I've moaned about the unfortunate story of my lip ring. Well now I'm here to tell the tale!!! My lip was my first 'proper' piercing (I'd self pierced my nose 5 times a year before and they went drastically wrong, so I reckoned I'd leave it to the professionals from now on!), I'd been planning on it a while, and when the day finally came I was so nervous I bought along 2 friends for support. I'd been in L'Homme before when my friend had her eyebrow done, ... read more

My funk-tastic lip ring

just say now that this wasn't a spur of the moment thing. I've wanted a lip piercing for upwards of 2 years, seriously for the last 6 months. I did the research and I know my stuff. I also knew that the only place I wanted to be pierced at was NEXT! and I got exactly the experience I hoped for there. I went with my friend Becky who was getting a kanjii tattoo on her calf. She brought along a frickin' camera crew. Jeremy brought a video camera to film both of our experiences for a college project. We ... read more

Labret For Leah

always been interested in Body Modifications of all types for as long as i remember, as a child, i enjoyed looking at photographs of tribal woman with extended lips, elonged necks, streached earlobes and all sorts of other things. When i was in the tenth grade, I had my navel pierced at a very reputable, immaculate piercing studio in winnipeg called "Experience The Beauty", (which is located on Corydon... i highly recomend this place!!)Unfortunately, it never really healed, and was continuously infected... i learned from that experience that you have to be religious with cleaning piercings. I cant remeber the ... read more

I lied to my mom!

ears how it all began! I was watching television and saw a woman with her labret pierced and I immediatly knew that that was the piercing I wanted next! I had already had my tongue, nose and navel done and have become quite the addict. I tried to convince my mom for like a month! Of course my mom didn't feel the same way that I did and wouldn't give in because I already have too many piercings on my face which was totally untrue because I only had my nose pierced! Then after asking her like five times a ... read more

my labret

g pierced is something I love to do. In three years I have had four piercings done. Not many I agree, but the most I can get away with for work reasons, and cost. My first piercing was my right tragus. This was done when I was 17. This was follwed a few short months later by my tonuge. Two years went by and I saw a picture of a helix piercing on BME, and had to have it done. And finally just over a week ago I got my labret pierced. I decided on getting my labret pierced after ... read more

my new lip

started about a year ago when i realized how plain my body was and how i wanted to change it in some way and then i was looking online and i found this site and it changed my life, i knew i wanted something pierced but didnt know what. Then i decided i wanted something on my face, i wanted something on my face so it would be easy to see and i wanted something that didnt look to weird after. A few days i decided my lip would be a good place to get pierced but still had to ... read more

My Painless Lip Piercing

how shall I start? I think my astrological sign has alot to do with this. I'm an Aquarius, and it's said that we tend to want to be different. This is very true about me. I wanted something to show my individuality. And I've found lip piercing to be very interesting ever since my cousin mentioned that I'd look cool with one back in October. After that and seeing Tom from Blink 182 a billion times, I decided that I wanted one, too. I'd pierced my nose, but that sucked, so I took it out. I wanted something that wouldn't ... read more

Spontaneous Actions

neous Actions What's up party people!!! I'm a twenty-year-old male from New Orleans, Louisiana. Also, one of the most spontaneous people I know. I get these urges to just perform some type of crafty work to my body. Just recently have I started acting on these urges and not just freaking out by not doing anything about it. In the past week I had my labret pierced and ears stretched back to size. My experience of getting my labret done goes a little something like this. It was a Friday evening, hot and humid as usual here in New Orleans, ... read more

The Maniacal Laughter my Medusa Caused.

y! The Pain!!!!! Here I am, sitting in Black Hole with a needle sticking out of my upper lip and tears starting to form in my eyes, I don't think I've felt anything more painful in the entirety of my 19 years.... But yet, I'm smiling... or smiling as much as someone with a needle sticking through her lip is able to smile without jabbing herself. I'm elated, ecstatic... in excruciating pain, but I've finally got my medusa. I've been wanting this for years I keep telling myself, but damned if this doesn't hurt. My mind keeps wandering between elation ... read more

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