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My ears hurt worse!!

Last summer, I made a decision. I'd wanted my eyebrow pierced since I'd seen anyone else with it done. My parents were skeptical about me "degrading my face", but did I care? Absolutely not. All my friends were telling me how awesome it would look on me, and that supported me even more. So years and years of me waiting to turn 18 to get this awesome piercing done finally ended. Oh yeah! I wanted it pierced so bad, I never even considered the pain. And it wasn't a mistake. So on a nice day in July, my sister and ... read more

I Finally did it

I have a lot of piercings for my age. I have 16 piercings and i'm only 14. I love getting piercings because it relieves everything. When i first started getting piercings i was 14 years old. I went to Maine Tattoo. Thats the only place I will go. I got to know the piercing specialist, his name is Ken Silvestri. I seen some of his work and decided that this was the place. All of the stuff is sterile and he does his piercings very carefully. None of the piercings I've gotten done from there have failed. They have all ... read more

Eleventh Piercing, First Anti-Eyebrow

I had been drooling over anti-eyebrow piercings on bmezine.com for almost two years before I finally got my own. I think they are such an attractive piercing to have and for a while all I could do was dream. Since I'm just turning 18 in September and this happened about 3 weeks ago, my sister offered to pay for it for my birthday because she was getting another tattoo the same day. My first obstacle was asking daddy. My mum nor dad couldn't care less...awesome. So my appointment was at 2:00 that wednesday by THE most gorgegous boy...named Danny. I ... read more


I've always thought bridge piercings were extremely unusual looking, and very cool. I've only ever seen one person (not on the net) with it done, and it intrigued me. Since I had my lip pierced two years ago, I've wanted another piercing. I've just never got round to saving up the money for something really worthwhile and interesting. Two weeks ago, I was at my local piercing studio checking out the labrets, as I constantly lose balls from my jewellery and have to replace them. I had been enquiring about bridge piercing prices for the past few weeks, as my ... read more

Who really loves you.

When you decide to do any type of body modification, thats not hidden, you really find out what people think about you. It amazes me how blunt some are about things. I have four tattoos, but they don't show really, except for the one on my upper arm. I don't care about it showing either, except for when we go to really nice places to eat or something (not nice like Outback or some crap, I mean nice like linen napkins and waiters in suits nice) and I want to wear a sleeveless dress or strappy one. You know, how ... read more

The extra hole in my head.

Just to start off I think im going to tell you a little about me. Im 14 years old, and have been interested in body mods since the first time i saw a piece of metal through my brothers lip. That was quite awhile ago, I was about 10 years old. I was never quite sure what I wanted, but I was really interested in getting my labret done, until my parents shattered that dream by telling me it was never going to happen. Well okay it is about October and my birthday is coming up in December so I ... read more

The 20th hole in my body...

I'll start off by saying that i have 19 other holes in my body other than my eyebrow, including an industrial in my left ear (2 holes), the right side of nose, my lip in the middle, my left ear has a helix, and 6 lobe piercings, and my right has a helix and seven lobe piercings. I did 9 of my lobe piercings myself and my other piercings I had done professionally whether at Claire's or Studio III. My first "real" body piercing was my nose and after i got that one... I was instantly hooked. The last piercing ... read more

My self done eyebrow

When I started 7th grade, I saw a girl. I thought she was beautiful. She had her nose pierced, her eyebrow, and her belly button pierced. I was envious right away, and went on my quest to have everything pierced the second I had seen her. My friend Nancy had wanted hers pierced for a while, and we shared that interest. She had gotten hers pierced, and I was extremely jealous. The day after she got pierced, three girls had gotten their eyebrows pierced. I thought, "Jesus, what a dumb idea! If I get my eyebrow pierced, they'll think I ... read more

My Dream Come True!!!

I've always wanted an eyebrow piercing...so long I can't even remember when it all started! Well, when I was 14 my mother promised me that she would take me to get my eyebrow pierced when I turned 16. I was so happy! But I didn't really know if she was telling the truth or just saying that to satisfy me... Surprise!!! "Brittany, your birthday is coming up...you still want that piercing?" I was overjoyed! I jumped up and hugged mom. Time flew by and before I knew it, I was in "The Chair" "Will this hurt? Somebody said it hurt, ... read more

Migration- Solution?

Although the form says two years ago, THREE years ago I finally convinced my mum that an eyebrow piercing was the best thing for me. This was only after roughly 2-3 years of nagging, and threatening to get one without her knowledge. But, I finally got my license, and my mum relented, saying she didn't mind eyebrow piercing as long as it wasn't a hoop. I was fine with that, I just wanted a barbell! So after getting the okay, I straight away went and rang around to the different places near me, comparing their pricing to my bank account ... read more

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