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Pierced through the heart

ngs were never my thing. I have five tattoos and plans for several more pieces, but i never thought that a piercing would suit me (although i constantly debated with myself about getting pierced). When i was younger, i wanted to get my septum pierced, but with consideration of snowboarding, the concept of runny noses combined with metal in my nose seemed too irritating to handle. This all changed about nine months ago. I have always adored the asthetics of labret piercings on females (dont get me wrong, i like them on males as well, but it seems to help ... read more

Labret Me Tell You a Story

een interested in body modification for most of my life; even as a kid I was drawn to the characters in movies with tattoos and piercings. My interest in body modification is for primarily aesthetic reason. Finally after years of my pleading my parents, mostly my mom (Thanks Mom!), allowed me to get a tattoo for my seventeenth birthday. My mom signed for me and band of Celtic knot work found a permanent home on my ankle. I couldn't stop there and exactly a year later when I turned eighteen I got a large tribal piece, incorporating a simple Celtic ... read more

My self-done, kept-for-five-hours lip piercing

right, I had a lip ring for five hours. And I'll give you the whole story from start to finish... My whole life, I had been fascinated with piercing- sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad ways. When I was 13, my parents finally let me get an earring. Me being the naive kid I was, I had no idea about professional piercing, and just figured ear piercing was always meant to be done by some dumb teenager at the mall. So, needless to say, it was done at Claire's at the mall. I wish I had a bad thing ... read more

Train rides to conduct pleasantries for the holidays

k back on the times when i thought about any kind of body modification as a tool of expression and self identity always tinkers with my experience of a "first" piercing. It was a cold December and after a show in Boston a few years back where the holidays seemed to turn in a self expressive swing. The show was rad, Ten Yard Fight, Diecast, Floorpunch, Saves the Day. All kids there seemed to be showing off all the X-mas goodies they had received. Many kids there were pals, and had piercings and other modifications. The train ride home was ... read more

Dual Lip Piercings.

not having been pierced in about two and a half years, I finally decided that I wanted to get some work done, and my lower lip was the target. I had been pondering the idea for a while, but seeing as I couldn't afford it, I had to wait. I got a little anxious to get it done, and I think that I made a mistake. I happened to meet a guy that was an apprentice at a local shop, and we talked about piercings for along while. I asked him about his experience level, and he seemed to have ... read more

metal mouth again

'd been after a lip piercing for quite a while, but of course, being a young female, and having quite a few other piercing, my parents weren't too happy, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I'm very interested in body piercing and have been for quite a few years now. My parents were never too hot on the idea. Each new piercing I would get they said made me look 'more like a junkie' or 'easy' or 'trashy'. I didn't think this at all. I really like all my piercings. I keep them clean and look after them, and ... read more

my friend flynny, the labret

ybe the title made you think "idiot" but when i named my labret, i was drunk. so leave me alone. second, i almost consider it a friend. or more so an incredibly important part of me. anyway. when i had it pierced i was 13. a little young, but i was one of those incredibly annoying kids who wont let up until they get what i want. my mum's also pretty open minded though, so i guess i'm lucky. i knew i wanted this. i wanted it more than anything. so, i got it. i left it to the last ... read more

Yay for labrets!

or the longest time I wanted to get a labret piercing. I always thought they looked very attractive and piercings just amaze me! Money was really the only thing stopping me. I finally got a job at Loblaws, and I started getting paid, so I decided to put good use to my money and finally get a labret! My parents didn't really mind that I was going to get it done. My mom was actually very keen on seeing the final product, although my dad was like "It's your face, not mine.." hehehe. But I'm glad they let me experiment ... read more

OUCH! That hurt!

like piercings and tattos, and I have a few of each. None of them really "crazy" as a facial piercing. Until one day I had some extra money from my birthday so I decided to go for it. I was going to get my lip pierced. I preceeded to the piercer, who is great in my opinion, to get it done. I had to wait forever at Bodean's for the piercer to get back from lunch but once she was there the process only took a few minutes. I filled out all the required crap that says I am of ... read more

second time self done lip

ince these stories have to be really friggin long ill first tell you a bit about some of my other piercing experiences. When i was 7 years old i got my first lobe piercings done at a booth in the mall... my mom didnt know any better. That was a horrifying experience if i ever had one. i cried the whole way through and never took care of them like i told my mom i would. Well now lets jump 6 years to the time that i am 13 years old and i want my second set in my lobes. ... read more

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