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It all started in a town named Waco, Texas... I'm in a band called Breathe Carolina. Recently we have been touring like crazy and have been able to call Texas our second home. We looked at our itinerary and ended up in Waco, Texas where the promoter happened to also own a tattoo/ piercing shop, and was awesome enough to offer free plugs as well as any piercings we wanted for free! When I heard this I almost lost it in excitement! I began to think of all of the piercings and or other mods I wanted (which they also ... read more

Lip Rings Are Fun!

I am a beast of impulse, if I see something I like I will make it mine but if too much thinking is involved I will typically get disinterested and walk away. This was not the case with my labret. It was going to be my first venture into a non-lobe piercing and I had given it a lot of thought. I cleared things with my work and my parents and had semi-arranged a trip to Anomaly Studios to get it done. It was to occur after grad night, an evening (8pm-4am) to goof around with friends while enjoying the ... read more

DIY Snakebites

To begin my story, I would like to give a background on myself. Before my first DIY, I had 8 tattoos and 6 piercings (and a retired industrial). I'm also in the process of dropping out of my 4 year college to pursue an associates degree in business that would help much more in my dream of opening my own tattoo/piercing shop. I am looking into the different ways of becoming a piercer and an apprenticeship is a likely possibility. However I also have a lot of friends who self pierce in very un-sterile conditions (use alcohol or fire to ... read more

Vertical labret version 1.0 and 2.0

I really liked vertical labrets from the first time I saw a picture of one, but at the time when I first learned about the piercing I had yet to pierce my face and I was somewhat hesitant to do so. However, I visited my piercer one day with a few different ideas in mind and ended up piercing my eyebrow, which removed my hesitation about facial piercings. About a month later I was in the mood to get a new piercing, so I sent my friend a text message asking if she'd like to go with me and get ... read more

Sexy, beautiful, simple

For some reason, I'd always wanted a vertical labret, since the very first time I saw it on BME. At the time, about five years ago, it was a bit rarer than it is now, and I always though it made anyone who wore one look so much better. My parents, however, weren't too into piercings, so I waited out my teen years without a vertical, always secretly lusting after one, and sporadically whining to my best friend about how much I wanted one (along with a bridge, but that's another story). Flash forward to nineteen. I'd had somewhere around ... read more

Self pierced lip. A girl never learns.

I've done a few self piercings on my own, you know, the silly I WANT MY EAR PIERCED NOW I'M GOING TO DO IT MYSELF! Kind of thing, but with me, I just seem to have bad luck with these. Back when I did this, I was pretty much just winging it, and didn't know what the hell I was doing. This, I guess, is showing that Self Piercings, without the right knowledge on the modification, is a terrible idea, no matter how bad you want to do it, and how much you THINK you know. I REPEAT. Self piercings=not ... read more

My long-awaited yet impulsive lip ring

[Quick note: It's actually been FOUR months since I've gotten my lip pierced, but three was the closest option the list had] When I was sixteen I decided I HAD to have a lip ring, but after begging my mom (and being refused) I gave up the idea and moved on to something else. A little after I turned 18 I decided to just go for it, and get it done. I went to the Electric Chair in Riverside, CA. I was a little apprehensive about the place, to be honest, since before this I'd considered it mostly just a ... read more

My first "real" piercing.

Okay, well I've been dying for my lip piercing, for like three years. I'm almost 14. So yeah. I was always stuck on trying to get my mom to let me get my tongue pierced, and she said no. Always. =[ So I asked about my lip, and that took a little persuasiveness, but she finally agreed. I had to do like "Well, I wont get another piercing for...3 months, if you let me get this." or "If I do good in school, can I get this done?" (which by the way, I did HORRIBLE in school. SHHHH! :P) And ... read more

My Beautiful Monroe!

I've been considering getting a monroe piercing on and off for a couple of years now, and two days ago I finally plucked up the courage and did it, and I'm so glad I did! Firstly, my friend Andreas and I walked for miles round Aberdeen city centre looking for somewhere that would do his tattoo that day, but being a satuday everywhere was fully booked. We were kinda disappointed as the plan was for him to get his tattoo and then for me to go get my piercing. We talked about it over lunch and decided I would still ... read more

I am a snake.

On February 12th, 2008, I finally got my snakebites after about 5 years of wanting them. I should have had them when I turned 16, but something bad happened - braces. However, the day I got my braces off, I drove the 2 minutes across the road to West Edmonton Mall to the place where I get all of my piercings done: Dragon F/X. I was so excited to finally get the coveted snakebite piercings! I've always loved how lip/surrounding area piercings stick out when you smile or make funny faces... I wanted that for myself. (It's sort of a ... read more

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