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Snakebites - My gateway piercing.

I'm not sure I remember when I first saw a 'major' piercing. I'm sure I was younger, about nine or ten, and easily impressionable. And by major, I mean something besides your 'average' ear piercing, like a tongue piercing, or an eyebrow. Now, fortunately, I have been quite blessed with a mother who is a veteran of piercings, having two tongue, a bar through the front of the neck that, unfortunately rejected, several eyebrows, a Monroe, two nose studs, an an uncountable array of ear piercings that I'm scared to count, among other body mods. Well, about two month's ago, ... read more

Isn't a needle through your lip supposed to hurt?

So, I'll start by saying that I currently have nine piercings. My left daith, my navel, my left nostril, two 8 gauge lobes, two 6 gauge lobes, and a regular helix on my left ear, and last, but not least, my new labret. I have retired my septum, and my right nostril. Honestly just felt like my nose had gotten far to busy. My ears were done when I was 3, with a gun. But other than that I started my mods around 9th grade. Body mods aren't that popular where I'm from, and I went to a small private ... read more

Snakebitesss.. At last!

Well, to be honest i have been fascinated by multiple lip piercings, don't ask me why though! I can't work out why I like them so much. I pestered my mum for about a year before she let me go get one lip piercing when I was 15. I went into Pulse in Northampton (I trusted them as my friends had all of their piercings done there and they look clean and tidy) and it was quick and pretty much painless, the people were friendly and it was done within about 30 seconds. I didn't even flinch. To be honest ... read more

I don't like needles but this was pretty painless

Ever since I can remember I have always been into piercing. I enjoy watching people get them done and receiving them. So when two of my closest friends decided that they wanted to get something new of course I was right on their coat tails. They told me about how they wanted to get a scrumper I had no idea what they was so they explained it and once I saw one of them with it I fell in love with it right then and there. There was only one problem ... I had no idea how my parents would ... read more

No Hassle, No Pain (almost)

So I'd been playing with the idea of a lip piercing for a while. I'd never really considered having a piercing done before, but then once the idea popped into my head I couldn't shake it, and the more I thought about how hot lip studs and rings look on people, the more I wanted one. Coincidentally, a friend at work had just had her nose done for a second time, and really recommended the place she went to, Studio XIII. This was someone who had been travelling round the world for years and had picked up a hell of ... read more

Good idea, bad place.

My friend and I spontaneously decided to have a girl's night with alot of boyfriend drama on my part and getting sick of the boyfriend on her part. We were originally going to go downtown to meet up with a long time friend of mine, but spontaneously decided to get piercings first as we passed a parlor. I had my 14-month old son with us, so I knew we had to make it quick. She pulled into the parking lot and I ran like a bat out of hell into the shop and asked if they were still piercing. This ... read more

My Wonderful Monroe

Hello to all you reading my Monroe piercing experience. I've wanted a Monroe piercing for a few years now, to be honest I don't even know what made me wait so long, I guess it was because I had a bit of a bad experience with getting my labret pierced, So I assumed it would be the same with my Monroe. I few days before, I called around pretty much every tattoo/piercing shop in my city. Most prices where outrageous. Dragon and Butterfly was the most reasonable price (I only paid $43, which included my jewellery and a free jewellery ... read more

Bonding with Steel II

For years, I have been eying the many modifications that caught my fancy, slathering away at my monitor and wishing (begging, to my parents) for several of them. Only recently has my family come to accept this, perhaps because they realize that it is an obsession rather than a passing fad. My family in itself has evolved, and perhaps that has lent to the evolution and opening of their minds as far as my own freedoms go. When I was thirteen, barely a few days away from fourteen, I had my nostril pierced, but this only deepened the need, the ... read more

My unprofessional (and expensive) piercing experience

I am one of those flippant mind changers when it comes to piercing. I always want something new, but for some reason or another I always seem to remove a piercing after a few months and regret it. The only piercing I have ever kept for a decent length of time are my lobes. (Not that I can easily just heal them up, they are getting bigger all the time) Anywho, I was pondering in the mirror one day, deciding that my tiny labret and one dermal anchor was not enough for me, I needed something else to make my ... read more

Artificial dimples for my sweet seventeen.

I'm not too new to the world of body modification, in the past four years I've acquired thirty or so man-made holes throughout various parts of my body and have stretched my ears 28mm during those four years. I may only be seventeen, but I educate myself thoroughly before ever diving into the thought of getting something. And no, I am not another teenager saying they know anything about a topic without any knowledge whatsoever like I've seen before. Since I was sixteen I had wanted my cheeks pierced, and I was determined to have them. I'm not sure as ... read more

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