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The eyebrow ring that would never be...

I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for some time, and seeing as how I was in college, and not under my parents' roof any longer, I decided to take the plunge. I was home for a break, and grabbed a friend of mine to come with me. She thought I was crazy, but she was always a bit too conservative for my tastes, anyhow. So, we showed up at the piercing studio, where I picked out the size of the jewelry and all. I picked out a fairly small, steel ring with a ball on it, and decided ... read more

My Long-Awaited Eyebrow Piercing

Okay, so I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for a few YEARS but never could because of employment, etc, etc. So finally, I found myself self-employed (and that's not just a nice term for UN-employed-I am actually self-employed). I had just moved to Vancouver, B.C., and my boyfriend, who knew I kind of wanted to get my eyebrow pierced, was at work. So I was taking a walk around the city by myself when I passed Sacred Heart on Davie. I passed by it at first, then did a 180 and went in to inquire about prices. Why ... read more

My Introduction To Piercings

I'm not sure how long I've been interested in piercings, but it's been a while. After searching BME, looking through pictures, reading almost every single experience, I decided I wanted to get my tongue pierced but my parents weren't having it. Squashed that idea, and got another urge to get my eyebrow pierced. So one night while my mom wasn't home, I brought the subject up to my dad. He was completely cool about it. He said I could piercing anything I want to except for my tongue if I paid for it, and he'd even take me to get ... read more

My brand spankin new eyebrow

I had been wanting my eyebrow done for several months now but, my mom isn't really into piercings, especially facial ones. But I was really down last week and to cheer me up my mom told me that she would let me get my eyebrow pierced. I was so excited, I never thought that she'd actually let me get it done. So the next day, we went down to Tat/U here in Vernal. And made an appointment to get it pierced the next Thursday. I was so happy that I was actually going to get it done. But it kinda ... read more

Love at Second Sight

Ever since I was 15, possibly younger, I have been interested in piercings. I love the idea of having jewelry in my body. Eyebrow piercings, belly buttons, tongue piercings, it was a forbidden sanctuary. I would walk down the streets in my city, and I would see my friends and strangers going by, all done up with body modifications. They appeared so happy, and yet fearless, while continuing to maintain their unshakable individuality. Since I was under the legal piercing age of 18, I had to wait for my own mods. My family is of strict Christian background, so asking ... read more

*Japan = New Eyebrow Piercing!*

I've wanted an eyebrow piercing for a couple of years now, but it was kind of a dull desire until about 3 months ago. Me and a couple of friends were talking about body piercings and I just decided Hey, I want something pierced! So, I thought about a couple of piercings... I thought I wanted my tongue done for a couple of days and then my longing for an eyebrow piercing came back into play. Now the problem was money. I talked to my Dad and asked him and he said it was okay, as long as I pay ... read more

How Tyrel Fixed My Face

So this is the story of my two eyebrow rings which I love right now. I've had other piercings but I love my eyebrow the most. Piercings have always appealed to me. Like every other girl I wanted my ears and bellybutton pierced. So when I was eight I got my ears pierced with yeah an ear piercing gun. I thought that would hurt but it didn't. I was actually laughing. Those got horribly infected and after that I saw some model or celebrity with a bellybutton ring and I wanted one. I never asked my Mom but sometime last ... read more

Best Valentine's Day

Awhile back, around january of last year (2003), I had been begging my parents for an eyebrow piercing (I was 14). But they said no. Flat out, just like that. No Facial piercings til I move out of the house and can go myself. And I pouted. And complained. And whined. Still it was No. Obviously that didn't last long. :) One night I was walking through the house wearing one of those clip-on rings, that makes you look pierced, and my step-father saw it, and said that if I wanted one so bad, I can go get it done, ... read more

My impulsive eyebrow piercing.

When I was 18 I got my modifications rather impulsively, never regretting any of them. My eyebrow was no exception. One day, 3 years ago myself and two friends were sitting around outside a local coffee shop trying to kill time. I had just turned 18 one month prier to the day and I was sporting a small tattoo, tongue piercing and some new cartilage work aside from my standard double lobe gun piercings. I was reading a tattoo magazine that I had just bought and was getting all worked up, I kept seeing eyebrow piercings on people and I ... read more

My eyebrow piercing

Hello, I'm a punk chick, and I have a lot of piercings. Just recently, I got my eyebrow pierced, and I love it. This was not my first piercing, however it was the most painful one. In all, I got pierced my naval, tung, nose, eyebrow, and my nipple. Although, I do not have my nose, naval and nipple ring anymore. I also have my ears pierced 6 times, all which are stretched to 14g, 16g and 4g. Which proves, that I can tolerate piercings. Almost a month ago, I had gotten my eyebrow done. You hear from everyone that ... read more

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