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smiley, frowny and tongue web piercing

The first time I saw a smiley piercing was on a girl at the pub I had just started working at. My initial reaction was to wonder who on earth would want one of those? The more I thought about it though, the more I realised just how beautiful it was, and so personal too! No one need know it was there if you don't want them too. So I headed on over to bme and looked at some of the uploaded photos. I gradually realised that this would be my next piercing. After reading up on the risks though, ... read more

DIY lip frenum and sublingual

So I’m a nurse. I also love piercings. These two facets of my personality don’t always see eye to eye. I love getting interesting new piercings but I’m running out of creative spots to hide them for work. I’d heard of web piercings before and figured they’d be easily hidden. I already had a center tongue piercing that I had stretched to a 6 gauge. I have a small mouth so I wasn’t sure how much room I had under my tongue for a sublingual. So I decided on an upper lip frenum piercing (otherwise known as a smiley). Again ... read more

Secret Smiley

Of course, you're about to read another self done smiley story. A few evenings ago, I was sitting around, as usual and reading BME. I was craving a new piercing, something original, and that no one else in my area had. I was thinking about re-piercing my tongue-web, but seeing as t how I want my tongue pierced soon, I decided it would wait. Then I remembered the smiley piercing. I discussed it with my friend, who tried to warn me about all kinds of terrible things that could happen. I told him to stop making things up, as I ... read more

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