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Successful lip piercing

Last week I decided to pierce my lip. I had previously pierced my lobes which was successful so I was quite keen to try something a bit more adventurous. I pondered for about five seconds whether at thirty I am too old but thought screw it and got my equipment ready. My fiance asked what I was up to and rolled his eyes skyward, think he is used to me by now!! So I got my needle ready (I had previously bought it from ebay and used it to do my ears). I also had some gloves and the bcr ... read more

My ring of joy!!

For four years (since I was 14) I have wanted a lip piercing, since I saw a guy with it when I was on holiday in the Caribbean. So I begged and begged my dad to let me get it done, and every single time the answer was no. Even though the piercing age in the UK is 16. So finally one day, I asked him and he said "well I suppose so" I literally hit the ceiling with joy. So then I looked around on the internet for a suitable place for me to go. Since the piercing shops ... read more

My piercing debut, a traditional lip

Although I have had a few other piercings since this one, I thought I'd best document this one before I get distracted by any of my more recent experiences. I had my first "proper" piercing when I was 18 years old. It was a lip piercing that I had been thinking about for a couple of months and hadn't been able to get because I wasn't willing to quit my boring part-time job. I was taking a year off before university and was going overseas for six months, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get my piercing: I made ... read more

Madonna/Monroe/Crawford, unexpectedly good despite skin issues

I had a Monroe piercing done last year by Reagan at King of Rings in Bendigo. The boring stuff: I'd been thinking about getting another piercing for a while and someone had suggested it would look good on me. I hadn't thought about it much previously, discounting it as being too "pretty" for my face or.. I'm not really sure. At any rate, it got stuck in my head and I began thinking about it more seriously. I was still a bit unsure about it right up until my appointment, but went in thinking that if I hated it I ... read more

disappointingly pain-free labret

I've had a thing about lip rings ever since I can remember. I always thought they looked beautiful and I liked the way they draw attention to the mouth - sexy much? But I was never brave enough to get one myself. I used every excuse going - work, money, dont want a scar on my face but in December last year I decided to bite the bullet and do it. If I didnt like it so what? I'd take it out. It was only £15 so hardly going to break the bank. I called to book an appointment with ... read more

Positive Philtrum Experience

For about two years I'd been considering a Monroe piercing, but there was always something about it that held me back. Then one day I seen a picture of a pierced philtrum, intrigued by it, I began to do my research and find as many pictures as I could (thanks BME!). The more I would see photos of "Medusas", the more I preferred it over the Monroe, however still being unsure which would be best suited to my own face, I began to seek opinions from friends and family. It wasn't a lot of help, and when people did lean ... read more

My Snakebites...

Ever since I was little, I had a fascination with piercings. I had my first 'real' piercing at 13 year old (my navel)but at the age of 15 I decided I wanted a lip ring. Firstly I had to ask my mum and dad. I remember how difficult it was for them to agree to my navel so I was expecting them to say NO! I was on BMEZINE looking at pictures of lip rings when I plucked up the courage to ask my mum "Would you ever let me get my lip pierced?" I was surprised with her response! ... read more

My secret smiley

Not long after New Year this year, I made myself a resolution to get at least one new piercing a month, for the next 12 months, to add to my current list of 2 12mm plugs, 3 conch piercings, 2 tragus piercings, 1 rook, 1 anti-tragus, 1 forward helix, nostril, off-center labret, septum, tongue and inverse navel. Some months I would get two, and this month, June, was another one of those months, and seemed to have an oral piercing theme to it. I'd just gotten my tongue pierced at the beginning of June after payday. I went to my ... read more

My first piercing

For years, I've been fascinated with piercings and the people who had them. I had always longed for one but I could never get one because I was not 18 yet and I went to a Christian school. When my 18th birthday rolled around, I was so happy for I could always get the piercing I always wanted. This was not the case. Due to delays and school, my piercing was put off until just a week ago. I was excited and nervous when I walked into Gary's Tattoo. The studio was a lot bigger than I thought it to ... read more

My beautiful Medusa.

It all started with me being unsure as whether to get a Madonna or a Medusa and let me say, friends are not always the best help in those kinds of situations. So with basically no help from anyone of my friends I decided to start looking up pictures of both. I noticed that most pictures of people with Madonna's did not have their lower lip pierced and because I already had mine done in the middle I wanted something that looked like it went together. That is when I saw the most beautiful picture! It showed this beautiful girl ... read more

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