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I love my vertical labret! But hated the regular one.

[Recommendations for the vertical labret at bottom] Well, to start off, I decided to get my lip pierced the day after I graduated High School. I took some of my graduation money, and went to the nearest Tattoo Parlor. I went in and told the girl that I wanted my labret pierced. It was a little after midnight [they close at 2am.] and the girl was in a rush to get some McDonalds. So she hastily pierced my labret straight through and I left the parlor with my new jewelry. The next day I left to go to New York ... read more

Being a guinea pig ain't half bad

A few weeks ago I saw a bulletin on Myspace from one of my friends who is a piercing apprentice saying, "Donate your flesh! Get a free piercing!" I read the list of piercings he was giving away and saw "lip" on there, so I immediately wrote him. Now, I have had my eyebrow pierced for 15 months and it still hasn't healed. In fact, it has migrated a lot and it still gets infected and sore! It was my first piercing, and I know I did a lot of things I wasn't supposed to do, like touching it with ... read more

Vertical Labret; not the least painful, but not nearly as bad as others.

I have been wanting a vertical labret for about, three years now, after discovering it on this site. I'd always been too young to get it, and my parents would never approve, so in the mean time I got my tongue, and vertical industrial (through the back of the conch) so you'd only be able to view the bar. But those are other stories. So my "need" and desire for this piercing would come and go in bouts, and I finally took the initiative to get my butt in action, and get it done. I had planned to get it ... read more

Uneven Snake Bites

My mom finally agreed to allowing me and my sister to get piercings for my sister's sixtenth birthday. I had already gotten the left side of my lip pierced on my birthday. and went in this time to get the right side done. Snake bites : ). My mom had been very reluctant to the whole thing, my dad was in China, I think that's why she caved under the pressure. I turn 18 in about two more whole months so she's going to have to get used to it because I'm going all out when I turn 18! Hopefully ... read more

Two in one day? Psht, i'm a pro.

Not really, but that's not the point. Last year one of my best friends got her nose pierced, I liked it but I felt if I got it we would be too similar and it was also a little plain. During the summer I really started getting into body piercings but I had no idea which I wanted to get, plus there's the whole parents thing but my mom can't say much because she's the same way. During the summer I go to a lot of shows and 'course at concerts you're going to see some body holes, so I ... read more

The Importance of Your Words, Or I hope I have something meaningful to say.

This is supposed to be a story about my labret piercing, but before I can go into that I must say a few words on my history and my other piercings. I grew up in a very conservative house hold where my grandmother would say things like "Oh my!" when something "dirty" came on T.V. , and my grandfather would not let me ride by bicycle any further than just in front of the house until I was over twelve years old. I spent a lot of time in their house growing up because my mother was always working. Still ... read more

My Fabulous Labret Piercing!

So I have been putting off getting my Labret done for the longest time. well, mainly because my boyfriend didn't really approved (he hates piercing, especially facial ones.)However, we talked about it and he said he will be fine with it so I didn't hesitate when he finally did approve of it! The only reason why he even said yes is because he hopes I'll get bored of it and takes it out just like I did with my eyebrow :) so here I am two and half weeks later telling you of my experience. I woke up to my ... read more

My cheeks

Chris and I wanted to get tattooed but the outcome wasn't looking good. We called a few reputable shops and none of them had any openings so we decided to go to Anchor's Tattoo in Burlington and see if we could fit in somewhere. We couldn't, so I decided to get a piercing or two. I decided on my cheeks. I had my cheeks pierced when I was 18 but due to a horseback riding accident, I got thrown into a jump and broke my jaw and chin and had to remove the piercings for x-rays. It was excruciating getting ... read more

piercing refreshment

PIERCING REFRESHMENT So recently, I've rediscovered piercing. I'm 28 and I had a few in my younger days, which were all taken out along with giving up smoking and settling down with a "nice" girl. Thankfully she's long gone and I got me a nasty girl who likes tattoos and holes and bits of metal. She had attempted to pierce my ears with the smaller (25, 23, and 21 guage) needles we used for play piercing, but with no success, until we finally got some proper 14-gauge cannula needles from "into you" in Brighton. These worked a treat and I ... read more

Hey man let me pierce your lip.

So this whole experience happened about the last day of summer school. At around 12.30 A.M. summer school finally ended. I have been wanting to pierce my lip for about a month since regular school ended and I had already bought some jewelery and a needle from a website. Right after I had skated back home i knocked on the door and it turned out that nobody was there, so I had to take the spring out of my room's window and clime in like some sord off thief. So after I climbed in I started watching TV. and I ... read more

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