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Snakebite for Christmas

I had been wanting my lip pierced for a few years and I finally scheduled to get it done in December, 2007 (The 16th of December, to be exact.) The first time I approached my parents about a lip piercing was when I was 10, about to turn 11, believe it or not. I had done research, watched some videos, read some stories, the works. I was eager and much to my disbelief, my father agreed to let me get it but couldn't be bothered to take me, and my mother was against it and refused to take me. I ... read more

Love At First Sight

One day whilst browsing through BME for a new piercing, I came across the vertical labret, I'd seen loads of standard labrets, but this one was completely new to me. I loved that it doesn't pose the problems you can get with standard labrets such as gum erosion and chipped teeth etc., but mostly I just thought it was gorgeous, incredibly sexy and really seductive. I wanted it desperately. However, I was convinced that I didn't have the right face for facial piercings, was terrified of scarring my face, and I really couldn't see my parents being too happy about ... read more

Just Get It Done.

It all started with a bet. A pretty STUPID one, might I add. My friend and I had bet on our friends' relationship. I gave them 2 months before they both decided to head off to Splitsville, but she had a little bit more faith in them. Anyways, the waver was that whoever lost had to get a piercing in the body part of the winner's liking. We safely picked SANE places to be pierced, none of that nipple, genital stuff. I was to get my lip pierced, and she was to get her tongue. Of course, I lost. And ... read more

Getting My Labret Pierced

I had recently gotten my eyebrow pierced, and with the generally good reactions from everyone I know(shockingly enough), I decided to pierce my labret. I was at work when I decided to get it done and called everyone I knew to try and get someone to go with me. Unfortunetely all of my friends had plans that night. So, I went off on my own to get my labret pierced. I drove to the studio and walked in. Needless to say I was extremely intimidated, there were five heavily pierced and tattooed guys sitting out on the front stoop when ... read more

A Sore Experience- My Short Lived Cheeks.

I never originally wanted cheek piercings, but the more I saw them, the more I decided that they were gorgeous, and a must-have. It was about a year ago when this happened, and I just realized that I should write about them. They were unfortunately short lived, though I'm considering having them re-done. I finally decided that I wanted them done. I called and made an appointment at a place that has since been closed, most likely because of under qualified piercers. I personally had no problem there, but I HIGHLY recommend that if you're going to a new place, ... read more

Vertical Philtrum

I'd been interested in getting a Medusa, or philtrum, for a little over a year, but had run across a few minor issues. I am missing one of my front teeth, and have a false acrylic tooth that is basically attached to a retainer, this has caused my gums to recede, and combined these issues made a flat back in that area of my mouth a bad idea. Not only would it have mad my gum line worse, but there was also a chance it would have gotten caught on my false tooth as it doesn't line up smoothly with ... read more

Successful lip piercing

Last week I decided to pierce my lip. I had previously pierced my lobes which was successful so I was quite keen to try something a bit more adventurous. I pondered for about five seconds whether at thirty I am too old but thought screw it and got my equipment ready. My fiance asked what I was up to and rolled his eyes skyward, think he is used to me by now!! So I got my needle ready (I had previously bought it from ebay and used it to do my ears). I also had some gloves and the bcr ... read more

My new Vertical Labret!

I'd been trying to convince my mum to let me get my lip pierced for about 3 years (and even now she hates it, but she couldn't really stop me because I'm 16 now, haha). I had it done today, at Access All Areas in Nottingham (brilliant place, looks a bit scary at first but it completely isn't and I'd definitely reccomend it to anyone, they're so nice and friendly in there). This was my 5th piercing (I've got both ears done twice, nothing major) so I was a little bit worried about it since it had been a while ... read more

My lip piercing...

Ever since I began getting piercings, I've wanted to get my lip done. I always thought it looked so cool on people, and I figured it'd look cool on me too. So after I talked my mother into letting me get my nose pierced (which I retired years ago) I started on the lip piercing. It took me a while, and my mom's main argument was "What about school?" You see, my school sucks and doesn't allow facial piercings. Back then, I was still in junior high. So I came up with a master plan : I would just wear ... read more

Most Painful Piercing

So my parents have always been shall you say "shy" about tattoos/piercings.They divorced when I was young and I lived with my mother for the majority of my teenage life. When I was about 15 I decided that I needed an eyebrow piercing (which I never got thank goodness)My father, although 350 miles away told my mom that I couldn't get it done. She sided with him as we were sitting outside the studio waiting to get it done. Later on I ended up getting my belly button pierced. After that my nipples...after that my nape...after that my Hood...after that ... read more

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