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Self Piercing An Experience to say in the least

Ok now I know this is probably going to make me sound like an idiot but im willing to wear that label at this point. I had my lip pierced on the bottom side for about 2 years and was recently told to take it out because apparently it was offensive working at a bank, that is assuming that every person who comes to the bank is offended by these things. What happened to not making assumptions about people and judging them from their appearance. Obviously this is no longer the case in this society. Go figure. So I took ... read more

Piercer FAIL.

Nothing excited me more than turning 18 on the 12th of July. The freedom this opened was incomprehensible for so many reasons. Moving out of the house into my dorm, being independent of my parents, and most importantly - getting my labret pierced. I had been interested in the piercing since I was thirteen and had picked up some magnetic fake lip studs to scare the crap out of my mother with. The fascination was more than just a phase for me. When I dated, I dated boys with lip piercings. So when I finally became of the age to ... read more

My Second (double) Lip/Labret Experience

After I'd had my first central lip piercing for almost a year, I was bored – I really wanted another piercing, but I didn't know what, eventually I decided on a central labret, below the existing lip piercing and then an additional side lip piercing. I'm not quite sure how I settled upon this particular arrangement, but I liked the idea of a labret below my current lip piercing and also really liked the idea of a side piercing too, so it seemed, to me... to be the logical choice. At the time I was living in Carlisle and to ... read more

My pleasant DIY smiley.

I would like to say first of all, of course, that DIY piercings are an extremely unintelligent thing to do. Surely you know that, though, as do I, so I'm not going to lecture you. For a bit of background information, I currently just turned 16 years old. I have been getting piercings since I was around 13, I believe (in grade 8, to be exact). My fascination started young, and since my mother is amazing and actually likes piercings, I quickly decided to get my eyebrow pierced (however, it sadly is retired after merely two years). After that, I ... read more

My First Lip Piercing Experience

So here I am, aged 21, at Reading festival... someone (quite stupidly I thought) may have dared me to go and get my lip pierced. Now I'm not often one to turn down a dare and besides, I had been toying with the idea of getting my lip pierced for a while (at this point my only piercing was a very recently pierced tongue, although I did have my eyebrow pierced for about 6 months before that). So somehow I ended up in a porta-kabin, the inside of which had been decked out to look somewhat like the inside of ... read more

Labret gone SO wrong...

Hey, everyone this is the story of my very first labret piercing. I've had my lip done 4 times now, and the last 3 have turned out absolutely great, but the first one have turned out so horrible!! I had always loved oral piercings and am extending all of mine. The first time I had gotten mine done was at Hardcore Tattoos, it was downtown in a small city. I had gone with my friend, who was getting her tongue pierced and we sat in the waiting room looking around at tattoos and whatnot. Before we had gotten pierced we ... read more

First a lip piercing, next the world!

I've always been fascinated with piercings and tattoos, and more recently, general body modification culture. For years, I was too afraid to do anything, or to express myself through piercings because none of my friends or peers were interested in body modification beyond tweezing their eyebrows. However, once I discovered BME a few years ago, it was like a new door opened to me – I could see a huge number of people who enjoyed body modification, and weren't afraid of what it represented; in fact, they loved what it represented! Since then, I've been slowly testing my boundaries with ... read more

finally my medusa

Getting pierced is an addiction, anyway it is for me. I've over ten piercings right now, and I already have so much more options I can think of right now where I want to get pierced. In the last few months I got more and more interested in the medusa piercing. However I was a bit scared to get one because there are so many stories about gum recession. So everytime I met a person with this particular piercing, I asked them if they were having troubles with it and most of them didn't, so I was getting more interested ... read more

Bitten By Snakes

Hello, my name is Emily. "Hello Emily". I have an addiction. I am addicted to piercings! Now, I know that many people have an addiction to piercings, or maybe it's the fact that I am OCD, but I am truly addicted to piercings, or at least I feel that way with the current piercing bug I have. I have my eyebrow and labret pierced, and last night (07/29/2008) I got the piercing bug yet again. I had been talking with my friends over the course of a month, trying to get someone to go with me to get pierced yet ... read more

an amazing experience getting my medusa

I had been thinking on and off about getting a medusa for the past couple years. I always loved how they looked but had doubts about how one would look on me. After I took my vertical labrets out I decided I wanted to get another facial piercing. I was stuck between getting two monroes or a medusa. At first I have to say I was leaning to the monroes, just because I already had a smiley and I was saddened by the idea of having to take it out. I finally decided a medusa would go best with my ... read more

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