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My Labret

am 18, living in a 24-year old body, so my mom would say. You see, I still live at home. Not cause I like living there, but it is the most economical place to live. And cause my mom and step-dad are still pretty cool...except when it comes to piercing. So I say to my mom 1 week before I plan on getting pierced, "Mom, I am going to get my lip pierced Friday night". She about crapped her pants. Next was my Catholic step-dad, "Mike, I am getting my lip pierced on Friday". He threatened my job. I work ... read more

Labret as a first piercing.

been planning on getting my labret pierced for a while now and decided rather on a whim to have it done today. I had been nervous to have it done before since I hadn't ever had anything pierced before except my ears and it had been a couple years since the last time I'd had that done. I have a pretty high tolerance, but I'm also prone to procrastinating and chickening out. I had also been putting it off because it meant no kissing for a while, which is something I'm definitely a fan of..heh.. I walked around trying to ... read more

yeah CHEEKS!

ew things about my face I didn't like I decided I'd decorate and beautify with jewelry (i woud never consider "corrective" plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons) I wanted to add to my looks, not change them. Anyway I disliked the divot above my upper lip, my large lower lip and my chubby cheeks so in the past few month i've decorated them all and now love them. Well I had my center lip vertically pierced, and next i got my Medusa and all i need to complete my whole idea was my Cheek Piercings... with my two center tongue piercings ... read more

the day i hurt my friend

y friend Jake, who I have been friend's with for a rather long time, told me he wanted his eyebrow done for the second time and both sides of his lip done. I just got in my order of needles, and was very up for the challenge. Me and his girlfriend argued who got to do it, and because she had pierced him and fucked up, and I had actual needles, I got chosen. I have done a few piercings in my day; both my nostrils, my lip, a friend's eyebrow, and my sister's belly button. Jake saw me pierce ... read more

my lip piercing frazzle

Oi.....Well my percing fetish all began when i started babysitting for my piercer at her shop "well it actually started in grade 5 when i started to pierce my ears". Wll I was exposed to piercing and tattooing all day long at the shop. I had wanted to get the center of my lip pierced for a few months now....So i decided to get it done. I had gotten a few piercings before i got my lip done, My ears of course,four piercings in each lobe all "14 gages" except my first two holes which i stretched to a "8 ... read more

my friend flynny, the labret

ybe the title made you think "idiot" but when i named my labret, i was drunk. so leave me alone. second, i almost consider it a friend. or more so an incredibly important part of me. anyway. when i had it pierced i was 13. a little young, but i was one of those incredibly annoying kids who wont let up until they get what i want. my mum's also pretty open minded though, so i guess i'm lucky. i knew i wanted this. i wanted it more than anything. so, i got it. i left it to the last ... read more

Yay for labrets!

or the longest time I wanted to get a labret piercing. I always thought they looked very attractive and piercings just amaze me! Money was really the only thing stopping me. I finally got a job at Loblaws, and I started getting paid, so I decided to put good use to my money and finally get a labret! My parents didn't really mind that I was going to get it done. My mom was actually very keen on seeing the final product, although my dad was like "It's your face, not mine.." hehehe. But I'm glad they let me experiment ... read more

OUCH! That hurt!

like piercings and tattos, and I have a few of each. None of them really "crazy" as a facial piercing. Until one day I had some extra money from my birthday so I decided to go for it. I was going to get my lip pierced. I preceeded to the piercer, who is great in my opinion, to get it done. I had to wait forever at Bodean's for the piercer to get back from lunch but once she was there the process only took a few minutes. I filled out all the required crap that says I am of ... read more

second time self done lip

ince these stories have to be really friggin long ill first tell you a bit about some of my other piercing experiences. When i was 7 years old i got my first lobe piercings done at a booth in the mall... my mom didnt know any better. That was a horrifying experience if i ever had one. i cried the whole way through and never took care of them like i told my mom i would. Well now lets jump 6 years to the time that i am 13 years old and i want my second set in my lobes. ... read more

My lip

e and a friend get bored all the time and are like...hmmm let's pierce something. So about a year ago we were sitting in my room bored out of our minds and well that's just what happened. My friend was going to try to do her navel for like the 100th time. For some reason my lip(labret) popped into my head, I mean I'd never wanted it before. The only piercings I wanted before then was my nose and my tongue. So I decide I would try. I sat there for like a half hour trying to numb it with ... read more

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