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Cheek piercing experience

In around December 07 I went to Primal Urge in Perth city to get my cheeks pierced. I had been there for other piercings & trusted that the artist would do a good job. I didn't make a booking (I never do, it is more of an impulse thing) & she took me in right away to get it done. I did not feel very nervous despite not knowing anyone else who'd had it done & what to expect, which suprised me (I'm actually a big wuss). Anyway, it took almost an hour to get the 2 spots perfect. Haley ... read more

Vertical Labret/Lip... Painless experience?

My experience with my vertical labret was definitely a positive one. I had finally summoned up the courage to get this piercing done, after wanting it for a really long time but to be honest, avoiding it because I was pretty scared of the pain as I was told by lots of people that it was their most painful piercing. In the past I had gotten my lip pierced (on the side), but decided to take it out prior to the appointment because I didn't want an asymmetrical look. I decided on Soul Survivors in Winnipeg because I have had ... read more

O meu primeiro piercing no lábio

Sorry my english isn't very good :/ but i will post this in english later i promise ^^ Desde os meus 13 anos eu sempre pensei em fazer um piercing, mas nessa altura eu não sabia bem onde,só passado uns meses é que fiquei apaixonada por os piercings no lábio ^^ . Voces devem estar a pensar que 13 anos é muito cedo para fazer um piercing no lábio, pois a minha mãe tambem dizia isso e pensava,portanto levei mais ou menos 2 anos a convense-la (vou fazer 15 este ano), o meu pai não cheguei a convence-lo até porque ... read more

My cheeks make me happy!

The story of my cheeks starts on March 20th 2008. It was a Thursday which is 2 for one day at Dead Rockstar in Fargo, ND. Always a good day for me to go because I live an hour away and certainly don't mind getting 2 piercing at a time. Jewelry is extra, and a pretty penny, so it makes it that much better to go down on a Thursday. I had tried to get them pierced about a week before by Todd but they didn't have flat backs that were long enough. So waiting an hour to get in ... read more

DIY snakebites

So I've been wanting to get myself a pair of lip rings for a while now, and I'm a tightwad college student who is super picky about placement. When I got my ears pierced last September, they turned out uneven, and that just bothers me to an extreme because I love symmetry in my body. So, this time I'm thinking, ok if I do it myself I know I can make it perfect, because I am a perfectionist about things like this. So I got all the materials I would need for a piercing like this. 2 14g sterilized hypodermic ... read more

I love it to pieces!

It only took me a couple of months to convince my mom to let me get my lip pierced. I had been wanting it pierced for years! Ever since my sister had hers done when I was in the 6th grade. I did all my research on the procedure and the after care and everything, that's probably why my mom let me get it... When she finally did say yes I had to wait another couple of weeks for my sister to have her baby that way my dad wouldn't be in town. I don't think he would have been ... read more

did-it-myself lip piercing

I had always admired body piercing. My favorite, of course, is the lip ring. I had friends in Florida that had lip rings and snake-bites and stuff, and I always wanted to get one for myself. Growing up in a household where my parents barely let me cross the street by myself, I knew they would never let me in a million years. So I figured I would just wait till I was 18 and get one then. In the last year, my family moved to North Carolina, and I got a girlfriend up here. She's freakin awesome! But anyway, ... read more

A late-night spontaneous self-piercing

Ever since I was thirteen, I had wanted some sort of piercing and my favorite would change all the time. One week I was set on convincing my mother that an eyebrow piercing didn't look trashy, the next I was holding earrings up to my nostril to get a feel for what I'd look like. As I got older, I got more into the piercings that weren't seen around my small town too often. This included my septum, monroe, labret, smiley, etc. Like I said, my town was small so even a nostril or tongue ring was seen as some ... read more

The Fun Of A Monroe Piercing!

For the longest time, I had been wanting to get my monroe pierced (way before the trend started becoming... well a trend HA). Me being the age of 13 when wanting to get the piercing put an impact on the decision of my mom to sign for me. After a year and a half of convincing, I was now 14 and it was a few days after Christmas, when I had money to actually pay for my own piercing. My friend recently before, had got her nose pierced at a place called Full Spectrum, which is a local place a ... read more

Smile like you mean it...

Ever since I was 16, I have been a fan of piercings. I have my nipples, vertical labret, 5 ear piercings, and I used to have an eyebrow piercing. It's become somewhat of an addiction, but due to lack of money I've had to deal with what I have now, and haven't gotten anything new since last August. A friend of mine is a piercer in my home town, but I had never had the chance to get something pierced by her before, whether it be issues with money or scheduling. Last night I was in town, and decided to ... read more

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