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[diy] Cheek Piercing

Disclaimer: Do NOT attempt to do this piercing yourself. You have a great chance of damaging important things in your face and/or hitting a blood vessel. Please, please, PLEASE go to a professional that will explain all of the risks and has HEALED pictures of cheek piercings in his/her portfolio. In this experience, I will not explain how to do this because I don't believe an amateur "piercer" should try this. Thank you! Well, a bit of background, I have 3 lobes piercings in each ear, an inner conch, bridge, double nostrils, 10 gauge septum, double monroes, double off-center labrets, ... read more

Self-piercing, idiot style.

Around the age of 15 or 16, I decided that I really wanted a lip pierced. I don't remember exactly why, but I had a lot of friends with facial piercings and was at an impressionable age... so the outcome is pretty logical. I researched facial piercings for weeks poring over BMEzine, and other websites with extensive piercing FAQs. I knew of some local piercing places that would do the job for me despite being under the age limit-- but I was 16, and had absolutely no real income. Despite my extensive amounts of internet research that all basically pointed ... read more


My Do It Yourself Lip Piercing! So I had wanted a lip piercing for years now and was too scared to have it done by a professional and didn't want to pay $70 for it. I mean what if I didn't like it on me? So about 6 months ago I thought what's a more personal experience than doing it yourself! (which I wouldn't recommend kiddies.) So I sat at my laptop and googled other peoples Do it yourself experiences and nearly scared myself out of it! Some people said they ended up in Hospital and everything. Now I was ... read more

My Cheeks

It all started in early June, with convincing my parents to let me get my cheeks pierced for my seventeenth birthday. I had facial piercing's before but nothing quite so 'dramatic' as my cheeks. The whole idea of getting my cheeks done had been tossed around a bit in the months before, but now that it was getting closer to my birthday I figured why not give it a shot and ask. The parents were a bit shocked at first, cheek piercing's aren't exactly something you see everyday. But I was persistent in my quest to get them done. By ... read more

Measure once, cut twice - a cautionary tale

Sometimes - quite often really - when I am feeling stressed or anxious about something I get the urge to get a piercing. Many times this has resulted in impromptu play piercing sessions, but on other occasions I've gotten piercings which I've kept. As of late I have thought more and more about getting a smiley piercing. I don't think it is particularly attractive, but it seems like fun, and feeling is mostly what I'm after when it comes to piercings. I haven't gotten around to getting it, so today when the thought of a new piece of metal through ... read more

"ANOTHER new one?"

When I got my lip pierced yesterday, it was technically my third piercing in a matter of 2 months. Considering the conservative family/community that I come from, that's pretty excessive. This is, by far, my favorite piercing yet, and probably the least painful one I've had. I should note that the two previous piercings that I received are gone now -- my nose piercing was poorly done, and my lip/chin labret was off center. Because of the two bad experiences, past experience and professionalism of the piercer was very important to me this time around. I started looking around the ... read more

11th Piercing. (including my ears)

I started off just wanting a standard labret for the longest time. But I recently decided on the vertical labret instead. A choice I don't regret. My mama used to object to facial piercings.. no "if, ands, or buts about it", kind of thing. But after my sister got her bellybutton, she gave in and let me get mine. Then, my sister got her tongue, and again, I got mine. Then about 3 days ago, I got my vertical labret. I did a hell of alot of research on my new piercing before I proceeded on to get it. Ya ... read more

My monroe piercing

I just got my monroe piercing yesterday and I have wanted a monroe piercing for about four months. I started begging my mom about getting one,she said no for awhile but finally I decided that I would ask her if I could it as my 16th birthday present (since my parents wouldnt buy me a car). About a three weeks before my birthday I went to my mom and I told her I really wanted the monroe because it was feminine and stylish (I love piercings and my parents dont really like them), so after asking her about three times ... read more

My 28th birthday gift!!

The last piercing I got done was my tongue like six years ago. I was suppose to get my half sleeve finished for a birthday gift however due to finances I had to change plans. I was bummed and needed something done it was my 28th birthday tomorrow I needed some kind of change, anything. So I browsed the internet ending up of course at BME I found myself looking at piercings. Then I saw the vertical labrets the girls all looked so beautiful. I read a lot of story some said clamps were used others said just a needle ... read more

I just can't leave well enough alone

I really like the look of vertical labrets, and I did some research and found that no part of the piercing is inside the mouth. Therefore, they don't cause any tooth or gum damage. This is important to me, because there has been much money spent on my teeth over the years. I went to Industrial Primitives last night and asked for Gill, who pierced my lobes for me a few weeks ago. I told him I wanted the vertical labret, and he said he had to take care of a couple of other people first, and he'd be with ... read more

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