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First "real" piercing

Well first of ill start by saying I am 19 years old and I'm just getting into body mods. About 3 weeks ago I decided that I was going to get my first major piercing. I already have my ear pierced twice. I took me a couple days to finally decide on an eyebrow piercing. It was basically a fight between either tongue or eyebrow. Well when I finally decided I took a day researching the best place to get it done for the best price. I finally decided on Bullwinkle's Tattoos and Piercing, here in Wichita, Ks. Well the ... read more


As all of my friends know, I have always had quite an independent streak. So soon before my eighteenth birthday (which is today)I started thinking of what I should get done....tattoo? No, too permanent. Piercing, sure! But what? I thought I would look great with a lip....possibly even my tongue. But I am either too chicken or decided it wouldn't be the best thing to wear to work....so I decided on an eyebrow. Cute, yet conspicuous. So for the next couple of weeks, I endlessly researched, online and with friends, and eventually settled on the popular Easy Street parlor in ... read more

Blue shiny spikes

Why did you get your eyebrow pierced? Most people ask me this because they don't think that it suits me, or that it's weird or that they don't believe in body piercing. I'd like to say that is gives me spiritual enlightenment or something but it doesn't, I just think it looks cool. I have a number of minor piercings anyway, including 9 earlobe, navel, and a nipple piercing, soon to be added to! I wanted something more visible than the navel and the nipple, I considered getting some ear cartilage but I would have to take them out for ... read more

2nd time getting my eyebrow pierced

About 2 years ago when I was 17, I was interested in getting something pierced. I didn't really know what I wanted so I was researching a lot of things about many different piercings online. I knew I wanted something that everyone can see so I decided on a facial piercing. But I still couldn't figure out which one I wanted. I looked and looked at many different pictures of many different facial piercings and after much deliberation and fighting with myself, I decided that I wanted my eyebrow pierced since it is basically the first thing you see on ... read more

my eleventh piercing, but not yet the last.

In the past years, I've collected quite a few piercings. Currently, I have three in each lobe, two in my left cartilage, one in my right tragus, one navel, and now one in my right eyebrow. I've become so fascinated with body modification in the last year, and I'm currently considering a tattoo for my eighteenth birthday in twenty-two days. Sometime last year, I wanted a tongue piercing. When I went to go get it done, the piercer looked at my tongue and told me it wasn't possible because of the web of veins I have under my tongue and ... read more

Mike Patton made me do it!

I still remember the very first time i ever saw my first eyebrow piercing, i was a young impressionable country boy rebelling against my parents one night by staying up late to watch a music video tv show. A brand new Faith no More video was on the tv and Mr Mike Patton seemed to have somehow stuck a ring through his eyebrow. My young mind went into hyperdrive, what the hell was going on? Howd that ring get there? And my god thats kinda cool! I would contemplate the experience many more times throughout the next few years. Growing ... read more

Double Trouble

I decided to get my eyebrow pierced shortly after getting my first piercing done, scaffold in my right ear, I do have to admit I was a bit nervous due to the fact the scaffold had felt like leaning my ear on a BBQ. My dad had never been to keen on piercing, and considering I was only 16 at the time I can probably see why. But I weighed up my odds and finally decided that considering he lived about 2 hours drive away from me, it was worth the risk of getting it torn out by him during ... read more

Stupid selfpiercing - or, boredom strikes.

Boredom has the weirdest effects on people. Or well, on me, anyway. It all started one evening when I was sitting here browsing forums and being bored out of my skull. Now me being bored out of my skull and having extra jewelry at hand isn't a good thing. I was looking at the jewelry I had left over from my piercings and started thinking, theoretically, how many of them could I put into my body as new piercings, right now. That would make for another tongue piercing, that could go to the nostril, that'd make for good tragus jewelry... read more

To feel more human

Since puberty, no one has looked me in the face. I suppose I got used to the furtive glances down, the slightly startled "huh?" look of being caught, and the nods of "Hey...Check out the rack on that one." I won't say I hated it. Admittedly, it was somewhat of a self-esteem booster when out with friends...But still. Since puberty, no one has looked me in the face. Recently, a friend of mine wanted to get her tongue pierced, but was too nervous to get it done alone. Being the friend I am, I agreed to get it done with ... read more

Spontaneous Piercing

It was the last weekend in August and I had made plans to meet my boyfriend and some friends in Sioux Falls, S.D. for the weekend. While we were shopping that day and finding a hotel to stay in, I was thinking to myself how much I liked my boyfriends eyebrow piercing (self-done a few weeks earlier). I wasn't brave enough to do one myself, and I was very worried about infection. Towards the end of the day I asked my friend if she knew where any piercing parlors were. Since she had recently moved there she didn't know about ... read more

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