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Vertical Labret @ Eye of the Lotus

If you ever consider getting a piercing, I HIGHLY recommend going to Eye of the Lotus. This place is clean, professional and VERY friendly. (And good prices and work too!) I've been wanting to get a facial piercing for about 5 years now and been debating on either a tongue or a labret. I'm still planning on getting my tongue done, but I wanted to get something done that you could see for now. Anyway, I'm usually not the greatest with needles (blood tests make me queezy) but I've gotten two tattoos not that long ago (a quick note: I ... read more

My Snake Bites

Ok so a week ago (12th Feb 08) I finally went and got my snake-bites done. I have been waiting, and planning to get them done for over a year, and I've said since before christmas that I have wanted to get them done, so I thought, right I got my middle labret done this time last year by Claire at Hepcat and I am going to make it into 3 lip piercings. Claire has done all but one of my piercings and I am very much pleased with her, she is an AMAZING piercer, clean, hygienic and shes very ... read more

My First Lip Piercing (unprofessionally)

So I started thinking about getting my lip pierced in the summer of 2007. I never actually got around to doing it until recently. So Here goes the story. It was Thursday, February 22nd. I was at a friends house during lunch (I'm in high school) and we had a little bit to drink. A friend of mine was getting her belly button pierced so I felt the urge to watch that. It made me think of how I wanted to pierce my lip. So I asked my friend if when they were done if they wanted to pierce my ... read more

My dream snakebites become reality!

I have only been interested in piercing for about 3 years, and was stuck in an all girls private school until two years ago, so anything was really out of the question! I had 5 ear piercings by the time I decided to go facial! I wanted my lip pierced for a long time but apart from anything, I was too scared and my best friend said he'd disown me because he thought I was too pretty, about 5 months later he was holding my hand as I voluntarily allowed a lady to stick a needle through my lip for ... read more

Monroe -wedding gift

I loved the look of the Monroe (or Madonna as its also called) rather instantly!!! Its a highly feminine piercing and AT THE TIME.... I didnt know anyone with one so silly me I thought it was pretty rare. lol. I first saw it on a suicidegirl (cant remember who) and wanted it done right away. But.... I was getting married in about three months to my boyfriend of four years and didnt want the piercing for the wedding as it would upset my anti-bod mod family. So my fiance had the killer idea of getting it for me on ... read more

Miss Madonna Revolution

I'd been thinking about getting my Monroe/Madonna done for weeks. Ever since my friend struck up with the idea of getting her hips pierced (which I hadn't heard of until about a month ago). I've always had a lot of friends with all sorts of body modifications but I'd never seriously considered getting anything facially done on myself. It just never came up. Of course when I was younger, in middle school, I always contemplated it. I'd thought of getting my lips pierced, my nose, my eyebrow but I'd always just let it slip. So my mom wasn't so keen ... read more

Dodgy piercer...good piercing

Firstly I should introduce myself, I'm Kiwi (nickname of course) and I am 17 years old. I have wanted a piercing since I was 15 but thanks to my sensible mother I wasn't allowed and I lost interest, until about 6 months ago. I had been browsing BME and kept noticing how attractive labret piercings looked to me, I spent months researching methods, places and aftercare. I have only had my first lobes done so I was a complete piercing virgin luckily I'm good with pain and am not afraid of needles. So the day came when I had decided ... read more

Cine y Labret

¡Hola a todos! escribo por primera vez mi experiencia en BME, y tratara sobre mi primer piercing, un Labret. Desde hacia meses que pensaba hacerme un piercing, pero como mis padres no les gustan y mas encima no me podía decidir decidí hacerlo a escondidas, así, una vez hecho no me lo podrían hacer quitar. Como no me podía decidir, pensé en un piercing en la ceja, un Septum, un Monroe y, luego de ver una foto en BME, decidí que seria un Labret, en el medio del labio. Preguntando a amigos y sus familiares donde podría hacerme un labret, ... read more

2nd times the charm

well as you can tell I just got a new piercing. As you can tell its my lip. I got the idea for a lip ring about 4 years ago. I finally got my parents to budge about last aug-sept. I got my left bottom lip pierced. I loved it. kept it for about 3 months and had to take it out for my new job. So I waited and I asked for about a month. They said no because I took it out last time. I was so pissed. So around my birthday I asked again for it.. The ... read more

Doing my scrumper myself.

Well....I had seen loads of photos of smiley's/scrumpers on the BME website for quite a while. I was looking for something different that my friends hadn't got, because honestly, who has body mods to look like the average joe....so when I saw it I thought it was so pretty and would compliment my other piercing you can see on my face (2x nose, left labret and tongue). I had read a lot of experiences on BME about scrumpers and thought it'd be a good one for my first self-done piercing because the majority of experiences seemed positive and I'd good ... read more

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