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Jestrum / Vertical Medusa

First story, probably won't be the greatest but here we go~ I've had many piercings ( nape, sternum, cheeks, septum, bridge, medusa, snakebites, and a microdermal ) I still have my dermal, cheeks and nape. I decided I wanted to get a piercing that would go nicely with my cheek piercings, because I was getting bored of my septum ring. So I thought about it for a really long time, and I considered getting my medusa re-done. It has been about a year and a half since I got it done the first time, but I was forced to take ... read more

Vertical Philtrum

I'd been interested in getting a Medusa, or philtrum, for a little over a year, but had run across a few minor issues. I am missing one of my front teeth, and have a false acrylic tooth that is basically attached to a retainer, this has caused my gums to recede, and combined these issues made a flat back in that area of my mouth a bad idea. Not only would it have mad my gum line worse, but there was also a chance it would have gotten caught on my false tooth as it doesn't line up smoothly with ... read more

Jestrum it up.

I've always loved body piercings. They've always fascinated me. When I turned 18, I got three facial piercings in six months. I slowed down after that, and waited 6 months to get something else done. I decided that what I got done needed to be original, something no one else had. Well, by this time, every frat boy and corresponding hooker had something pierced. I thought about surface, but I wasn't feeling that bold or had that much money. I've always had an oral fixation, so I skimmed through BME's glossary and looked for funky variations of lip piercings. I ... read more

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