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bridge piercing

I love traveling so when I went to Toronto it was only expected that I come home with something done, be it a new tattoo or a new piercing. I arrived in Toronto around 7pm, Dan and I headed over to meet up with Matt before going over to Chris' for the evening. We were hanging around in Chris' living room talking about the bois punched septums. I used to have my septum pierced at a 14ga and the bois had theirs punched at 9mm. Dan was trying to convince me to get my septum punched when I mentioned I ... read more

Best Early Birthday Present Ever

Piercings have always been something that interest me. My cousin had his tongue pierced, my mother and sister have their navels pierced, so I have pretty much been around the idea for a while. I was always told that if I wanted my navel pierced when I turn 16 I can. I do not think it would suit me well. I want piercings that I can show off and I would not want to show my navel off. The idea of waiting until 16 bothered me, too.At first, I wanted my tongue pierced, but no one in my family would ... read more

Becoming me

At my high school, we had every clique conceivable. There were the jocks, the stoners, and the preps.... the rich kids, the skateboarders, the pill heads, the geeks, farmers....you name it, we had it. These groups had their members and they stuck to it. I, however, didn't belong to these groups. I had my own group– the migrating group. It sounds pretentious and egotistical, but I was the one person that could make it in any group. I didn't necessarily do what they did (or didn't), but I could get along with any of them. Somehow, though, in kicking it ... read more

What and what not to do with an anti-eyebrow

I have wanted to get my anti-eyebrow done for about a year and a half. Maybe because it is quite a unique and rare piercing. I have not seen anyone in real life (not from the internet) who has had it done. On the right face and position it looks simply amazing. So it just felt like my kind of piercing to go after. Being me, I love to try things out myself first before getting help to do it. So I thought 'Well I did my lobes and lip easily, why not this?' I was completely 100% wrong about ... read more

The Painless Horizontal Eyebrow

Suddenly, I think that I have a problem with piercing. I think that I am a little bit addicted to piercing. I tried to explain it to my grandma, but she just mocked me. Everyone I tell, they always tell me not to go over board. I come from a white and black family, so the opinions vary. But one opinion was common between the two....Don't get my eyebrow pierced! Well guess what? I did (laughs wickedly). In fact, not just an eyebrow piercing, but I got a horizontal eyebrow piercing. I know that when everyone sees it I will ... read more

My Painless Perfect Eyebrow

Hello, this is how my experience started, about a month ago I asked my parents if I could a facial piercing and they said "which one?" i replied "my eyebrow" and they told me they would think about it. So, I started my research on aftercare, types of eyebrow jewelry, the procedure, and most importantly the risks. I found some great information on BME as well as other web sites. I also found the studio where I was hoping to get pierced and my parents ended up saying yes to the idea which made me one very happy teenager! So, ... read more

My first piercing

I have always been intrigued by piercings and tattoos. The first time I went into New York City, I could not believe all of the different things that I was missing out on. There is so much diversity and acceptance, not one person appears like the other as oppose to the people that I normally see, clad in all of the same clothes and same hair and all that crap. Anyway.... I have wanted to get pierced for a while, before yesterday I only had 2 piercings in each ear. At first I really wanted to get the industrial. I ... read more

My first real body mod!

I've gotten my ears pierced several times in the past to no avail, every single time my ears would get infected and I thought I was allergic to the metal for quite a long time. Then later I found out it was just the whole method that was incorrect. Instead of getting my ears pierced with a needle, I had them gunned. No wonder I got infections... So I tried getting them gunned again, even through knowing the faultiness of the procedure. I figured if my best friend could get her ears gunned and actually turn out alright (but not ... read more

How to lose an eyebrow piercing

Amongst the modded community, there is often a sense of attachment to our piercings. People often say they love their piercings and cherish them greatly. Others aren't as attached, and at times remove what can be removed. Unfortunately, there are some of us who have our piercings taken out against our will, be it by overzealous bosses, teachers, parents or other relations. Then, there are the really unfortunate. Those who have their piercings removed by force. Mine is such a story. I should probably back up. As mentioned in the title and story placement, this is about an eyebrow piercing. ... read more

Bridge-My favorite piercing!

For years, I have been intrigued with bridge piercings, however, I was not sure if I wanted one for myself. Body art has always been a passion of mine, but the bridge fascinated me in a way that I can not adequately describe in words. I had only actually seen one done, personally, but in the past few months, I decided that a bridge piercing is exactly what I wanted for myself. Once decided that I was going to go ahead and do this piercing, I did some research on the internet, mostly through BME. After reading every experience that ... read more

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