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You've got a lot of shit in your face now you know?

I get told a lot "You have a lot of shit in your face" and I'm definitely aware of this, I guess the idea to add more piercing to my face was part out of mockery but more than anything because I wanted another piercing in my face. At 19 years old I have 19 piercing and I work at a clothing store as a stocker, so it makes perfect sense that I can have facial piercing and get away with it. Wrong. My management really loves me and I can get away with my lip rings and nose stud ... read more

Terrible "Eye"dea- Horizontal Eyebrow

My story is about my eyebrow piercing. I am 16 years old and I have been wanting an eyebrow piercing for a while now. Two years ago, I got a horizontal eyebrow done, which was quite an adventure. One that is really embarrasing re-explaing but I am going to do it anyway. I come from a really religious family, not that there is anything wrong with that, BUT I really wanted to get a horizontal eyebrow and piercing's and tattoo's in my family are completley out of the question. My friend Nikki got me into all this kind of stuff ... read more

“It Felt Like That Went Through My Forehead”

So my family decided to spend some quality time together. Now when I say quality time I really mean is that we end up at the tattoo shop to get some new piercings. So my Mom and Dad walk in to Heritage behind me and as we're walking in I was telling my Dad that I was just going to watch and not get anything done. My parents knew better, so Dad called me chicken a few times and I told him I'd get my lip pierced again if he paid for it. So while I was filling out the ... read more

The Bridge

My name is Nick. I am 18. I have 5 piercings currently. Seven total. My snake bites, smiley, Monroe, 4 gauge septum... I have had my toung and Bridge done. This is the story of my bridge piercing. When I finally decided I wanted a new piercing, I just felt uneven with my whole face. So I decided to get something different from the kids in my area. Not your typical lip or industrial. I wanted something interesting and i would have people ask me questions about it. I live in a red neck hick town so i decided to ... read more

My Second Eyebrow Piercing

Wallie Second Eyebrow Piercing A few months ago I purchased a set of body piercing tools on eBay. Any way to continue with my story I decided to try out my new kit by piercing my eyebrow a second time about 5mm next to an existing piercing. So, I sterilize the tools by boiling them in a pot on the stove since that was 1 of the easiest ways I could do it within my own home then chucked them into a glass I had filled up with sanitizing solution just to make sure they were 100% clean. While I ... read more

My New Eyebrow Piercing

I've wanted an eyebrow piercing since about two summers ago when a friend had hers done. I was hesitant though, they involve pain and the probability of a rejection. But I decided to do it anyways. My parents were pretty cool about the idea, though they didn't really understand the point of one. My brother said I would look too bad-ass, but what do brothers know? I went and made an appointment at The Metro first thing. I'm a pretty paranoid person when it comes to hygein, so I probably asked a lot of really silly questions, but hey, they ... read more

Piercing and S&M

I have decided to submit this story because it is funny as hell now, in hindsight, although the original experience was a little freaky. I was about 18 and I decided to go and get my bridge pierced. Being broke all the time I chose to visit a shop that I had been told was quite cheap. Reports on this shop were mixed so I knew I was taking my chances. At the time I didn't care so much because I had already had five facial piercings and I thought my experience would help me determine if the shop was ... read more

First steps into surface piercing

About a year ago I was a year into my body modification journey, and was looking for more interesting and unusual ways to discover myself. I had a handful of facial piercings at this point, and decided the next step would be to venture into the world of surface piercing. I had read a small amount on the Internet and discussed the subject with a few people I had met before finally going to my piercing artist to learn more about the procedure, after care, and time frames for both healing and how long I could expect to keep it ... read more

My well-awaited and loved eyebrow piercing!

I have always wanted an eyebrow piercing since high school, but knowing that my parents were strict and very much against piercings not belonging in the ear, I knew that I had to wait. I was 16 and had no way of getting parental consent. On the brighter side of things, I also thought that waiting was going to give me extra time to think about the piercing hard enough and know that I REALLY want it and will be doing it for the right reasons. I have pondered it over and over, researched the process, gawked at photos of ... read more

My painless and really great looking eyebrow piercing

I always wanted an eyebrow piercing since I was 14. Of course I asked my mom and obviously the answer was no way!I was so frustrated from trying so many times to convince her and she just kept saying no. One day I just gave up and I didn't talk to her about it for 2 months and after 2 months I wanted it more than ever so I didn't give up. It took me half a year to convince her to let me get it but at the end she finally said yes and she also paid for it ... read more

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