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Well it all started about a month before my birthday...I had this idea to get an eyebrow piercing. I thought about the piercing all the time. However I was 14 and not turning 15 till the day after a trip I was about to go on. The whole time between then I planned out where exactly I should put it, tried to imagine how much it would hurt then went to my mother to see what her thoughts were. Right away it was "NO, never". Having two sisters both at one time had or currently have piercing or tattoos this ... read more

A nervous first piercing

I recently decided on impulse to go and get my first ever piecing, bravely in my right eyebrow. For a number of years I toyed with the idea of having some body piercing but facing discouragement from family I had put it off until the age of 23. I only wish now that I had my eyebrow pierced when I was a bit younger, suffice it to say though I am more than pleased with the result. Before I recount my nervous first piercing experience it's worth illustrating some of the fears that I held about body piercing as I'm ... read more

Scary biker-man piercing my eyebrow.

Alright, so when I was about ten, almost eleven, I sort of..tricked..my divorcing parents into letting me get my eyebrow pierced. I did this by getting my mom to promise me I could, then when she "checked" and there were no more appointments available, I told my dad to pretty please check. So one night Jack (my father) took me to this hairstyling place where this piercer named "Uncle Albert" was visiting for three days. I went and filled out this form while my father disappeared. They wanted me to go in but luckily I stopped them until he came ... read more

My first eyebrow piercing

Three years ago, when I was only 13, and in middle school, I was very anxious to have my eyebrow pierced. Though my mother consented without a problem and little-to-no argument, we could not find a shop, at the time, who would pierce a 13 year old, even with a parents' consent. Since I was naive, and wanted to be the 'first girl at my school to have an eyebrow ring!', I was careless about how and where I had my eyebrow pierced, as long as it was done as soon as possible. My sister's boyfriend, Mark -who I thought ... read more

Piercing Virgin

I begged my Mom for months. Let me get my nose pierced, let me get more ear piercings, let me get my lip pierced, let me get my eyebrow pierced, let me pierce my belly button. I grew up with pretty much no rules, so this one was somewhat of a shocker. I'm not allowed to get any piercings. That changed fast. Maybe my Mom got sick of me asking every night. She finally agreed to an eyebrow piercing. So, I started reading up on it. I found a whole page of horror stories about eyebrow piercings. People getting eyebrow ... read more

No, you're still hanging on.

Hello, I've posted here before. But this is almost a new experience. Well, almost being the key word. I've been pierced before, but never something so simple. Maybe I should explain? For some reason I'm a person who connects plain with pleasure maybe too often. Most people would just consider me a cutter though. My life seems to be an emotional roller coaster right now. So it only seemed logical to get a new piercing, right? The last time I got any needles stuck through my skin was in May. Obviously I have cut since then, but maybe it would ... read more

And In Goes the Needle...

I have always been way into piercings and tattoos, planning with my friends to go out on my 18th birthday and be scarred for life together. This worked out well because I am the last of us to turn 18. Becky turns 18 in March and she's not entirely sure if she wants to wait for me yet. Claire turns 18 in April and she may have changed her mind. Laci, hell, she could already have everything she wants, she doesn't have to wait to turn 18. Well, as it grew closer and closer to my 17th birthday, (July 28, ... read more

100% painless... seriously!

I've wanted to get a real piercing for so long. I have my ears pierced twice one each ear and a cartilage piercing, but I wanted something different. I wanted something that little girls walking down the street don't have. Seriously, even babies get their ears pierced now. So I decided to get my eyebrow pierced. I asked my parents about a week ago, and they said it would be okay! They want me to get my nose pierced though. I really don't care for nose piercings. I want to draw the attention to my eyes, not my nose. Anyway, ... read more

Just a pinch.

I've wanted my eyebrow pierced ever since I could remember. I've been searching online, looking at pictures, asking friends about their experiences, and doing everything I possibly could to learn about the piercing I wanted. I went down to The Hive (piercing/tattoo parlor here in Washington) with my mom and I was going to get it done right then and there, BUT, the piercer said she wouldn't pierce anyone under 16, even WITH a parent. So sadly, I waited til my 16th birthday. On my 16th birthday I went back to The Hive and my mom showed the piercer a ... read more

First piercing- soooo happy!

I have always wanted an eyebrow piercing more than any other type. This is my first one (never even had my ears done, I don't like my ears so never saw the point) and I couldn't be happier. This time yesterday I was reading all of the experiences on BME and now I'm writing my own! So cool. Well I guess I should do a little prologue to the piercing. The main reason why I had it done is to challenge myself, because I am petrified of needles (was anyway, not so much after today) and wanted to see if ... read more

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