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Het verhaal van mijn labret van 2,4mm naar 3,2mm. (10g to 8g)

Disclaimer: Ik raad het niet aan om zelf te stretchen. Er kunnen altijd verschillende dingen verkeerd gaan. Het beste is nog altijd om naar een professionele piercing shop te gaan. Zelf piercing/zelf stretching is nooit de beste keuze! Op zaterdag 3 mei 2002 heb ik mijn labret laten piercen op 1,6mm. Ongeveer 2,5 jaar later had ik mijn labret naar 2,4mm gestretcht. Maar zelfs op dat moment, wist ik dat ik zeker nog niet aan mijn einddoel was. Mijn einddoel was nog groter dan 2,4mm.... Donderdag 7 augustus was het dus zo ver. Ik wist dat dit de dag zou ... read more

Great first piercing (Labret)

Well... I have wanted a lip ring ever since I saw Shaun Morgan (from the band Seether) had one. I asked my mother around a year ago, received a strict "NO!" and left it alone... Fast forward around a year. Around early summer, I decided I wanted that piercing again, this time, with the intent of piercing it with a stud, and later move onto a 'Labret Claw' (inspired by David Draiman of Disturbed). I was surprised to find that with only a simple 1 minute conversation with my mother, she agreed to sign the slip and let me get ... read more

Every cloud has a silver lining

So I was 15 and one of my friends had his tongue pierced and I thought it looked cool so i started thinking about what it would be like if I got mine pierced. A few mouths later it was coming up for my 16th birthday and I started thinking about tongue piercing (I stop thinking about it for a while) then I turned 16 and I knew for sure i wanted my tongue pierced because I wouldn't stop going on about it so a couple days after my birthday I asked my mum if I could get it done ... read more

Embedded Labret Disk, OUCH!

About 3 months ago I went on vacation to San Francisco and got myself a pair of Snakebite piercings. I was utterly in LOVE with them. The person who did my piercing was just so awesome and there was no attitude from the people at the shop. I've put off getting the piercing for a while because whenever I go to a shop, I get so much attitude and couldn't bring myself to get pierced there. Back to the story. Unfortunately, I really could not have them in at work. I got a lot of crap for it from superiors, ... read more

[diy] Multi Labret

Multi Labret Story I'm back to tell you of my other self-piercing adventures! Let's start with the standard disclaimer. Self-piercing is a very dumb idea if your materials include rubbing alcohol and a "big" sewing needle. Rubbing alcohol is not suitable for disinfecting and a sewing needle is only acceptable if you're going to be doing some sewing. If you feel the need to do it yourself, get the right materials. Pre-sterilized hollow gauge needles, clamps [that have been autoclaved], Gentian Violet [or a sterile surgical pen], bleach, a friend/phone, sterile/autoclaved jewelry, and some sort of knowledge about the anatomy ... read more

Vertical Labret - totally doable.

I had wanted a vertical labret for quite some time, but had held off for three reasons: (1) I'm a drama major, and facial piercings are frowned upon, (2) I couldn't find a reputable piercer in my college town, and (3) I had never had an actual piercing before, and was scared shitless. But on Monday I realized that my schedule would prevent me from acting for at least three months. On Tuesday I finally got a good recommendation for a local place to get pierced. On Wednesday and Thursday I read literally about 200 experiences here, and consistently read ... read more

Damn didn't work

Ok, so for ages now I've wanted a lip piercing. I remember as a little kid in the shops seeing these weird and wonderful people, desperately wanting to be like them. I could just picture me with a lip ring, the first in my whole school to get it done! a beautiful left labret or ring, a part of me. It's only been in the past few months that I have SERIOUSLY considered getting it done. Fakes wouldn't work for me, they were to big and were obviously not real. I had to have the REAL deal, metal in my ... read more

Twelve Year Olds and Inexperienced Piercers

When I was eleven years old, one of my best friends came back from vacation with a shiny new lip piercing. Getting piercings was only just becoming popular among the other kids my age, and no one else I knew had their lip done. I instantly knew I wanted to get mine done as well (although on the other side of my lip, so I wouldn't be 'copying' my friend too much). I couldn't sneak off and get mine on vacation, though, so I had to convince my mother first. At first she flat-out told me that I wasn't allowed ... read more

Apparently you have to be 18 to get pierced in Germany.

So I've been getting pierced since I was 14 years old. I've had my right nostril, septum, nape, both cheeks, navel (twice migrated) and the usual loads of ear piercings, but I'm going to talk about my vertical labret piercing, which I got while on holiday in Berlin. I am completely in love with piercing (even though I don't have that many, except compared to my friends, I still get asked if I was shot in the face with a pellet gun/ called Hellraiser even though his name is Pinhead/ the usual crap you get from close-minded people) and when ... read more

My experience piercing my lip...

So, I know that DIY piercings are NOT usually the smart way to go but, there was no other way and I really wanted my lip pierced. And a day or two before I pierced my lip, we had pierced my friend Josh's lip and given him snake bites and that worked out pretty well so I figured that I should be fine. So, I got a couple of my friends together and we went and bought a labret stud from a body jewelry store in the mall and I ordered some some 14g hollow needles(from http://body-piercing.jumora.net/ encase anyone would ... read more

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