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Happy 18th Birthday

I had been thinking about getting a piercing for a few months. Never really seriously, just sort of "oh, that would be fun to do". Then, my best friend got an industrial and her nipples pierced in pretty short order, and it got me really interested in getting pierced again. The only piercing I really felt like "dealing with" was an eyebrow piercing. It was a cool accessory without being in the way of my daily life, the way a tongue, or labret (my other two serious considerations) would have been. I had been pinching my eyebrow at various points, ... read more

What!? Right now???

When I was 19, I was a little out of it. I had no clue where I was going in life. Freshly out of college and aspiring to be an actress/photographer, I felt like the pain and trouble I would have to go through to do either of these professions was too great. I felt alone, unloved, and useless. Since I didn't act anymore, I lost a lot of friends, and since photography was taking up a lot of my energy, I didn't really have any close friendships. I don't know what possessed me to want to get my eyebrow ... read more


I've wanted to get my eyebrow pierced since I was in grade 7. Me and my mom went to the drug store to get my ears pierced for the second time and the lady that did it had her eyebrow pierced. I thought it looked so cool. I waited for the perfect moment to ask my parents about getting it done. And of course they said no, that I was too young. So I let it go for awhile, but never forgot about it. I waited a little longer and asked again, and they still said no. This went on ... read more

Two times is a charm.

I had always wanted an eyebrow ring. The first one I ever saw was on my cousin, and I was probably about 6 years old. I immediately became fascinated with it. I told my mom I was going to get it done and blah blah blah. She would just look at me. Finally, by the time I was 13, she approved. We were going on vacation to Daytona, Florida, and she said I could get it done there. I live in Georgia, so it wasn't that bad of a ride. We got there on a Monday and she said I ... read more

And the Christian goes for it.

Since my older brother got his first tattoo at age 15, I have always been interested in getting something done to my body. My brother is 6 years older than I am, and he was/still is, a great influence. He got me interested in rock music at a young age, and we bonded. Since his first tattoo, he has gotten 6 more, and we are both going to get one this weekend, which will be my first one. Since I was about 13, I have been dying to get something pierced. I have always looked on this site, and read ... read more

Very unprepared for an eyebrow piercing at 13

Three years ago, when I was only 13, and in middle school, I was very anxious to have my eyebrow pierced. Though my mother consented without a problem and little-to-no argument, we could not find a shop, at the time, who would pierce a 13 year old, even with a parents' consent. Since I was naive, and wanted to be the 'first girl at my school to have an eyebrow ring!', I was careless about how and where I had my eyebrow pierced, as long as it was done as soon as possible. My sister's boyfriend, Mark -who I thought ... read more

Success! My first facial piercing...

Hi, My name is Jennifer. I am currently a niner at an all girls' catholic school. I love piercing, I have 6 piercings but I must be careful not to get addicted at my age. The very first sign of my newfound glorious obsession came around early 8th grade when I got my cartilage (I know, no big whoop but heck, it was something rather than the boring old lobe piercing). Here's how my wanting for an eyebrow piercing came about... You see, I live around downtown toronto... and somewhere in the church area there's a "happy and free village" ... read more

My eyebrow piercing

I became fascinated with piercing a long time ago, it started with my ears when I was 8 years old. And soon became an obsession. I later got my belly button and my ears pierced more times. The year after I got my navel pierced I began to want something more. I started looking through piercing pictures on BME to decide what piercing I wanted. I finally decided to get my eyebrow pierced, not many people around here had it, especially not at my school. So it was time to talk to my parents. My mom seemed fine with it ... read more

Migrating Eyebrow

I have wanted to get piercings and tattoos done ever since I knew what they were, but there was always the parental rule of "not well you live under my roof!" First I was under 16, I needed parents permission. No one was going to let me. I begged and begged, I tried to get my older sister to sign for me but she wasn't about to get involved. Finally I convinced my dad to sign for me, but nope that started WW3 in my house and my mom refused. So I turned 18, went away to college and a ... read more

Funky Brow!

For a while now I have wanted my eyebrow pierced, say about, two – three years. For some reason I had it in my head that it would hurt, a lot. Also the migrating issue put me off so, I left it. I decided to get others I wanted first before I was sure I wanted to risk migration. So this is my third piercing (not counting my ears) as I have my tongue and labret done too. I don't know what I worried about. Like usual I was looking on BME at all the pretty pictures of people with ... read more

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