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Good idea, bad place.

My friend and I spontaneously decided to have a girl's night with alot of boyfriend drama on my part and getting sick of the boyfriend on her part. We were originally going to go downtown to meet up with a long time friend of mine, but spontaneously decided to get piercings first as we passed a parlor. I had my 14-month old son with us, so I knew we had to make it quick. She pulled into the parking lot and I ran like a bat out of hell into the shop and asked if they were still piercing. This ... read more

My Wonderful Monroe

Hello to all you reading my Monroe piercing experience. I've wanted a Monroe piercing for a few years now, to be honest I don't even know what made me wait so long, I guess it was because I had a bit of a bad experience with getting my labret pierced, So I assumed it would be the same with my Monroe. I few days before, I called around pretty much every tattoo/piercing shop in my city. Most prices where outrageous. Dragon and Butterfly was the most reasonable price (I only paid $43, which included my jewellery and a free jewellery ... read more

Bonding with Steel II

For years, I have been eying the many modifications that caught my fancy, slathering away at my monitor and wishing (begging, to my parents) for several of them. Only recently has my family come to accept this, perhaps because they realize that it is an obsession rather than a passing fad. My family in itself has evolved, and perhaps that has lent to the evolution and opening of their minds as far as my own freedoms go. When I was thirteen, barely a few days away from fourteen, I had my nostril pierced, but this only deepened the need, the ... read more

My unprofessional (and expensive) piercing experience

I am one of those flippant mind changers when it comes to piercing. I always want something new, but for some reason or another I always seem to remove a piercing after a few months and regret it. The only piercing I have ever kept for a decent length of time are my lobes. (Not that I can easily just heal them up, they are getting bigger all the time) Anywho, I was pondering in the mirror one day, deciding that my tiny labret and one dermal anchor was not enough for me, I needed something else to make my ... read more

Artificial dimples for my sweet seventeen.

I'm not too new to the world of body modification, in the past four years I've acquired thirty or so man-made holes throughout various parts of my body and have stretched my ears 28mm during those four years. I may only be seventeen, but I educate myself thoroughly before ever diving into the thought of getting something. And no, I am not another teenager saying they know anything about a topic without any knowledge whatsoever like I've seen before. Since I was sixteen I had wanted my cheeks pierced, and I was determined to have them. I'm not sure as ... read more

My smiley

SO let me start off by describing myself. Hi, my name is Erika and I'm addicted to body mods, specifically piercings. I have thirteen piercings, including my new smiley. Otherwise, I have three lobe piercings on each side, three helixes, my navel, my nostril and a vertical labret. I am truly addicted. I just recently had my vertical labret done. It had only been 4 1/2 months, and I already had that itch coming back. I originally thought about getting my septum pierced, but remembered that my girlfriend didn't like that idea. So I had to come up with another ... read more

You have how many now?

It started back in January. I got a center labret after seeing Hannah Aitchison's one and loved it to pieces. Then, I wanted more... I got my first set of snakebites back in june and waited till they healed before deciding to get another set after alot of thought. So I approached my mum and asked her how she felt about it, suprisingly she was very supportive. Even though it ment her eldest daughter would now be the most facially pierced person in her school (FACT!). But then again, she does have a labret herself that I encouraged her to ... read more

My awesome labret.

I've always loved piercings, ever since I was about 5 years old. It was only until I was fourteen, after trifling through pages of piercing pictures, that I actually wanted to get one. I was very unsure of what to get. It was a toss up between vertical labret, lip on the left, labret or septum, all of them being favorites in my book. I was very hesitant to ask for one, because for one: My dad absolutely hates modification, and two: if my mum said no (I don't deal with 'no' very well). At first, I wanted a vertical ... read more

Why didn't you get one on the top?

So, since 13 I had loved lip piercings. At that point though, I was going through my goth phase and I liked the rings, I liked the snakebites. However, whenever I put a ring from my ear around my lip I found my young, immature face didn't exactly wear the look well. In fact, I thought I looked ridiculous. So, eventually the thought left my mind, and I looked at girls with lip piercings but always knew I would never get one, especially because it would never look good on me. Fast forward four years. I'm in college, and have ... read more

Metal that sits on my lip.

My body mod obsession began young, to say the least. My parents pretty much hate the idea of "marking up my face" but some how I convinced them into getting my lip pierced. I have a monroe piercing that I had gotten almost a year earlier, and they thought another oral piercing was pushing it. But now, I sit here with a pretty silver ring in the right side of my mouth (: At first, it started with a surface pierce that I was dying for. But the more I weighed the pros and cons of it, the more I ... read more

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