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How To Make Mistakes

This is one of the experiences that you do not emulate by any means necessary. Unless you enjoy swollen lips and being grounded. This is to show you what NOT to do when you desperately want a medusa piercing, as I did. It all started early this past October. For whatever reason, I became hell-bent on procuring a medusa piercing. I did plenty of research, and then promptly ignored the dangers of misguided do-it-yourself jobs. I went on to hound my parents endlessly. In retrospect, I realize that this was perhaps not the best course of action. But I, being ... read more

Family bonding and my beloved labret

Since I can remember, I've always been obsessed with piercings and tattoos. I had my ears pierced by the age of 6 and fawned over facial piercings. I was always looking them up. Well, I finally got my break at 15. One of my friends had gotten snake bites over the summer at her Dad's house, so naturally I started looking up everything to do with lip piercings, labrets, terminology, the process involved, etc. I was beyond sure my mom would never let me get it done, so I was slightly disappointed that I fell in love with a piercing ... read more

Cheek piercing experience

In around December 07 I went to Primal Urge in Perth city to get my cheeks pierced. I had been there for other piercings & trusted that the artist would do a good job. I didn't make a booking (I never do, it is more of an impulse thing) & she took me in right away to get it done. I did not feel very nervous despite not knowing anyone else who'd had it done & what to expect, which suprised me (I'm actually a big wuss). Anyway, it took almost an hour to get the 2 spots perfect. Haley ... read more

Back from ink to needles...namely through my lip!

So it's been a while since I last had needles stuck in me for the name of mods. Over the past 2 years I've really been interested in tattooing, but given that this path will make me a) very broke and b) head to toe in ink, I felt a return to piercing was in order. Obviously I have my ears pierced (this is true of pretty much 99% of women in the western world right), and a couple of years back I got my tongue pierced (which I still love!). I have wanted my lip done since I was ... read more

The best piercing

Just like any other day I was considering a new piercing since I hadn't got one in a while and I was getting very bored with my right lip piercing. I ended up deciding to narrow my many choices down to three; all of them I was going to end up taking out my lip stud for, the three choices were my septum, labret or the medusa. The first place I went to help me decide on my choices was BME. The photos and stories and also friend's opinions really helped me narrow it down to either the medusa or ... read more

Sixteen?! You're kidding me.

Ever since I was about nine, I'd wanted my lip pierced. Obviously, at nine I couldn't get it done, nor did I have a huge desire to. But over the years, the desire for metal in my face grew and grew. Until the last Christmas holidays I was finally able to get a nice set of shiny new snakebites. It took about 4 months of "Can I?" "No." "Can I?" "No." Until I finally got the big 'yes'. We rang up a place and made an appointment. I was pretty nervous as this was my first "real" piercing. My nostril ... read more

Second time round for my labret.

I had my labret done for the first time when I was 18. I didn't really know why I got it done, all I knew is that I was just starting Uni, and I was still finding my feet in the world outside of school, and compulsory education. My new boyfriend was alternative (more so than me) and he had a lip ring, which I thought was sexy as hell. So, I went ahead and did it. It was quite low with its placing, but I was content with it. And I had it for about two years without really ... read more

My very first piercing

Ok. So this is my very first piercing, I don't even have my ears done. And I have the biggest phobia of needles, but any way, I have wanted my lip pierced for a long long time... about a year and a half. And now I finally have it done. I was standing in a line at KFC on Monday, and I saw my friend who was also in the line. I noticed he was wearing a shirt that said "Tattoo Nation" on it, so I asked him about it, he mentioned that he works there, and that his father ... read more

My monroe =] First Facial Piercing

Okay so I know I wanted my monroe after hearing about the piercing and seeing it on others. I'm not sure about any other areas but around mine the piercing is becoming VERY popular which is why I was a tad hesitant at first because I didn't want to get it copying anyone else or anything. So how it happened was my aunt recently went to Dark Star and got her nose pierced and I was like cool I want a piercing, and she knew I wanted my monroe so she said she would take me next Saturday for my ... read more

Monroe!! Second Attempt Successful!!

It wasn't until this school year that I met what was to be one of my best friends ever. She had four regular ear piercing on each ear with a cartilage on one as well as a tragus piercing. She also has her nose pierced. I guess I was inspired by her to start my own body mods. I was also jealous of my sister's new belly button piercing and decided I wanted more. I got more ear piercings and eventually did my nose and belly button. But my first "hardcore" facial piercing was my monroe. I have really gotten ... read more

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