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"You've never felt anything so sharp."

I have terrible gums. They are absolutely god-awful, a result of poor oral hygiene when I was a kid and a bad draw from the genetics deck. However, I have great lips—at least, I think so—and I wanted to play them up in a way that didn't involve constant application of gloss or color. I decided, therefore, that I would outfit my face with a vertical labret piercing. A couple of friends of mine had had fantastic experiences at Rockstar Body Piercing in Providence, RI, the year before (one friend got her tongue pierced, the other her nose), and they ... read more

Vertical Labret.

I've wanted to get my lip pierced since I was 10 and experimented with self-piercing at 14-15, which was stupid and I got really, really lucky that I didn't end up with some horrible infection. I let all of my self-pierced holes close up once I hit 17 and decided to wait until I hit 18 and could go get it done professionally since my mum wouldn't let me have it done before that. I was first introduced to the vertical labret piercing when I went with my girlfriend to get hers done and have been madly in love with ... read more

A Needle Through My Flesh

For a while, my vertical labret piercing seemed like it was destined to fail. First, my living area is not a large body modification area, so I had to be very careful about which shop I went to. Many of them would not even perform the piercing! Finally, I found a shop I liked- they were relatively cost-effective, professional, friendly, and clean. Next stop was getting there. One of my friends, who I should note hated the idea, said she would come with me. We first went in the day after my birthday- no go. The piercer was not in, ... read more

Shouldn't It Have Stopped Bleeding By Now?

I had managed to resist having a second lip piercing for quite a while before I caved. I kept telling myself I had two fresh anti (forward) helix's to care for and I had promised my friend we would get our side lip piercings done together but when it came to my three year anniversary with my boyfriend I couldn't resist any longer. We went down to Brighton on our anniversary day with the aim of buying each other a piercing to celebrate the three years together. He had decided on getting his anti helix pierced on his right ear ... read more

Against the Grain

I have wanted my lip pierced for years but being the needle-phobe I am, I was skeptical that it was ever going to happen. I hate getting shots, blood work, or any type of experiences that involved pain that I know about before-hand. When I think of a lip piercing, I see edgy, beauty, and life. Those are all things I've felt like I possessed on the inside but have trouble showing because I'm shy. My 19th birthday was coming up soon and since I was saving up money for vacation and am a poor college student, I knew I ... read more

my smiley story

So I've always liked piercings you could hide. I got my septum done because I could let people see it when I wanted them too, or I could hide it if I needed to. I was always weird about getting things done, I would usually get super nervous and then get them done randomly. I got my lip done one time cos I was bored and had money and time. I also got my ears done one time while walking around in hollywood because my friend asked if she could do it. One time I was in Venice with a ... read more

my monroe/madonna piercing experience and why i suggest to wait until you can get it done professionally

Well I'm 16 years old and I had always wanted a facial piercing for about 2 years previously. I had always wanted either a monroe or nose or medusa, maybe even my septum -one of the 3. The problem was, my parents really dislike the whole 'tattoo/piercing' type of image. They don't understand why people do such things to their bodies... For about 3 months I had been constantly nagging them to at least let me get a monroe and always, they said "NO!...how many times do we have to say this? We're not letting you get one, you can ... read more

My Lip Piercing at Bulldogs in San Jose

I had my lip pierced when I was younger, about 18 years old and had to take it out for a job. Now that I'm 24, no longer working and a full time student, I realized I could re-pierce my lip and enjoy it for a few more years until I get back into the working-world! My friend had recommended this place to me down the street called Bulldogs in San Jose. Since it was a word of mouth recommendation, I didn't do as much research as I should have. Bad mistake. I went in as a walk-in on May ... read more

My Lip Labret At Last!!

After living in Cardiff for six months and being out of my parents house (who strongly object to piercings) I decided it was time to get my lip pierced... At last! Been thinking about it for months but was worrying about the pain of getting it done, didn't think too much about the after pain, just the needle! I have always been worried about piercings but loved the way they looked, I figured at least with my lip I could watch what the person was doing, where as with ears I was a whole lot more nervous. It sounds silly ... read more

Marilyn Monroe would be proud.

So in 8th grade I got an itch for a new piercing. I have my ears pierced and have them gauged up to a 0. But I never got a real, different piercing before. So I searched around the internet for places to get poked. I thought about my nose for a long time, but then I came across the monroe. Which I thought was absolutly gorgeous. I was a bit apprehensive at first, because mostly I was scared of the pain. But I was ready for it, because I wanted it really bad. I wound up getting it pierced ... read more

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