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My pretty eyebrow ring

June 16, 2004. The day after my 15th birthday. It took FOREVER to get here. But the wait was well worth it. My mom finally agreed to let me get my eyebrow pierced after years of begging her. I had wanted it since I was about 10 and saw my sister with hers. Hers got infected and she took it out, but that's a whole different story. It was done at Jade Dragon in Chicago. It all started when I got my belly button pierced. The feeling of a healed piercing is like no other. If people tell you they ... read more

My first mod

My first and so far only mod is my eyebrow piercing. I was only 14 at the ime. But my mom knew the owner of the tattoo/ piercing studio. Im not really sure why, but I wanted an eyebrow piercing. I think my friend's lip piercing had something to do with it. I didn't do it in an attempt to be cool, I had just never thought about it before I saw his. The first place I went for research was here. I had read many stories about eyebrow piercings and what happens if they become infected. That was my ... read more

My First Facial Piercing

This was my first real piercing. I mean I have my ears done and the top of my left ear is also pierced but I had wanted to get a real piercing for quite some time now. I had the money because I just had an open house so money wasn't an issue. Next thing I needed to do was figure out where I wanted it done. I had heard rave reviews about a place called Artistic Skin Design over on West Washington Street. So I called them up and asked them how much getting a couple different piercings would ... read more

Just a do-it-yourself type of girl...

Antecedent Action Yesterday's experience begins with me going to hang out with my friend Megan I hadn't seen in a while. We were just sitting around with her boyfriend when another old buddy Lynsey stopped by. She said she was going to pierce this girl who had come with her, Christina's, navel. I thought it'd be cool to watch as I'm quite a fan of body modification, so we all piled into Megan's room. Lynsey whipped out a packaged autoclaved 14 gauge needle and threw a barbell into some hydrogen peroxide. After marking the spot with eyeliner and without washing ... read more


This isn't my first piercing experience, but it is only my second, so I am not exactly a "pro" yet. I had my labret pierced in February 2003, and I absolutely adore it. I always imagined my next piercing would be my nostril, but after careful thought, I decided on my eyebrow. I was never hard-core into piercing my eyebrow. I had thought of it a few times, but never really researched it. My older sister used to have her's, and my best friends has one now. Their advice was my research. I was on vacation with 4 friends and ... read more

And another one to add to my growing collection...

Well to start this off, this is my fifth body piercing besides the seven I have in my ears. I have been wanting to start modifying my body since I was around 11 years old. But, of course, my grandmother, whom had been like a mother to me, raising me my whole life, and being VERY old-fashioned, didn't like the idea and said no. Well, she actually said "you must be out of your damn mind" to be more specific. I tried, with no success, for years to get her to take me to go get pierced. So, when my ... read more

The long bearded man..

So school had finally ended. I had passed grade 9 and the summer was here! SO I decided I wanted something added to my face to celebrate, and my eyebrow was the first chosen! I had already gotten my nose pierced a couple years ago (lets not go over THAT experience. Hair salon, gun. No. So infected!) My mother, being the person she is, jumped on the thought right away. So after much contemplating between Red Lion or White Lotus* we made our way down to the good ol lion and sat down. When we arrived there, someone was in ... read more

Stubborn Eyebrow

I started getting interested in body modifications when I was around 11 years old. Of course I was too young to really get anything done except my ear lobes, but even that took 2 months of trying to convince my parents. I promised them it would be my first and last piercing, and I kept my promise for about 3 years. Once I hit 14 the urge to get another piercing became too strong, so I decided it was time to start the convincing again. This time I was trying to get permission to get my nostril pierced, it was ... read more

A Long Road To My Awesome Eyebrow Piercing!

Well here goes my wonderful experence with my eyebrow, lets see I was in 8th grade and it was over Christmas vacation but I'm getting ahead of myself. Prior to this I had been researching eyebrow piercings on this web site and others for about 2 weeks, my mom made a deal with me that if I was mature and responsable enough I could get it if I was going to take care of it. My mom had never been against me getting my eyebrow pierced which was pretty cool because i was already half way there! One night after ... read more

The hole in my eyebrow.

There's probably nothing too specail about this experience but I had so much fun getting it done so I thought I might as well go ahead and add my experience to this wonderful site. Anyhow I wanted to get another piercing beside my 12G earlobe and started looking around on BME reading experinces and look on pictures to set up my mind on what I wanted to get pierced. I wanted to get my labret done but got afraid because I heared it will mess up my gums and teeths so I backed off even though I really wanted to ... read more

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