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A Blow to the Head

About two years ago I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. It just came to me out of nowhere one day in the car on the way to Florida. I told my dad I wanted it done and he actually dared me to. I don't think he took me seriously(hints the daring part). He told me he would take me the next day when we got down there. So we got there and I never went to get it done. I hadn't even had an ear piercing or anything basic first. I would be going straight to the facial piercings ... read more

Doubled up

I had previously had my eyebrow pierced, but because of a hair grooming accident it migrated. This happened in January and with much sorrow I took my beloved barbell out of my brow and laid it to rest in the package it had came from. Though I still had my other piercings, this one and I had a special connection; it was my first piercing that set me out of the "in crowd" and made me the rebellious teen I am today. As the weeks went by I noticed I missed that little barbell dangling in front of my eye. ... read more

the pain of rejection (haha)

When I was fifteen, I got my eyebrow pierced. It was my first piercing (barring the gunned earlobes I got when I was small, and have since pierced over), and I was absolutely in love with it. However, after a few other piercings, I decided I was not completely satisfied with the aesthetics of my eyebrow, and thus decided to add a second ring about three or four millimetres outside the original. So, as soon as I'd managed to scrounge up the cash, off to my piercer I went. I was very impressed that she remembered me and my last ... read more

16 Gauge Piercing in the eyebrow.

About 4 or 5 years ago, I pierced my eyebrow for the first time. I used a safety pin, and I removed it for fear of "getting caught" by relatives and parents. I pierced it twice more, 2 years later, with the safety pins, and actually kept them for awhile. About a year ago, I had pierced it with a 14 gauge needle, and put an 18 gauge in it. It bled a lot and often for about 3 hours. I kept it in my eyebrow for a few months, until I was forced to take it out when a ... read more

The Bridge Piercing I've always wanted

I've always wanted to have my bridge pierced. They look great on people. Unfortunately, I work in a white collar job. That means this piercing was out of the question. At some point, I realized that I was going to be away from work for almost a week while in Toronto for BMEFest. Even if I couldn't keep the piercing, I wanted to have it done for a while. This is the piercing I'd always wanted, and now I would have it. The only real issue I had was determining who the piercer would be. Since we were going to ... read more

Spur-of-the-Moment Bridge...

Almost everyone who's into body modification can tell you of 'The Urge'... The feeling that you NEED another mod. It's even stronger after long periods of not having been pierced/tattooed and, the day I got my bridge pierced, it had been about 7 months since the last time. So, in other words, my face was 'gagging for it'. I hadn't given it much thought prior to finally having money for another piercing - as has been the way for the past couple I've had done. On this particular day I happened to have money, time and 'The Urge', so I ... read more

no pain - no gain

My very first piercing experience was having my lip done when I was 18. And although I have a bit of a problem with needles (I have never had blood taken without passing out) it went perfectly smooth. It never healed correctly, however, and I had to take it out to keep my job. So, 9 years later, when I have reached a point where getting a piercing doesn't mean loosing my job, I decided to get pierced again. I had decided to get a vertical eyebrow bar when I went home during vacation to Asheville, NC. My sister wanted ... read more

My first (and not last) navel piercing.

It started off about July of 2003, my sister decided she wanted to go get angel wings tattooed on her back, and me being bored that day decided I was going to go and finally get my navel pierced. It didn't take long for me to get money together, so in about an hour we were off to the bus station. I was a bit nervous because people had told me it hurts most of all, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. The only thing I had had done at that point was up my ears, the ... read more

My first step at becoming me

I can remember a time when I was a little girl and I thought that piercing were for freaks. But when I reached the age of 15 I decided that one-day I wanted tattoos and piercings. The one thing I wanted most to be pierced, my eyebrow. I brought the subject up to my mom when I was 16 and she immediately refused, saying that she didn't want people to think that she had some sort of goth freak as a daughter. Then with the turning of 17 came a stronger desire to get something pierced. Sure I had my ... read more

My First Piercing

Well, about four months ago my mother finally broke in and let me get my eyebrow pierced for my sweet sixteenth birthday. I guess she thought that if she did not let me do it with a professional I would come home after a friend did with a safety pin (the horror). So we (my mother and I) called a local piercing shop called Ritualistics. I had visited it many times before with other friends when the got their piercings done. So, I was familiar (to some point) with the shop itself and the people who worked there. At long ... read more

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