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Needles: My Addiction

beginning, god created needles. I was 14 and I was going to get my nails done. I saw a piercing shop next door to the nail place and jokingly said to my mother "Hey why don't you just take me to get my tongue pierced instead?" Her reply? "Go see if anyone's there to do it." There was someone there to do it. I walked in, my mother filled out the paper work and I was told to wait while the piercer got the room ready. I was so nervous and scared and I felt like I was going to ... read more

how not to get a labret (but with a happy ending)

unlike all the other experiences I have read, and against anything my English teacher ever told me, I'm going to start at the end, or at least the middle, rather than the start... Right, Saturday morning at Reading festival, I awake to the sound of rain on my tent roof, I look around the tent realising I'm alone (I was sharing with my girlfriend) and while wondering how the hell I had gotten into the tent, and why it was light already (I thought it was still Friday night-I didn't remember being asleep) I noticed the pain in my lip... read more

I yelled "PUSH" like a madman!!!!!!!!!

re the scene. Pounding death metal in a huge dark basement, the only light glowed from the computer screen. The stereo was on a mix with Slayer, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and of course Deicide. A cute little sexy devil of a girl (hahaha!) screams along with Deicide's "Once upon the cross" , easily mistakable for a grown man. (No really, is true. I go to concerts and I yell louder an lower than the guys I'm with. Its fucked up.) The smoke rises. She walks over to her cousin, a David Bowie looking fellow who is thrashing at his guitar ... read more

sexy like marilyn monroe

t so i've been thinking of getting a monroe for a while...since the summer maybe? but i didn't want to for a while cuz a friend of mine really wanted it so i didn't...also, my parents really didn't want me to get any more piercings. i'm usually able to convince them of anything but it always takes a little while. i just have to be persistent :) so when i got money for christmas i talked to them about it again and told them how i would go to a really good piercing place, and make sure it was tiny. ... read more

Bad off-center lip Experience

3 months ago I decided that I needed more facial piercings. I already had a septum but I felt that could to easily be hid with a retainer, and that getting two off-center lip piercings would be a kind of commitment to my love for body modifications. So one day I decided I had nothing to do and the time was right for me to finally get my lips pierced. So I called Jayson at 13 B.C. and make sure he was free, shaved my beard off (as Jayson recommended, he said the placement would be easier to do), ran ... read more

My phatty lip piercing

wanted my lip pierced for a very long time, since I was about 11 years old. I'm 17 now and I begged my parents to let me get it done for my 17th birthday. They were hesitant about it cause they didn't like the idea of my having a piece of metal in my lip. My brother and sister helped me convince my parents that it was all right. So finally about 2 weeks of hassling them they finally gave in. My sister who is 22 told me that she would pay for me and it was my birthday present ... read more

It aint so bad...

long as i can remember i had been begging for a piercing. Originally i wanted my eyebrow but later moved past that and wanted my lip pierced. My parents arent very open minded about self-expression and the like so when they discovered the tatoo on my back they declared that i would never ever get any other piercing or tatoo so long as i live in their house. There was a very legit reason to why this was unfair. My sister sarah, who is 22 and at college had always been allowed to do as she pleased, yet i could ... read more

Eeekkkk Help! I'm Addicted

after I had my tongue pierced in June I decided I just couldn't stop there. So three months later on Monday 4th of September 2000, I made an appointment for 12:00pm that day. But as always, I had done some research on BME first. 12:00pm came, I was extremely nervous even though it wasn't my first piercing. Once again I had to take my mother because I was only 15 at the time. To be able to get a piercing done without consent from a parent, you have to 16 here in Tasmania. I was asked by my piercer Janette ... read more

Is that all ya got?

a history of self-mutilation and have pierced alot of shit that I only kept for anywhere from one minute to a couple of weeks. I was always into Body Mods as a teen, but could never seriously do anything living with parents that were strictly against such nonsense. When I moved out of my parents for some reason I had completely forgotten about my aspirations with body mods. Until a couple of months ago. I had been playing with the idea of double labrets (one on each side of my mouth). I liked cause it looked a bit like fangs. ... read more

A hot piercer and a sweet piercing? what a deal!

long as I can remember, I've always had the desire to modify my body. About a month ago I decided it was time for a change. After a bit of debating, I opted for a 16 ga labret stud. I chose to get my piercing done at a studio that I was familiar with, but had never been pierced at before. I wanted to do it as soon as possible, since I found out I was moving shortly after I decided to go through with the piercing. As I was walking by, I decided to go in, and ended up ... read more

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