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eyebrow gone weirdly wrong

It all started June 03 when I decided to have my eyebrow pierced. Instead of getting the end done I had the middle done. I went down to the same studio as I had my lip piercings done with my mum as I knew them in there and it was clean and they had all the hygiene certificates. I had it done and all was fine, I cleaned it with salt solution for the suggested period then left it alone. It looked really good and as I had had o trouble with it I decided in september I wanted another ... read more

My First Pay Day

Hey people, I would first like to say that I have tried to read all of the stories in this category, and I like them all; even the disturbing ones. Yea, I decided to add my own story to the list. I also want to say that I never read any material or did any research before I got mine done, I had wanted it for so long, that when I finally had the chance to get it, I decided to just go for it. But it's not like anything is wrong with me, I just feel like maybe I ... read more

My First Major Body Piercing

I have wanted a body piercing forever, but I could never figure out what I wanted or what I was aloud to get. See I'm only seventeen so, Of course I needed parental permission, and Boy, was that a hard thing to do. First I wanted a tongue ring and that was totally turned down as soon as it left my mouth by my mother. So I just looked on this site for a while looking for the right piercing for me. First, I thought I wanted was a labret, and then I wanted a belly ring. I also asked ... read more

My first piercing (other then ears)

So far my piercing experience has been limited. I had my ears pierced 7 holes in each, but I really wanted a "real" piercing. For a while I really wanted my tongue pierced but i couldn't convince my parents of that no matter how hard I tried. This summer I went to visit my family in Scotland. My one cousin told me how he wanted this eyebrow pierced, but if he did he would of been thrown out of his home. I told him I wanted my tongue done, and I do like the idea of getting my eyebrow done ... read more

The story of my 1st piercing

I've always wanted to get my tongue pierced...ever since I was 13-14... I've always liked piercings but I was too young to be "legally pierced" and my parents would have never let me do something like that so I waited till I was legal and I'm very happy I did because I had the time to think about what I was going to do. I decided to get my first piercing on my birthday, April 17th, which happened to be a Saturday. I still wanted the tongue piercing but I also wanted to party (it was my birthday!!!) and with ... read more

My First Body Piercing

I always thought eyebrow piercing was pretty cool, but I never really thought about it for me. I have 4 holes in my left ear and 3 in my right. I started wanting my eyebrow pierced about 2 months ago, and after bugging my mom for about a month I talked her into it. After I got her talked into it we went to Ocean City, Maryland for vacation, and in Maryland you have to be 18 to get a piercing with or without a parent. So I waited until after vacation and figured the next day I would get ... read more

My Eyebrow Experience

I have been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for about 5 months before I had actually gotten it done. The need to get it increased even more after seeing my friends and family members who had gotten it done and looked amazing with it. They told me about how it didn't hurt that much and how they liked the attention they were getting, so that made me even more pumped. Especially since my family is a 'piercing' family as in all my cousins have things like eyebrow, tongue, lip, nose and ears pierced, that made me even more excited. ... read more

Meine Augenbraue die 2.

Vor ca. einem Jahr ließ ich mir meine Nase piercen und ungefähr 6 Monate danach zum ersten Mal meine Augenbraue. Das piercen hatte mir schweineweh getan und ich hatte danach einen Bluterguss ums Piercing. Schon mal ein schlechter Anfang. Aber das kann passieren und ich machte mir weiter keine Sorgen. Doch durch mein ständiges dranhängenbleiben und dranrumfummeln hat es sich noch in der Heilungsphase entzündet und es fing an rauszuwachsen. Nach einiger Zeit wurde es nur noch von einem kleinen Fetzen Haut gehalten und ich hab dann beschlossen es raus zu machen. Jetzt hab ich eine verhältnismäßg große Narbe an ... read more

Eyebrow Piercings are Fun.

So I've been pierced before, and I plan to get pierced again - but at the time I figured why not get my eyebrow pierced? - it's about as discreet as you can get for general facial piercings, and I had been aching to get another piercing done anyways. You know even if you say, "Okay well I'm only going to get one, and then that'll be it, I swear," six months down the line, you'll want to get pierced again. I promise. But anyways. I had gotten my lip pierced in October, so I knew the general rules and ... read more

Chickened Out / Went Through with it

Well I had been thinking about getting pierced. Had been thinking heavily on it for quite some time and was fascinated with getting my nips done. That'll come later I think though, but lets get back to my eye brow. I am sure you all think that it's stupid to feel as nervous about getting an eye brow done, but I was. This was my first real piercing besides my ears. Which I have my left one done 5 times and my right one once. Also I did my ears myself a long long time ago. The day came that ... read more

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