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I learned from my experiences.

Hey sup, whats hood people? Terribly sorry, it's somewhat of an impulse. It's because I'm feeling hood. Not really. I was thinking I was feeling hard-core for a moment. That is, of course, if hard-core is when you do something extremely stupid without thinking. Yeah, it probably is where I come from. Florida is such a strange place. Now, from the title, you might have an idea of what this will be about. If not, I'll fill you in on little something. What I learned today was: If you learn from your experiences, apply the information next time you come ... read more

I guess he was right after all...

This, obviously, is my story about my vertical labret experience so far. Actually, I'll go back a little farther than the actual piercing itself. You see i have wanted to get my lip pierced since I was 15, which is almost three years ago now. And, of course, I was always told no. My plan was to get snakebites on my 18th birthday. Yea well that lasted until just about everyone got snakebites so they would fit in with all the other 'scene kids'. So I finally decided on a vertical labret piercing, and my mom's boyfriend said he'd take ... read more

"If I get the piercing, I'll get A's"

I recall my first serious piercing being my cartilage at twelve, and then my nose, then my second hole, and now my lip. I would say the latter of the bunch was the most exciting. Oh, GOD! You don't even realize how long I begged. I think I asked at around ten years of age, and, of course, was denied. I didn't mind, I was just kinda curious. So I began asking at twelve. Nope, sorry, only your ears. Asked at thirteen. No, you just got your nose pierced, wait a while, I'll think. And so, at fourteen, I begged ... read more

Dainty Lip Piercing

One day, about two months ago, I was walking from my house to downtown and I saw the exact piercing I wanted on a stranger I passed by. She had a teensy clear gemstone on one side of her bottom lip. This sighting encouraged me to actually go get the piercing i had been wanting for months done. That evening I was hanging out with my friend and I told her I wanted to go get pierced, being the grand supporter she is she was all about it. Off we went to Hooligan's for my new piercing. Hooligan's was great. ... read more

A snake bite story...

For a long time now I had been contemplating getting a facial piercing done. The problem was which one, and would my mother even allow it? Ever since I was little, I found fascination in piercings. It started in 4th grade, one of the junior leaders for my after school program always came to work with his lip rings in. To most of the kids in his group, it was creepy and weird, to me, it was the coolest thing ever. So there I was, at 16, trying to decide what piercing I wanted to get. I went through pages ... read more

A small metallic piece of rebellion

I have liked the look of lower lip piercing since I saw quite a few people around Cannock and Wolverhampton with different types of piercing and thought it incredibly attractive And when I met a boy with a lower lip ring I decided that was what I wanted as it looked very good. However I have parents who are totally against body modification and a Nan who freaked when I got my second lobes done. I asked them for what seemed like an age and a half and eventually my mom said she wasn't too keen on the idea but ... read more

A Post Finals Madonna Piercing

I had been thinking about getting a Madonna piercing for quite a while, but couldn't decide whether I wanted to wait until after removing my eyebrow piercing or whether I should just get it in addition. Eventually my decision was made for me as the stress from exams and work got to be too much and I decided to "just do it" in hopes of obtaining the relaxing effects that new piercings usually provide for me. My boyfriend and I went out to dinner (knowing that it would be a good idea to eat ahead of time) but unfortunately this ... read more

And finally, I had my snakebites!

Around 10 months ago (August 2007), I got my first "real" piercing- a lip ring on the right side of my bottom lip. My friend and I finally got them done a week before our final year of school started after a 5 year wait, and we were nervous but we made our way to Outer Limits eventually on a Thursday with her mum and I had my first lip piercing done with basically no pain in a sterile place with a really friendly piercer. I honestly couldn't have asked for better :) I was also given an aftercare sheet. ... read more

A Different Piercer this Time.

Personally, when I crave a piercing, I usually get it either on the same day or whenever time opens up for me. Usually that means when I'm not working haha. I've been craving a new piercing for awhile and before this session I had 8 piercings. I've had many ideas of where I would like it to be, but my final decision was made last week, while resting on my bed. I took out my septum retainer and placed it on my lip, right in the middle. Not only did it feel good, but I got up and looked in ... read more

Overcoming My Fear of Needles

Ever since I was young, I have been terrified of needles. It started after a nasty accident involving my foot, a rusty nail, and a tetanus shot, and increased exponentially when I got my ear lobes pierced twice. The television show Miami Ink jump-started my interest in body modification when I was fifteen, but I knew that sadly, I would never be able to take my own mods further than the four holes I already had in my ears. There was no getting over this fear; my phobia of needles was so intense that numerous times I had refused IVs ... read more

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