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Lowbret Microdermals

I am a fairly new to the world of body modification, my first mod being a simple piercing in October 2007. The time since then has been used heavily but wisely! In my time acquiring piercings I had been doing a lot of reading into the piercings I desired. In reading about lowbrets I had read of labret studs causing gum recession in some people and since I have taken good care of aural hygiene my whole life the possibility of this occurrence was none too attractive to me so my mind drifted to the world of microdermals. Due to ... read more

Vertical Labret/Lip... Painless experience?

My experience with my vertical labret was definitely a positive one. I had finally summoned up the courage to get this piercing done, after wanting it for a really long time but to be honest, avoiding it because I was pretty scared of the pain as I was told by lots of people that it was their most painful piercing. In the past I had gotten my lip pierced (on the side), but decided to take it out prior to the appointment because I didn't want an asymmetrical look. I decided on Soul Survivors in Winnipeg because I have had ... read more

O meu primeiro piercing no lábio

Sorry my english isn't very good :/ but i will post this in english later i promise ^^ Desde os meus 13 anos eu sempre pensei em fazer um piercing, mas nessa altura eu não sabia bem onde,só passado uns meses é que fiquei apaixonada por os piercings no lábio ^^ . Voces devem estar a pensar que 13 anos é muito cedo para fazer um piercing no lábio, pois a minha mãe tambem dizia isso e pensava,portanto levei mais ou menos 2 anos a convense-la (vou fazer 15 este ano), o meu pai não cheguei a convence-lo até porque ... read more

My cheeks make me happy!

The story of my cheeks starts on March 20th 2008. It was a Thursday which is 2 for one day at Dead Rockstar in Fargo, ND. Always a good day for me to go because I live an hour away and certainly don't mind getting 2 piercing at a time. Jewelry is extra, and a pretty penny, so it makes it that much better to go down on a Thursday. I had tried to get them pierced about a week before by Todd but they didn't have flat backs that were long enough. So waiting an hour to get in ... read more

DIY snakebites

So I've been wanting to get myself a pair of lip rings for a while now, and I'm a tightwad college student who is super picky about placement. When I got my ears pierced last September, they turned out uneven, and that just bothers me to an extreme because I love symmetry in my body. So, this time I'm thinking, ok if I do it myself I know I can make it perfect, because I am a perfectionist about things like this. So I got all the materials I would need for a piercing like this. 2 14g sterilized hypodermic ... read more

painful experience, but worth it

For almost a year, I had been wanting to get my lip pierced. At first, I wanted a vertical labret, but then decided that it would be really painful and leave 2 scars if I ever had to take it out. So, the next best thing was a plain labret. Right down the middle, on my bottom lip. I had all of my materials handy, everything was sterilized, and so forth. I didn't have a piercing needle, so I took one of my mom's sewing needles and put it in rubbing alcohol and what not. I knew that was a ... read more

My Monroe experience!

I have an older sister and she started getting piercings at the age of 13. I was really enviouse of the whole experience and figured that maybe it was time for me to get my first piercing, (aside from my ears). I was originally thinking of my belly button, but I heard bad things. I was also going through a faze when all I cared about was Marilyn Monroe. I then heard that was actually a piercing called a Monroe. I saw pictures of it on google and decided that was going to be my piercing. My mom agreed and ... read more

Labret Piercing

I had debated whether or not to get my lip pierced for over two years. I'd always loved them and been interested in them, since I was little. Every time I met someone who had the piercing I was always so jealous. I was only concerned about scarring if I was to retire the piercing. One day, I was in town with two friends, and decided, "Hell, lets just do it, I've got the money, and I'm ready for it". This is how I like getting things; acting completely on impulse. I had looked and asked around for good piercing ... read more

I love it to pieces!

It only took me a couple of months to convince my mom to let me get my lip pierced. I had been wanting it pierced for years! Ever since my sister had hers done when I was in the 6th grade. I did all my research on the procedure and the after care and everything, that's probably why my mom let me get it... When she finally did say yes I had to wait another couple of weeks for my sister to have her baby that way my dad wouldn't be in town. I don't think he would have been ... read more

did-it-myself lip piercing

I had always admired body piercing. My favorite, of course, is the lip ring. I had friends in Florida that had lip rings and snake-bites and stuff, and I always wanted to get one for myself. Growing up in a household where my parents barely let me cross the street by myself, I knew they would never let me in a million years. So I figured I would just wait till I was 18 and get one then. In the last year, my family moved to North Carolina, and I got a girlfriend up here. She's freakin awesome! But anyway, ... read more

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