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My 28th birthday gift!!

The last piercing I got done was my tongue like six years ago. I was suppose to get my half sleeve finished for a birthday gift however due to finances I had to change plans. I was bummed and needed something done it was my 28th birthday tomorrow I needed some kind of change, anything. So I browsed the internet ending up of course at BME I found myself looking at piercings. Then I saw the vertical labrets the girls all looked so beautiful. I read a lot of story some said clamps were used others said just a needle ... read more

The toughest lip he's ever pierced

As my fellows in the modified community can relate, about a year ago I got the piercing itch. With a fully healed tragus, an inner conch piercing, and a set of stretched lobes under my belt, I was itching for something more adventurous. It did not take more than a few minutes of perusing BME for me to find the vertical labret. I was instantly drawn by its simplicity, symmetry and elegance. As I researched further on BME Encyclopedia, I was thrilled to find that there were few to no risks usually associated with normal lip piercings, such as gum ... read more

Thank god for guinea pigs

This experience is actually not about a piercing that I got but about one that I gave. I myself have been pierced over 35 times now. Some have been repeats, but I am no stranger to the needle. A few years ago I was with a guy who wanted to open a tattoo shop and asked me to do piercings for him. It never came to pass but he taught me a lot about piercing. I have been telling people forever that I know how to do piercings but no one seems to put their trust in me. I don't ... read more

Smiley Piercing is Making Me Frown

So last week I was a little bored and a little bummed to say the least. Exactly one week ago my friend Stephanie and I decided to go out and spontaneously get pierced together. I was in a crappy mood and she knew this would cheer me up so we jumped in my car and headed off toward Penrith to go and see Joeltron at Wicked Ink. It was a fun drive, I'm glad I wasn't responsible for directions though (because I am terrible). We arrived at the studio and had a browse around, made an enquiry at the desk ... read more

Second times a charm?

So I've been longing to get my snakebites done since I was in the 7th grade. I like symmetrical piercings, and I had always been interested in other cultures and in my mind I would always see things in ways that other people didn't understand. I love the idea that my body is a temple and I can decorate it the way i want, and that meant piercings. The problem was my dad though, he says that ear piercings are for women, it took me six years to have him agree to get my ears pierced. But thats a different ... read more

Once is Fantastic,Third is...?

Ah, my first piercing. I was 21 trembling with excitement and ecstatic about getting a labret piercing. I had been thinking about getting it done for the longest time and was now ready to get the procedure done. I was a bit nervous and scared but by the by, I decided to give it a try. I kept having second thoughts but once I had made up my mind about getting my lip pierced, I called up my friend, grabbed my wallet and headed out the door. We went to a place a few blocks away called "Metal Pleasures" which ... read more

My lovely new Medusa!

Let me start with telling you a bit about myself. Since my first ever piercing a year ago, my left eyebrow, I've become more and more addicted to getting them - well, I'm not sure if it's the actual piercing themselves or the pain that comes with them. Although I'm building a tolerance to the pain these days so I suppose that's a bit unfortunate. Well it's addicting either way! I'm sure most of you enthusiasts out there know what I mean when I say that ha ha. Since then I've had multiple piercings - lobes (two stretched 0ga and ... read more


I might as well start just like everyone else does, because I can't think of anything else to start with! I had been wanting a lip piercing ever since I heard the word "Piercing", which was about 13 years old. But through the last month, I was set on getting it, but never bothered. Until two days ago. My fiance, Scott, was in the opticians having an eye test, and I was sat with him. They took him in, and when he came back out, he told me he would have to stay longer [they might have found something serious ... read more

Best Birthday Gift (so far)

For my 15 birthday I convinced my mom to take me and my twin sister to The Moon flower (a piercing studio) that was close by in my town. I knew I wanted the vertical labret from the first time I saw it. We walked into the store and went to the front counter and told the lady we what we wanted.Once we said what we wanted she went on a big rant asking us if we were ready for the responsibility of having a piercing and if I could handle having to bring Listerine with me to rinse my ... read more

My smiley

SO let me start off by describing myself. Hi, my name is Erika and I'm addicted to body mods, specifically piercings. I have thirteen piercings, including my new smiley. Otherwise, I have three lobe piercings on each side, three helixes, my navel, my nostril and a vertical labret. I am truly addicted. I just recently had my vertical labret done. It had only been 4 1/2 months, and I already had that itch coming back. I originally thought about getting my septum pierced, but remembered that my girlfriend didn't like that idea. So I had to come up with another ... read more

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