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The Vertical Labret - A Masterpiece

I have wanted a vertical labret for about 3 years now. My mom always said that I would have to wait until I was 18 for me to get it, but I knew that I could convince her.Two weeks ago, we were in the area of the studio with a friend of mine, and we were trying to think of something to do. I randomly blurted out "Let's go get my lip done." I wasn't expecting any other answer but No, but to my surprise my mom actually said okay!!!! She said it was an early birthday present to me. ... read more

Labret piercing bubble

This was not my first piercing, by the age of 15 I had, had many piercings but the only ones remaining were my eyebrow and my belly button, I'm lucky enough to have very broad minded parents who gave their consent to each and every piercing I have received. I decided to get the center of my lip pierced as I had already had one on the side and I had a scar in the center of my lip from where a friend who decided to frisbee a road sign at my face! I thought it would be an ideal ... read more

The life and death of an empowering piercing

So at the age of 14, I desperately wanted a lip piercing, but I knew that never, in a million years, would my parents agree to this in any way, shape, or form. My father was about the strictest parent in the world. I wasn't allowed to go out with my friends more than once a month. I was limited to 3 phone calls a day, no more than 10 minutes each, and they had to be at least one hour apart. I wasn't allowed to get my hair cut, not even a trim, until I was in the 8th ... read more

Just a touch of rebellion.

For a long time I had been working at a job that I hated. My boss constantly argued about the smallest things. My earrings were unacceptable, my hair color was unacceptable even though I was hired with it, and I even lost my beloved septum ring to that job. When I had finally had enough and quit, I decided to treat myself to a vacation and flew out to Phoenix for a weekend to celebrate that amongst other things. A few days before leaving I realized it had been a good six months since my last piercings. At the beginning ... read more

Self stretching my labret

So here's my story, Ive self-pierced my labret a long time ago and always had trouble finding unique jewelry for it. I bought long spikes, half domes, and whatever else I could find that wasn't some plain steel ball. After so long, I really got tired of my limited options. I had visited BME's website several times and had always had an interest in the subject of Lip stretched/scalpelling but I knew I could never be able to handle scalepelling my labret, and even if i did I would probably have trouble finding a reputable person to help me with ... read more

I want a piercing old people still don't approve of!

If you've ever had a cavity filled at the dentist, you know they numb your mouth with numby-stuff that's injected into your cheek by a huge needle. THAT hurt way worse than piercing my lip. I'm 16 years old. A year and a half ago, my older brother pierced his own lip in a very un-safe and un-sterile way using a safety-pin and an earring. (For the sake of this being available to lots of people, I must say PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO WHAT HE DID!) "Eww" was my first thought. But after a while (and after he got real ... read more

Piercing my own lip.

The school I went to was pretty normal. It had it's social cliques (I didn't realize it until I left that school) and I was in the "weird clique". Everyone in my group was different or strange, according to the kids that went to my school. At the time, only one person in our group had any kind of piercing. Shane. He had a labret piercing and two piercings in each ear. And he would take them out, let them heal/partially heal, re-pierce them and start the whole process over and over again. I always had a crush on Shane, ... read more

Horizontal Lip Piercing. Did that hurt?

Explaining how my horizontal works is something I've done 100 times since I got the piercing, so this isn't too hard. My horizontal is a single curved bar that goes through the center of my lip, very much like a vertical labret, only horizontally. It gives the appearance of two balls randomly sitting next to each other in the middle of my lip. I'd never seen the piercing on any people out and about in my city, so I assumed that it wasn't that popular. This was perfect for me, because I wanted something that not everyone already had. It ... read more

piercing refreshment

PIERCING REFRESHMENT So recently, I've rediscovered piercing. I'm 28 and I had a few in my younger days, which were all taken out along with giving up smoking and settling down with a "nice" girl. Thankfully she's long gone and I got me a nasty girl who likes tattoos and holes and bits of metal. She had attempted to pierce my ears with the smaller (25, 23, and 21 guage) needles we used for play piercing, but with no success, until we finally got some proper 14-gauge cannula needles from "into you" in Brighton. These worked a treat and I ... read more

Hey man let me pierce your lip.

So this whole experience happened about the last day of summer school. At around 12.30 A.M. summer school finally ended. I have been wanting to pierce my lip for about a month since regular school ended and I had already bought some jewelery and a needle from a website. Right after I had skated back home i knocked on the door and it turned out that nobody was there, so I had to take the spring out of my room's window and clime in like some sord off thief. So after I climbed in I started watching TV. and I ... read more

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